Hair Care Hacks And Tips For Travel

When you are travelling, your hair faces a tough time. Hair care tips while travelling is one of the things that should come to your mind even before you plan your travel. There are many factors that take a huge part in damaging your hair starting from air-conditioners, city smog or pollution, bright sun, salty sea water and whatnot.

You cannot control the surroundings but you can prevent your hair from getting spoiled. And not only should you take care of it during the travel, but you should also start well before your travels and possibly continue after you are long done with travelling. Here are few hair care tips that will help you take care of your hair and keep them healthier while on the go.

Hair care tips while travelling

Oil your hair

Oiling your roots and tips is the best source of nourishment you can provide your hair with and the best hair care tips while travelling that we can provide you with. Argan oil or coconut oil is just beyond perfect for your hair.

Coconut oil has essential fatty acids and vitamins that provide nourishment and also removes sebum produced by hair follicles. Also cold pressed oils are less processed which make them more nourished. Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is the best thing you can find.

Argan oil is often used as a hair treatment.

Vitamin E in it helps in healthy hair growth as it contains antioxidants which help in cell boosting which eventually helps in hair growth.

Argan oil also treats the damage done to your hair by artificial chemicals in hair treatments these days. Whenever you oil your hair, make sure you keep it for overnight, if overnight is too much for you at least try to keep it for minimum 4-5 hours because that is the minimum time that oil will take to get absorbed in your scalp or tips.

Hair oiling for care - Hair care tips while travelling
Woman applying oil to hair


If you are travelling and decide to wash your hair, you should do it one day before and let your hair air-dry. Washing your hair the same day you are travelling allows dust to stick to your wet hair and the city pollution will make it dry. So plan your hair wash a day before travelling. Also, if you use a hairdryer to dry your hair and you are concerned about the damage that is usually done by it, here is a bonus hair care tip while travelling for you;

 Let your hair dry naturally up to 70-80% and then use the dryer on the cool mode. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF TOUCHING THAT HEAT BUTTON.

getting a Hair wash - Hair care tips while travelling
Man getting his hair washed.

Use serums

Girls are fond of different hairstyles like straightening and curling. Especially when a girl is travelling, there always will be a curling iron or straightener in her luggage. So here is a tip, use a serum before you use any hair damaging source to your hair. L’Oreal hair serum has proven to be magic. It not only saves your hair from damage but also nourishes them. It is available in all sizes online. Boys do not need serums; coconut oil is enough for your nourishment, don’t be greedy.

Hair serum for conditioned hair - Hair care tips while travelling
Woman applying hair conditioner

Hair accessories

Always prefer to wear hair accessories like headband, hat, scarf etc. So that your hair is not exposed to all the dirt and dryness that can damage your hair. Beautiful scarves are available in the market these days that will look amazing with your travel attire and also provide protection to your hair. This probably is the fanciest tip in the list of hair care tips while travelling.

Hair scarf for hair protection - Hair care tips while travelling
Hair scarf for hair protection

Bun magic

Hair care tips and all is fine, but what is the tip for hair styling?

This particular hairstyle is something that can be used in any bad hair day.

You have an oily scalp, bun it. You have dry hair, bun it. Also if you want to bun it, just bun it girl. Guys with long hair can do the same and those with short hair, go for hair accessories for protection. Because after you tie a bun, you don’t have to worry about it. Forget it, bun it.

Bun styling for hair - Hair care tips while travelling
Bun styling for hair

Shampoo and conditioners

Hair care tips while travelling is incomplete without them. Make sure you are devoting enough time on choosing your shampoo and conditioners. Shampoo industries put alcohol in shampoos these days because alcohol is cheap and easily available. Never ever buy a shampoo which has alcohol in it. It will only make your hair dry.

Try picking up a shampoo that has macadamia oil in them.

It nourishes your hair and makes it bouncy. If finding shampoos with macadamia oil is tough, shampoos with argan oil will also do magic to your hair. Delon Shampoo Macadamia Oil, L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil Shampoo and OGX Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo are the three tried and tested products that you will love for your hair.

Carry own shampoo and conditioner for convenience
small bottle of shampoo and conditioner

Dry shampoo

There will be days when you won’t be able to wash your hair or you’ll be staying in guest houses which do not provide shampoos and conditioner. Try carrying your shampoos along with you in small carryable bottles, if not use dry shampoo.

Spray it over your scalp and damp and let air dry. It will make the extra oil on your scalp vanish. If you don’t have a dry shampoo with you, carry baby powder. It absorbs all the oil from your scalp.

Put it on your scalp and just rub it with your fingers softly and see the magic.

Men and women both can use Batiste Dry Shampoo Instant Hair Refresh Coconut & Exotic Tropical. This dry shampoo not only gives a fresh look to your hair but also conditions your hair. For your hair care tips while travelling list, this is the main ingredient. Non-hair wash days can be blessed by this one product.

