Sri Lanka is a unique mix of British colonial heritage, ancient Buddhist ruins, and beautiful landscapes, which make it a must-see destination. The small island nation, just south of India, is home to diverse settings, ranging from rainforests and arid plains to highlands and sandy beaches.

From Sri Lanka’s history of 34,000 years to its culture, spectacular wildlife to golden beaches, exotic locations to authentic food, it’s no surprise that travel to Sri Lanka is on everyone’s bucket list. Read on to discover more about Sri Lanka – The Magical Island!

UNESCO Protected Cultural Heritage Sites

This tiny Island is a proud owner of eight UNESCO-protected World Heritage sites. These include a Galle, the famous 16th-century Portuguese-built fort. Explore the hidden kingdom in the mountainous jungle, Kandy. Head to the country’s best and largest cave temple which has 157 Buddhist statues. This place is a land of religious people that has about 70% of people being Buddhists.

If you are a culture lover don’t miss the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. The cave temple of Dambulla, the Central Highlands, and the Sinharaja Forest Reserve are the other highlights. You can also visit the ancient Rock Fortress of Sigiriya which dates back to the 5th century to see the magnificent palace remains and wall paintings.

Travel to Sri Lanka
The Dambulla cave temple, located near Sigiriya rock fortress

Heaven For Nature Lovers

If you are a nature lover and one who loves to take things at a slower pace, then you must travel to Sri Lanka. As this place has a relaxed vibe and laid-back locals, it is very easy to gel and go around. From whale watching to a safari to getting close to wild elephants/leopards in the National parks or an expedition through the rainforest of Sinharaja the options are endless when it comes to nature lovers.

To add to this, Sri Lanka experiences two monsoon seasons which happen at different parts of the country at different months. This means that travelers can enjoy a sunny climate somewhere on the island at any given time.

Sri Lanka for Nature Lovers

The seaside road in downtown Colombo.

Stunning Beaches

Blessed with stunning white sand and palm tree-lined coastlines, the choice of beaches is inexhaustible. You will find some beautiful pristine beaches in Unawatuna, Mirissa, Trincomalee, and Bentota which are in the south, west, and north of the Island. With over 1,600km of coastline, Sri Lanka beaches are an ideal location for adventure water sports like water-skiing, wind-surfing, sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, speed-boating, and banana-boating. If you are a beach buff you should travel to Sri Lanka!

Beaches in Sri Lanka
An idyllic beach in Sri Lanka.

Rich Sri Lankan Cuisine

Sri Lanka food is known for its delicately-spiced to near-dynamite rice and curry, a staple of the island. Even vegetarians will find it easy to travel to Sri Lanka as this place is Asia’s best destination for vegetarians. Sri Lankan cuisine includes many types of rice, spices, vegetables and fruit, but the highlight is the seafood (fresh fish, prawns, crab, squid, crayfish) as this place is surrounded by rich waters. Short eats like cutlets, fish buns, patties are a must try when you travel to Sri Lanka.

Licious food in Sri Lank

Impressive Accommodation With Stunning Views

This island is blessed with a range of accommodation which suits travelers of various tastes and budget. From luxury hotels to guest houses, tea estate to private bungalows, villas to boutique hotels, jungle cabins to tree-houses, the options provided to travelers are incredible. One more good reason to travel to Sri Lanka to experience these impressive accommodations situated in stunning settings.

 Spiritual Nourishment, Meditation & Spas

Sri Lanka has been a centre of mind and body healing for 2,000 years now. Rejuvenate the tired body and weary souls with a range of herbal treatments, massages, different types of baths, meditation with yoga and special diets. Sri Lanka has numerous spas, which not only provide Ayurveda but also other Eastern and Western therapies, like the Thai massage, herbal baths, reflexology, hydrotherapy, and beauty treatments. Travelers seeking spiritual nourishment can travel to Sri Lanka as this place is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Captivating Cave Exploration

This unusual and adventurous experience is relatively new to Sri Lanka. In recent years Sri Lanka’s unique and adventurous caves have caught the attention of many travelers from all over the world. For tourists who are interested in Speleology (The study of caves), travel to Sri Lanka should be one of their top priority. The top picks for cave exploration are Ritigala Mountains in the north, Batatotalena in sudugala, Belilena in Kithulgala and Wavulpone. These caves and cave temples have both archeological and religious significance and exploring them will be thrilling and one-of-a-kind experience.

Famous Blue Train Ride

The famous blue trains in Sri Lanka are a must try for any traveler visiting this small island! Blue trains run on the mountain railway from Kandy to Ella set against flashes of green tea estates and forestry. The view from the train is absolutely breathtaking, especially when the sun is out. Book your tickets in advance as these might sell out fast. This ride offers incomparable scenery and unforgettable experience as the train passes through Sri Lanka’s most outstanding landscape, including the famous Nine Arches Bridge.

Friendly Citizens

Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious society. To have friendly people around when exploring a new place is a big plus point for any traveler. Sri Lankan citizens are very friendly and are genuinely happy to welcome tourists to their country. The Sri Lanka tourism board and locals are eager to show their culture and you will be touched by their hospitality and greetings. This pretty place with pretty smiling faces makes tourists want to travel to Sri Lanka again.

Shopping Spree

Cities like Colombo and Kandy sell regular to high end items for prices you would happily pay. From beautifully crafted jewelry to batiks, excellent souvenirs to handicrafts, wooden carvings to makara all are very popular here. Shopping in this place is nothing less than a delight, so make sure to go on a shopping spree like the locals when you travel to Sri Lanka.

In souks of the old town in Dubai are many textile clothes and souvenir shops.
In souks of the old town in Dubai are many textile clothes and souvenir shops

If you want to enjoy all of this in one journey, then travel to Sri Lanka would be the perfect option for your next travel experience. At its closest, Sri Lanka is separated from India by only 55 kilometers, but the pace of life is infinitely slower and much less frantic. Even the cars and buses move slowly! It is a place where you can go and relax. Sri Lanka trip is still a largely inexpensive destination when compared to other popular Asian getaways such as Thailand or Malaysia. However the prices are slowly rising, so hurry and explore this beautiful and pristine country!

Is Sri Lanka an island?

Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon is a pearl-shaped Island in the Indian Ocean.

How to get to Sri Lanka?

There are direct flights from all over the world to Sri Lanka’s Bandaranaike International Airport.

Why it’s time to go back to Sri Lanka in 2022?

To beat the stress of the pandemic, Sri Lanka travel is the perfect getaway place in 2022.

Why Sri Lanka is the best country?

Sri Lanka has been ranked one of the best countries to visit in the world because of its beaches, welcoming people, affordable prices and flavorful food.

Sigiriya: Sri Lanka’s best day trip?

Yes, but the best time is to visit early in the morning when the weather is mild as it gets very hot between 11 am – 2 pm.

Which is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka tourist places are best to visit between December and April for the west, south coasts and between May to October on the east coast.


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