Things to do in Muscat: Part 2

Welcome to the final chapter of Muscat Diaries, where based on my experience I will tell you about the things to do in Muscat! In my last article, I told you about the beautiful resort, the yummy food, the Crowne Plaza hotel and the must-visits in the city. In this article, I will tell you a few more places that you can add to your list.

Shop to your heart’s content

The first place is for all you artefacts collectors and shopping fanatics. For the feel of an Arabian market, a visit to Mutrah Souq on the Mutrah Corniche is a must. You can shop for Omani and Indian artefacts here, as well as clothes and jewellery. If you want the Omani traditional dresses you can find them here. Apart from the Souq, the Muscat City Centre Mall is a good stop for all those who feel like shopping casually and want to pick up some traditional Arab Scents such as Amouage, the most famous and luxurious perfume known in Oman.

Silver Merchandise on display at Muttrah Souq in Oman
Silver Merchandise on display at Muttrah Souq in Oman
Yell out ‘fore’ 

Next, if you are visiting the city during in the cooler months (November-Mid March), all golf lovers must visit the beautiful golf courses in the city. I played at the Al-Mouj Golf Course and loved every minute of that scenic course. The cool breeze while you drive the golf cart from one side of the golf course to the other was a very enjoyable moment for me. Also, the staff at the golf course is very helpful and friendly.

Marine life visits and Drive-bys

A treat for marine life lovers is the dolphin watching and whale watching boat rides which are early in the morning. A slightly non-touristy activity would be driving around Qurum Heights where the diplomats live. The beautiful villas on the hills, the gorgeous flowers on the sidewalks and the view of the corniche is breathtaking. It is worth driving around to enjoy the view of the sea from on top of the hill!

Group of bottlenose dolphins swimming in the fjords of Oman
Group of bottlenose dolphins swimming in the fjords of Oman
Explore the Oman-French Museum

The Oman-French Museum is a sure stop to make if you love history. The museum showcases the miniatures of beautiful and strong yachts built for trade between France and Oman, the culture of the two countries (the clothing, jewellery etc.), the rulers of Oman, the sword of Napoleon, the route maps etc. A very friendly person sits in the main hall and lets you take your own time to walk through the different rooms in the museum and explore at your own pace. They allow you to take pictures so click away and add to your collection!

Feel grand at the Royal Opera House
Famous royal opera house in Muscat
Famous royal opera house in Muscat

Lastly, the Royal Opera House is a very different experience. On the Sultan Qaboos Street, this is a treat for cultural art lovers. The architecture is ah-mazing and people take tours to see it, even if they do not get to go for the musicals. The concert tickets get sold out very fast so not everyone visiting will be able to see them. Also, if you are planning to go for any of their concerts, plays etc. you are expected to be in formal wear only. A beautiful gallery in the opera is worth visiting as it has many shops where you can buy stuff but be ready to shell out big bucks if you do so.

With this, we come to an end of the Muscat Diaries. Get, set and Go to Muscat!


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