No girl in this world can deny the fact that they have this immense love for their hair. We girls honestly are obsessed with our hair. There are different hairstyles for women that women know will look good on them. But there are a few hairstyles for women you probably don’t know of yet, but they will save your hair while travelling. We’ve got your back girls.

Let us walk you through the door you never opened. We will suggest you a hairstyle that will not only save your hair from damage but also are stylish and trendy.

Here are hairstyles for women according to the season:

Winter hairstyles for women:

Winter is nice weather for your hair. You can style your hair in many ways and not worry about the frizz and heat that your hair faces in summer. But travelling can make your hair face a lot of dryness and dirt that can make your hair frizzy and brittle. What if we give you hairstyles that can actually make your hair face lesser damage? Told ya! Got your back girl! Keep reading!

Short hair:

Parted twists:

This is one of the easiest and quickest hairstyles for women that you can make. It will literally take you a minute to make it. You just have to part your hair from the front in the middle and then take your front hair, twist it, and tie it at the back with a bobby pin. Repeat the same for the other side and TADA! You are done and super ready. This will not only save your hair from the wind but make it less frizzy.

This is your party-ready look and you can carry it with a cute casual outfit

Two space buns

If you are that girl who doesn’t like to spend time on her hair-do and doesn’t like to play with them. Part your hair from the middle into equal halves and make a high bun on each side with the help of a rubber band. Do this and forget about your hair for the rest of the day. Another casual day-ready look that is superbly easy and looks damn cool.

Hairstyles for women in winter
Side space buns
Half up top knot (High)

Hair handling is a pain for you, but style is also important, right? IDEA! Take the first half of your hair and bun it up high. This hairstyle for women is trending for a reason. These days we do not want to spend much time on our hair but still want a look that will make us shine like a star. Well girls, here is what you asked for.

Half up top knot (Low)

Half up top knot (low) is the same as that of half up top knot (high). The only difference is the placement of the bun. This knot is placed at the nape of the neck. The making of the bun is the same as that of the high knot. Take the front part of the hair and tie a half knot at the back of your head and not on the crown.

Dutch braid buns

Every girl must be aware of Dutch braids. It is just the easiest braid that you can make and will not take you more than five minutes.

Long hair:

Dutch boxer braids

These hairstyles for women are comfortable and will not make your hair frizz out when you are on the go. Part your hair into two equal halves and make a Dutch braid on each side.

Dutch boxer braids are the best when you want to protect your hair from city pollution and dryness. Apart from this, your hair looks trendy and casual as ever. This protects your hair and is stylish enough to go with your attire.

Ribbon pony

Your hair is long and pretty. You can easily tie an elastic band on your head to tie your hair into a ponytail and then wrap that band with a ribbon. If you have a wavy hair texture, this is the best and easiest hairstyle for you. This gives a cute look to your hair and personality.

Beach waves

Beach waves are beautifully loose curls that can suit everyday casual, business and event looks. You do not need to tie them up or even bun them up. These are the best, most relaxed hairstyle for you.

Twisted side braid

Twist your front hair to one side and braid them from the side. This will be your twisted side braid. As simple and as beautiful as ever. Go ethnic or go classy, this will make you look gorgeous.

Side Braid

The side braid is another simple and classy way to style your hair and look elegant. Instead of making a dutch braid at the back you make it on the side. You can always accessorize your look with a fancy hairband or a hair clip or even a scarf. This is your everyday classy and beautiful look that only takes a minute or two.

Summer hairstyles for women:

Summers are neither good for your skin nor your hair. You need to take extra care of your skin during summers. Travelling in summer means, dust and sun extended exposure to your skin and hair. You will have to take care of your hair a lot. But apart from that, there are also a few hairstyles that will help you save your hair from the heat and city dirt.

You might also want to know how to take care of your hair when on the go.

Short hair:

Double ups

Double-ups are two Dutch braids wrapped up to make them into double buns half-up. This hairstyle for women is trendy and super easy to make. Pull them up and forget about taking care of them for the entire day.

Lazy side pony

As the name suggests, this is a lazy ponytail. For every girl, it is super easy to tie a ponytail. All you have to do is grab all your hair and tie them low with an elastic band at the side of your head.

