When you think to visit San Francisco what comes to mind!?

Land of fog and fabulousness!

San Francisco celebrates its vintage saloons – and with Wine Country and local distillers providing a steady supply of the finest drinks, it sets a classic example to remain distinct.

Here are some of my personal reasons WHY SFO is really worth it!

Surely, on your visit, you too will know WHY!

My top 11 Reasons to Visit San Francisco

Magic realism

San Francisco’s crooked Victorian rooflines, wind-sculpted treetops and fog tumbling over the Golden Gate Bridge. Heads are perpetually in the clouds atop San Francisco’s 43 hills. Cable cars provide easy access to Russian and Nob Hills, and splendid panoramas reward the slog up to Coit Tower – but the most exhilarating highs are earned on Telegraph Hill garden-lined stairway walks and windswept hikes around Land’s End.

West remains wild.

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11Bridging the Awesomeness: Golden rush – Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA - visit San Francisco

On our way to SFO, we saw the Oakland Bay bridge and golden gate bridge which are parallel to each other. They connect Oakland to SFO county.

With Pacific and San Francisco Bay opening together and touching each other to form a strait, this iconic structure is indeed a technical masterpiece!

Want to kill your time?

Your time there will kill you!

The Golden Gate Bridge is everything in San Francisco whether walking, driving or biking over it or simply taking in its utter beauty from afar. To me, it simply is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world without question.

View it!

There are 3 beautiful viewpoints on Conzelman road next to the North side of the bridge.

The welcome centre view was my personal favourite!

10Oakland Bay it is!

Oakland Bay bridge and SF skyline - visit San Francisco
Oakland Bay Bridge and SF skyline

Even though the trendiness level is high, Oakland still maintains a historical vibe around its working waterfront. We strolled around Old Town to see Victorian-style homes and grabbed a drink at Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon (which was yum btw). So do not miss out on that!

9Alcatraz Island: Old central prison

Alcatraz Island, SF, CA - visit San Francisco

It was their island of death. Looking at the sight of emerald tinged land bathed by bluish- turquoise waves of water, you cannot help but wonder whether the prisoners, irrespective of whether they deserved to be thrown here or not, who had faced torture and death in dingy isolated cells of the place, ever saw this idyllic view. Even though the whole place sends some chills down the spine with its dark history of housing criminals, the place itself is strangely alluring.

8Treasured it up! Treasure Island Stories

Shoreline of San Francisco with Golden Gate Bridge - visit San Francisco
Shoreline of San Francisco with Golden Gate Bridge

Although known only for its music festival, or the flea market, you’ll be surprised to find out, there’s way more to this tiny man-made island (that’s only a seven-minute bus ride from San Francisco) than overrated EDM and cheap furniture.

Pro tip :

Try cocktails at Treasure Island Bar & Grill

This is really the last place you’d expect to order pisco punch, ruby basil collins, or any of the other $8 cocktails being tested out behind the bar. Or just get down to business with a $5 boilermaker on the patio.

Another amazing unknown fact is the wineries offering you the best of drinks at the cheapest prices!

Thirsty and got 20 bucks? Drink your way through eight wines made with grapes from Sonoma and Napa Valleys at the biggest winery on the island: The Winery. So stop by here and get that high!

Don’t go beaching! Live it!

San Francisco’s beaches aren’t exactly somewhere you go swimming or to sunbathe since the water is extremely frigid and the fog shows up way more than the sun. Still, they’re some of the most beautiful beaches in the world thanks to their stunning views and staggering cliffs.

7Pier 39 street in San Francisco

Pier 69, Fisherman's Wharf, SF, CA - visit San Francisco

It is basically the ultimate dining, shopping and entertainment destination. Pier 39 offers amazing restaurants, shops, attractions, sightseeing boats and tours to Alcatraz and Angel Island.

You can hop on the F-line cable car to Pier 39 and enjoy seafood restaurants, food stands, street performers, live music, and other attractions, including the Aquarium of the Bay. Explore two levels of dining, entertainment, shopping  as you savor stunning views of the Bay.

