11 of the Best Japanese Gardens Outside Japan

Traditional Japanese Gardens are meant to be peaceful spaces, built around a specific set of rules. A ‘natural’ look is often achieved through asymmetry and odd numbers. The concept has become so popular, however, that Japanese Gardens can be found all around the world.

Here are 11 of the most beautiful Japanese Gardens that can be seen outside of Japan that are not just stunning in their own right, but also a nod to Japanese culture and aesthetics.

1. Tatton Park – Cheshire, UK

One of the best Japanese Gardens in Europe, it was inspired by the 1910 Japan-British Exhibition and would have been the height of fashion in Edwardian times.

2. Japanese Tea Garden – San Francisco, USA

The oldest public Japanse Garden in the US, it was built in 1894 and covers 5 acres in the Golden Gate Park, housing a Tea House and a Rock Garden

3. Jardín Japonés de Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Created by the Japanese Argentine Cultural Foundation, this garden combines traditional Japanese elements with plants native to South America.

4. Cowra Japanese Garden – New South Wales, Australia

Designed in the kaiyū-shiki, or strolling garden, style of the Edo Period, this 12-acre garden hosts numerous workshops and festivals throughout the year.

5. Portland Japanese Garden – Portland, USA

Considered the finest Japanese Garden abroad, this garden was designed by Professor Takuma Tono and opened in 1967.

6. Kyoto Garden, Holland Park – London, UK

Donated by the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce in 1991, this garden, with its stunning rock waterfall, is an oasis of tranquility.

7. Shofuso Japanese House and Garden – Philadelphia, USA

This garden is meant to reflect Japanese history and culture in the US. The house hosts many traditional events and shows each year.

8. The Japanese Garden, Hamilton Gardens – Waikato, New Zealand

The Zen Japanese Garden of Contemplation is inspired by the dry karesansui gardens of the Muromachi era, this is one of 21 gardens that represent the beliefs of different cultures.

9. Chinese & Japanese Gardens – Singapore

Located on an artificial island on Jurong Lake, these gardens are home to monitor lizards.

10. Monte Palace Tropical Garden – Madeira, Portugal

This unusual exhibition combines various East Asian elements. It also houses a large tile collection, and a mural called ‘The Adventures of the Portuguese in Japan’.

11. Japanese Garden, Clingendael Park – The Hague, Netherlands

The magnificent garden is only open for 8 weeks each year (in April-June and in October) due to its fragility. Created in 1910 by Marguérite M. Baroness van Brienen, also called Lady Daisy, based on her voyages to Japan, it’s the only Japanese Garden in the Netherlands.



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