Chasing waterfalls

This hairstyle for women is one of the cutest hairstyles. You might take time to learn this hairstyle but when you do, you will look gorgeous and will make it faster. Chasing waterfalls look beautiful in a full-length dress or a short dress. You do not need any hair accessories to beautify this hairstyle. Chasing waterfall can be a long-hair hairstyle for women too.

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is a hairstyle that your hairdresser can make and you can easily use this style in different ways. You can have straight hair or a light curl. Both ways your hair will look amazing and your personality will flourish. A blunt bob is just a haircut. You can always accessorize it using different hair accessories. It is a simple, low-maintenance hairstyle.

Sleek fishtail

Fishtail is a sleek and classy braid that you do not need to think of before making. Fishtails go with any attire and you need only two minutes to make them when you are a pro at making them. And if you are not a pro, with a little practice you can be 🙂

Long hair:

Rope braid ponytail

Ever tried making rope braid ponytail and failed? Yeah! We know. This Particular hairstyle is a beautiful look and is made to look like a rope. Maybe to give you a Rapunzel look. But the final result of it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. You look like a princess and you feel one too.

Bubble ponytail

A bubble ponytail is a fancy ponytail that goes with any attire and makes long hair look beautiful. This is a simple hairstyle and will take you less than 3 minutes to make it. A bubble ponytail helps you to keep your hair intact since the entire hair is tied. So, no chance of frizz.

Double twisted bun

Part your hair in two equal parts and make a twist on each side of your hair and roll them into a bun on each side. That is your double-twisted side bun. This is your party-ready look, any-day travel look or just another day look. You are more than ready girl!

Half-up rope braid

This hairstyle is half open and half rope braided. This gives a beautiful and cute look to your personality. Wear it with any attire and you will just beautify your look, nothing else.

Fishtail braid bun

The fish braid bun is a bun made from fishtail braid. You make a one-sided fishtail braid and wrap the braid into a bun. So that way you combine two hairstyles and prepare a beautiful hairstyle for yourself. Here is how you do it.

Humid hairstyles for women:

Fun fact: The hair follicle is made up of protein, hydrogen, oxygen, and a few other amino acids. The more water content in hair, the straighter the hair is. Which means curly hair is naturally dry. When you head towards a humid destination your hair tends to absorb the moisture in the air and thus become frizzy. Before you jump into hairstyles you might also want to read some tips to maintain frizzy hair and which serum works best.

Here are a few hairstyles for a humid environment, to keep your hair away from the frizz and make them manageable.

Short hair:

Braided bun

Braid is the best way to avoid your hair from getting frizzy. Above I have already given a few hairstyles for braided buns. Try those or style your hair your own way. Braid the sides and bun it later, make multiple braids and bun them all at the back or you can even braid the hair and bun it on the side.

Messy up-do

The most classy and easy hairstyle is the messy updo. This is a raw hairstyle and looks great. It is a hairstyle you can adapt to when you do not want to do much to your hair and still want to look great and stand out from the crowd. This can be a low and a high bun.

Long hair:

Tie knot

Yes, it is as simple as the name shows. Just tie a knot on with your hair and use bobby pins to keep it intact. The tie knot hairstyle is a clean and simple bun hairstyle for women and can be made of half or full of hair.

Funky ponytail

Ponytails are the easiest way to style your hair and all it takes is 3-4 minutes to complete the hairstyle. Here are a few ways in which you can style your hair and still be frizz-free all day long. Go, girl! Style your day.

Milkmaid bun

This is the best hairstyle for women who are travelling to a humid destination. Milkmaid one-side braid keeps your hair intact as no segment of your hair is out in the open. No open equals no frizz.

It might be a little tough to make at first but getting used to it means being a pro day by day. it is also a beautiful hairstyle by the way. Here is what you have to do to make it. Milkmaid one-side bun is the one hairstyle that you can carry with any possible attire while on the go.

We hope you have a great vacation and we also hope that this article helped you manage your bad hair day and convert it into a gorgeous hair day. Let us know in the comments section below and tell us about your experience with these hairstyles.

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Have a good hair vacation!


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