6Wax Museum in San Francisco

Wax statues at Madame Tussauds in SF - visit San Francisco
Madame Tussauds in SF. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

If the almost- real- looking – statues won’t give you the creeps, you will LOVE it there!

The location is small, but the replicas are outstanding, just as unbelievably life-like as you expect it to be. A neat variety of personalities, incorporating local legends blending together, all teaching a little local history. They really pay attention to detail!

5The Sea World: St. Monterey aquarium

Interior Monterey Bay Aquarium, SF - visit San Francisco
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Your eyes stole my words away

Those eyes that kept looking through the glass.

Those unbelievably beautiful species swimming through their space.

Saying I loved the place because it fascinated me to the core would still be an understatement.

The variety you see and the large numbers are mind-boggling.

Sharks, killer whales, jellyfish, stingray, turtles.

You name it. You’ll find it. Swimming beside you.

Swimming above you. Swimming in your mind as thoughts for years to come!

There were also otters, lizards, snakes and frogs. The view outside at the harbour, and moving waters is cool enough to watch from the gift shop outside!

4Meat Eaters Haven! Pompei’s Grotto Going to Crabby’s!

Dungeness Crab - visit San Francisco
Dungeness Crab

When you visit San Francisco, you gotta eat, right?

Among the most popular and sought-after foods in San Francisco would be the Dungeness crab, sand dabs, bay shrimp and crusty sourdough French bread.

Many local restaurants serve Joe’s Special.

But to be specifically talking about Pompei’s Grotto, I have my reasons.

The clam chowder is made on site and is just as good as everyone says it is. Trust me, the service is excellent each time you go there.

The staff is very friendly, the atmosphere is nice and the food is nothing less than ‘Oh-my-God’ types!

I was really impressed with a crab salad I had for lunch as well as the whole dungeness crab I had for dinner one evening. It was cooked, cracked and then served chilled. So much crab meat and that too cooked to perfection, it’ll make you cry with joy!

Prices are reasonable, but you will pay a bit more for the dungeness crab which is worth it.
Great place to relax and chill with your family and view the fisherman’s wharf while enjoying a fantastic meal.

So do NOT forget to try the crab dishes!

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3De Young Museum

De Young Museum in SF - visit San Francisco

When you visit San Francisco, this is not to be missed by the true art lovers!

The rotating exhibits are always top-notch. The continuing exhibits are educational and worth seeing over and over and over again! Located very close to the Golden Gate Park the bistro is competitively priced and the food is impeccably prepared. There is something for everyone.

Pro tip:

When you visit don’t forget to check out the enclosed rooftop observation deck. It commands a 360° view of the surrounding area and access is FREE.

2The Japanese Tea Garden

A shrine at the Japanese tea Garden, SF - visit San Francisco
A shrine at the Japanese tea Garden, SF

Although the name of this incredible site suggests you’d stop by for a sip of tea, this is probably the least enticing draw associated with this alluring attraction.

A visit to the Japanese Tea House and Garden creates an intense awakening of the senses with the sounds of an azalea-covered waterfall, the sights of regal lanterns and statues, and the intoxicating scent of sweet wisteria and other magical blooms.

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1San Francisco Botanical Garden

Botanical garden, SF - visit San Francisco

Treat yourself to this beautiful collection of plants on your visit to San Francisco. In fact, set aside a portion of the day to view the Botanical Garden along with the Conservatory of Flowers and Japanese Tea Garden, which are all within walking distance of each other in Golden Gate Park. The Botanical Garden showcases varieties of vegetation representing climates found on six continents. It even touches on prehistoric species. Displays of flowers and greenery are breathtaking all arranged so tastefully in a pattern!

So there you go – My 11 Reasons why you must visit San Francisco

But you will get your true answers from this place only once you visit San Francisco!

So put it on your bucket list and head out!

Happy travelling!


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