Top Attractions In Melbourne From My Childhood Nostalgia

I remember the Melbourne visit during my childhood, faintly though. There were many top attractions in Melbourne that we visited. The city buzzed with dynamic and cutting-edge arts and culture. On one side there was a space full of skyscrapers with the harbour view, and on the other was the mystic art collection of museums and art galleries. As an art enthusiast, I felt like a kid let loose in a toy store. 

The Culture of the city reflects its diverse, multi-layered culture and society, and the city has gained a reputation as the “cultural and sporting capital” of Australia.

Top Attractions in Melbourne

International festivals

Melbourne is home to a range of international festivals, most notably the Melbourne International Comedy FestivalMelbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), Melbourne International Arts FestivalMelbourne International Flower and Garden ShowMelbourne International Air Show and the Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF). Ensure you visit one of the many finest shows. From housing the Southbank precinct to the Ian Potter Center NGV, Melbourne is bound to sweep you off your feet.

Stand, glare and admire the NGV National Gallery
NGV National Gallery, Melbourne - top attractions in Melbourne
NGV National Gallery, Melbourne. Image source:

One of the oldest and most visited galleries in Australia, NGV exhibits more than 73,999 art pieces from both international and local talents and over the years has hosted major international exhibitions from the historic to the contemporary.

When you step into the back entrance of the international building, the ceiling of colourful stained glass greets you, which can be quite a sight from two perspectives – underneath and the first floor. The building in itself is an architectural delight.

Entry during the day is free, making your day-spend a penniless one.

Take a note, NGV is comprised of two magnificent buildings—NGV International and NGV Australia, the one that showcases more Australian works.

Go back in time with the world’s amazing Melbourne Museum
The IMAX Cinema at the Melbourne Museum in Carlton - top attractions in Melbourne
The IMAX Cinema at the Melbourne Museum in Carlton has Melbourne’s largest cinema screen.

The colossal monster. It is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere and you dare miss this! It is located at 11 Nicholson Street, Carlton, and is a key attraction if students must take a study.

The museum prides itself with seven main galleries distributed across three levels which contains content on forestry, science and life, the story of Melbourne, Aboriginal culture and a children’s gallery. I was dazed when I entered. I witnessed thousands of pieces are featured at the museum including bugs, dinosaurs, fossils, animals, human biology and many more.

After I reached the exhaustion phase, I caught up with a movie in the world’s largest IMAX screens. Currently, on the news, the Melbourne Museum is displaying the Jurassic World exhibition, based on the film of the same name.

Take home the memorable souvenirs of Royal Exhibition Building
Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne - top attractions in Melbourne
Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Revisit one of the oldest remaining exhibition pavilions in the world, the Royal Exhibition Building. It is officially included in the list of World Heritage sites. I was lucky enough to witness the magnificent city hosting fairs, conventions and events.

Although it happens throughout the year, the thick of action lies in the months of August, September and November.

The wonderful sight is located next to the Melbourne Museum, making it easier for you to cover two marvels at once. The building prides itself of hosting the oldest Commonwealth games in the year 1901. Today, the impressive setting offers space for trade shows.

Catch the Eastern Banjo Frog in action
Eastern Banjo Frog - top attractions in Melbourne
Eastern Banjo Frog. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Easy to hear if not find, male Pobblebonks (as they are also known as), make a distinctive, explosive ‘bonk’ call while hiding in the floating vegetation of their swampy homes. They have a long breeding season from August to April. When not in the water, they spend their time inside their burrows near the water’s edge.

Come back for the colourful life-cycle of Crimson Rosella
Crimson rosella sitting on a green leafy branch. Australian wildlife - top attractions in Melbourne
Crimson rosella sitting on a green leafy branch. Australian wildlife.

I was simply awestruck by the sight of this bird. Talking to the tour guide I figured that the bird, when younger, is green in colour with a slight mix of blue. The colour combination just mesmerized me. Crimson Rosellas emerge from the nest and as they mature, their juvenile green feathers are slowly replaced by bright crimson red ones. The transition was magnificent to watch on one of the birds as the tour guide explained through the life-cycle of the bird.

In conclusion, Melbourne, Australia is a near-perfect culmination of tradition and modernity. While the skyscrapers make up for the plush side of the city, the artistic museums make up for the heritage side of it. Backpack with no second thoughts to this marvellous city and you will never be disappointed on your way back. As I faintly remember the places we visited, I wish to take another tour. For now, my pen rests!

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