The capital of Venezuela, Caracas is nestled in the northern mountainous valley of the Cerro El Avila and along the Guaire River. A commercial and cultural hub, there are lots of things to do in Caracas. The city is filled with all kinds of exciting galleries and restaurants, as well as a vibrant nightlife.

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1Caracas Cathedral

cathedral in downtown, caracas, venezuela, things to do in caracas

Originally built in the mid-17th century, this Roman Catholic Cathedral is located in Plaza Bolívar. In the chapel of the Holy Trinity, you can see where Simón Bolívar’s parents and wife were buried.

2National Pantheon of Venezuela

National Pantheon of Venezuela

Established in the 1870s, this landmark is built in the Romanesque style, and serves a final resting place for national heroes. Venezuelan military leader Simón Bolívar’s bronze sarcophagus lies here, as well as numerous other monuments and works of art.

3Parque Central Complex

parque central caracas venezuela

Located in the area known as El Conde, this is a commercial and cultural development. Its 225m-high twin towers dominate the Caracas skyline. Here you will also find the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (which showcases Venezuelan artists); and the Children’s Museum of Caracas.

4Jardin Botanico

Among the best places to visit in Caracas is the Botanical Garden. It features over a hundred species of palm and over two thousand native and exotic species in the arboretum and herbarium. The four greenhouses also contain orchids, ferns and bromeliads.

5Parque Los Cabos

The Gates of Los Caobos Park; things to do in caracas venezuela

One of the oldest parks in Caracas, Parque Los Cabos was inaugurated in 1920. Filled with trees and statues, it is also known for housing the Fountain Venezuela, whose figures represent the different regions of the country. Also near the park, you will find the Museum of Fine Arts (in the building that once houses the National Museum )and the Science Museum.

6Birthplace of Simón Bolívar

Simon Bolivar birthplace house. The museum's exhibits include period weapons, banners and uniforms. His ashes now rest in the National Pantheon.

This historic 17th-century house where the hero of Venezuelan and Latin American independence, Simón Bolívar, was born in 1783. You can explore its interior rooms and gardens. The highlights include paintings by Tito Salas, antique furniture and family portraits. You can also visit the adjoining Bolivarian Museum which houses collections of items related to Bolivar and to Venezuelan independence.

7Iglesia de San Francisco

Iglesia de San Francisco Caracas

The Iglesia de San Francisco is a 16th-century church dedicated to Francis of Assisi. It is adorned with stunning baroque artwork, and is also famous for being the site where Bolívar was declared South America’s liberator in 1813.

8National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery (or Galería de Arte Nacional) is located near the Plaza Morelos. Opened in 1978, it was originally located next to the Parque Los Cabos. But, in 2009 it was moved to a new building. It features thousands of works of art by both Venezuelan and international artists.

9Parque Los Chorros

Cascada Parque Los Chorros (Caracas)

With a natural cascade, mountain springs, large trees, bridges, tunnels and hundred steps, this city park on the foothills of the Avila Mountain is among the popular places to visit in Caracas.

10El Avila National Park

Watching the mountains, Caracas Venezuela

Northeast of Caracas, lies the mountainous El Ávila National Park. Known for its forests and large animal populations, it is also an excellent destination to go hiking, biking, ziplining, camping and rock climbing. You can also take a cable car to the top to enjoy the expansive views.

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Of course, there are lots of other things to do in Cracas. So, if we’ve missed any of your favourites do share them in the comments below.

Note: There are currently various governmental advisories advises against travel to Venezuela, due to ongoing crime, unrest and instability throughout the country. While it is not recommend to travel here at present, who knows what amazing tourist possibilities lie in the future?


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