Spring seasonal hair loss is a common problem that many people face. On average, a human being sheds 50-100 hair strands per day which is completely normal. Sounds too much? I have a fact that might make you feel better.

At any point in time, 90% of your hair is in the growth stage and only 7-8% is at rest. So even if you are shedding 100 strands of hair per day, many more hair strands are growing to take their place. So if you think you can sit and count, you can but trust me you will know when you have a hairfall.

Hairfall is when 100 strands are shedding and the new ones are not growing to take their place.

Spring seasonal hair loss

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Spring seasonal hair loss is different from normal hair loss. Time for another fun fact:

Scientists say that the role of the hair on the scalp is to protect the scalp from the harsh rays of the sun. The UV rays can damage your scalp that can lead to an increase in the pore size of the scalp and thinning of the hair, which can eventually lead to hair fall. So when the rays of the sun are less harsh and not too intense, there isn’t the need for hair to protect the scalp. So when the weather is cooler, people start to shed their hair.

Spring seasonal hair loss

Travelling can damage your hair and can make it frizzy. Spring seasonal hair loss is one of the complaints that are common when you travel. So when you travel, your hair needs some extra care in summer, winter or spring travel.

Do you Lose More Hair In Spring?

There are two common times when you face seasonal hair loss which is late summer and late winters i.e spring season. You tend to lose more hair in winters as compared to summers because of the reasons mentioned above. As the sun becomes warmer, your growth cycle retains itself and becomes normal. Hair starts growing back and strands break less. So that you can flaunt your beautiful hair again! (Till next summer)

Spring seasonal hair loss

Understand Hair Fall

There are many reasons because of which seasonal hair loss happens. A few of them are mentioned below:

The Testosterone Level In The Body

The level of testosterone in the body increases during the spring and autumn that leads to hair loss. Testosterone is converted to DHT ( Dihydroxy-testosterone) by an enzyme. When the conversion happens, it results in hair follicle shrinkage as the follicle is sensitive to this conversion. And eventually, the hair growth stops.


The first effect of stress is faced by the hair and even probably the most of it. Stress already is enough to damage your hair and if this stress by you is taken in the seasons like spring and autumn, then the hair loss can be more than usual. Keep doing meditation and keep hydrating yourself to avoid stress. This looks like a minor thing but it has a really adverse effect on the hair.


Certain drugs are not good for hair growth and push most of the hair from its growth stage to its resting stage. Drugs like Retinoids that are used in acne treatment, anti-depressants, anticoagulants are not good for hair growth.

Spring Seasonal Hair Loss

Ways To Slow Down Spring Season Hair Loss

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Don’t lose hope, loose your hair!

Here are a few ways that can help you control your Spring seasonal Hair Loss:

Go Easy On Your Hair

Tying your hair with a rubber band too tightly can cause hair fall. The weather is already making your hair weak, you go easy on your hair. Tie them loose or don’t tie at all. Let them breathe.

Avoid Chemicals

Too much chemical is not good for your hair. Spring is going to make you shed your hair and chemicals might help exaggerate this process. If you can not avoid chemicals throughout the year, at least try to avoid it for these two seasons. Apart from this you can regulate your sleep and have enough of it, eat good food and exercise.

Plan Your Regimen

Drink a lot of water! Keeping yourself hydrated helps the follicles not shrink and thus the hair stays intact. Eat food that has growth nutrients like protein, biotin, iron, vitamins. Hair growth vitamins might help you provide all the essential nutrients to your hair it needs to grow. Exercise or do yoga to balance the stress level.

These tips will help you save your hair from the spring seasonal hair loss. Do let us know in the comment section if there is any other precaution that you take to save your hair from damage.

There are a few easy hairstyles that you can adapt to save your hair from the seasonal damage.


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