Hair freshness with dry shampoo
Dry shampoo as an alternative option


Don’t be lazy in combing your hair, especially when you have wavy or curly hair. Curly hair is naturally dry. Never leave your hair uncombed. It will only tangle your hair more and more and then the hair fall will take away the happiness from your face. Always prefer buying wooden combs for your hair. Plastic combs produce static electricity that results in breakage of your hair strands. Whereas wood is not a friend of electricity.

It is also soft on the scalp and helps in the oil distribution to the entire length of hair.

Sebum is also distributed so that it does not give a greasy look to your scalp.

wooden hair comb
Wooden hair brush for gorgeous hair

Beach Care

Take special care of your hair while on the beach; keep hair sprays with you so that salt and chlorine does not spoil your good hair day looks. No matter how much you love being in the salty water on the beach, you will have to get out and wash your hair. The hair does not show the effects of sun and salt on it as soon as the skin shows, but hair gets damaged too.

You can try co-washing your hair which means no shampoo and only conditioner washing. This will help you retain the moisture to your hair and also will not wash off essential natural nutrients from your scalp.

Also, jojoba oil and olive oil will help to condition the scalp.

Make sure you damp your hair with sun protection serum before going into the water. If your hair feels extremely dry and brittle, try deep conditioning them. Homemade masks (honey+ buttermilk) also help to nourish your hair.

If you are a water baby, you should take special care of your hair. Prolonged exposure to chlorinated water can make your hair brittle and frizzy. If you are planning to spend the entire day in water make sure you put a good amount of coconut oil in your hair to build a wall of protection between chlorinated water and your hair. Also, you might need products like ABSOLUTE NOURISHMENT RESTORATION SHAMPOO, MARINE KERATIN INFUSED HAIR MASk, MARINE HAIR MOISTURIZER, MIST OIL and OLEO ULTIMATE HYDRATION.

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Hair care on beach
Carefree hair when you care for them.

Sun protection

Just like your skin take care of your hair from the sun as well. Protect it from the sun by using hair protection serums. Hair serums for sun protection are the most important tip amongst the other hair care tips while travelling.

It builds up a shield to protect hair from sun and heat.

It also works as a thermal protectant if you are travelling to a high-temperature place; this is your hair care sun-protection genie. Rita Hazan Lock + Block Protective SprayPhytoplage Protective Sun Veil and Protect and Prevent Spray MOROCCANOIL are the products you will not be disappointed by.

hair care tip while traveling to beach
Hair care on beach

Don’t use just anything on your hair

Use one good product instead of multiple cheap and free ones. They will only damage your hair and not do any good to them, so stop experimenting. The products that hotels provide you might not suit your hair type or the texture of your hair. Make sure you carry your own shampoos and conditioners which will also reduce the unnecessary wastage. By this, you can also reduce plastic consumption while travelling. Always use a product that makes your hair healthier and not damage it even more. If you have any confusion in relation to your hair, or salp condition, you can always consult your dermatologist who can help you choose a good product for your hair.

Do not wash them every day

Your scalp has essential oils too which help in maintaining the pH level of your hair. Washing your hair too much can make your hair go dry. If you are going in water everyday and damaging your hair with the chlorinated water, make sure you use marinated products mentioned above or use swimming caps that keep your hair dry even if you are in a pool or at the beach.

Use Vitamin E

Eat things that have Vitamin E or use hair products that have vitamin E in them. It has antioxidant properties that repair damaged hair follicles, prevent tissue corrosion, and help build new tissues that help in the hair growth. Avocado oil and olive oil are two such hair products that can act as a source of Vitamin E for your hair. If you are considering buying a Vitamin E shampoo, OGX Healing Plus Vitamin E Shampoo is what you need to buy.

beautiful hair
Hair care and nutrition by serum

Eat Almonds

Almonds are rich in omega fatty acids 3 and 6. These acids promote healthy hair and required blood flow that helps in hair growth. This, in turn, help make the hair go strong, soft to touch and shiny.

Almonds for hair care tips for travelling
Almonds good for hair growth

Hair care tips while travelling are listed above. But don’t neglect your skin! Also read, Skincare tips during summer travel and Skincare tips during winter travel.

We hope the above article was helpful for you. Let us know if you have any questions related to hair care tips while travelling. Also, let us know if you have any other tip for hair care while travelling by commenting below.


  1. Thank you for such an informative post on hair care. I used to be a hairdresser and know the benefits of coconut oil. I’ve used it myself and really makes the hair feel soft. I’m also someone who rinses their hair in cold water. Not always pleasant, but it really makes your hair shiny. I always use a leave in conditioner as you suggested, and a tiny bit of serum after blow drying.


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