Malta, a little Mediterranean island nation is nestled in between Africa and Italy. This small but beautiful country has many amazing attractions. Set on an archipelago near Sicily, Malta is packed with fascinating architecture, clear turquoise seas, charming cities and a laid-back vibe. However, there are lots of things to do in Malta. This tiny island is crammed with over 5000 years of history, with ancient temples, and medieval towns. Its small size makes it easy to navigate, so it’s possible to visit all the major attractions in just one trip. This guide will take you through some must-see attractions, a range of activities and major points of interest in this beautiful country.

Check Out The Things To Do In Malta

See Europe’s First Planned City, Valletta

Malta’s capital city Valletta, a vibrant 21st-century town is full of narrow streets and colorful balconies. It’s listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and with good reason. Begin at the Upper Barrakka Gardens for panoramic views of the Grand Harbour, and then go for the fountain-cooled Central Square, streets of steps, striking modern parliament, and much more. Don’t miss the gilded baroque St. John’s Co-Cathedral, the luxurious Grand Master’s Palace, and the National Museum of Archaeology.

things to do in malta
Valletta, Malta: skyline from Marsans Harbour at sunset. The cathedral

Start Your Day At St. John’s Co-Cathedral

Your trip to Malta‘s capital is not complete without visiting St John’s Co-Cathedral. This church is a sacred place of worship and also an important venue for cultural events. St John’s Co-Cathedral is a gem of Baroque art and architecture and is considered to be one of Mattia Preti’s masterpieces. The Cathedral has nine eloquently decorated chapels on both sides and two masterpieces by Caravaggio. Thousands of visitors make their way to the cathedral to get a glimpse of the famous artwork every day. Many want to return to this island just to see the cathedral. So do add this place to the list of things to do in Malta.

Visit The Three Cities Of Cottonera

Across the stunningly blue Great Harbour from Valletta are the three cities of Cottonera. Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua are small fortified towns that have been used since Phoenician times. They are also the original home of the Knights Hospitallers and feature a lot of wonderful architecture and history. It’s best known for its scenic waterfront promenades and pretty marinas, but it is Vittoriosa that is the most impressive of them all. One can also take the boat tours to enjoy the scenic views and to learn more about the history.


weather in malta
The Three Cities Of Cottonera

Stop At The Ancient Tarxien Temples

The largest and best preserved prehistoric site in Malta is situated to the south of Valletta. These megalithic Tarxien Temples date back to 3600 BC and are dedicated to the goddess of fertility. Its stone walls are decorated with intricate spiral patterns and animal figures. The temples lie near the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, a similarly ancient subterranean burial site. These amazing ancient temples were actually uncovered by farmers years back. Don’t forget to add this place to the list of things to do in Malta.

Swim In Comino’s Blue Lagoon

One of the most favorite things to do in Malta is to take a day’s trip to the Blue Lagoon. Located alongside the picturesque Island of Comino, Malta’s Blue Lagoon is almost too blue to be true. A stretch of luminous blue waters flanked by caves is absolutely stunning to see. The azure waters sit atop a base of white sand and rock that give it the fiercely aquamarine hue. It is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, or exploring by boat. You can also walk around Comino and visit the nearby “Crystal Lagoon” which is less crowded than the Blue Lagoon.


Comino Island view of a bay with turqouise water , and cliffs – Malta

Explore The Silent City Of Mdina

The old capital of Malta sits on a scenic hill in the center of the island. Mdina is often called the “silent city” due to its peaceful atmosphere and lack of cars. Golden-hued stone walls encircle the city, hiding majestic houses, countless small streets, cute coffee shops and narrow lanes are the highlights of this place. The old gate of Mdina stood in for the entrance to King’s landing in the first season of Game of Thrones. Don’t miss the Roman villa in the nearby town of Rabat. This place has to be on the top of your things to do in Malta list.

Go To The Dingli Cliffs The Highest Point

The highest point in Malta is the Dingli Cliffs. At the Dingli Cliffs, it seems like the world abruptly ends. The sheer 253-meter cliffs drop dramatically into the Mediterranean, offering breathtaking seaside panoramas. While there is little here but a windswept walking trail and a tiny chapel, it is the perfect spot for a picnic and one of the best things to do in Malta. Many migrating birds are found on top of the cliff, which makes it an ideal place for bird-watching too. You can get to this place by public transport up to the closest stop next to the cliffs and then walk the rest.


where is malta
Tourists at Dingli Cliff

Soak In The Island Of Gozo

Often referred to as the ‘sister’ of Malta, Gozo is famous for its rugged coastlines and secluded sandy beaches. The Island of Gozo features truly breathtaking scenery, stunning sights, beautiful cliffs, wonderful walks, great swimming opportunities, and so much more. Its hilltop walled city, Victoria, and extraordinary rock formations of Dwerja are perfect for leisurely strolls. It is also home to the Ġgantija Temples which date back to 3500 BC. The Azure Window, made famous by Game of Thrones, was also on Gozo. Sadly it collapsed into the sea after heavy storms.


Try Traditional Maltese Food

Maltese food is a blend of Italian, British, French, Spanish, Turkish and other cuisines. You can also spot influences from Sicily and Greece. Traditional Maltese food is cooked with the freshest ingredients available during each season. Basically the food is rustic and hearty as it’s a combination of all the very best of Mediterranean cooking styles. Local specialties include octopus and rabbit stews, often cooked in red wine. The mild Ġbejna cheese, fish pie (lampuki) and a savory pastry called pastizzi (pictured) are also popular. Go to the Marsaxlokk fish market to see the variety of seafood available here.


malta island
Seafood platter served in mediterranean restaurant at sea

Visit Winery To Taste Best Maltese Wines

Unlike its neighbors on the Mediterranean, Malta may not seem like a major wine destination. But, it produces some excellent wines. Wines are made from locally grown grape varieties that include Ghirghentina and Gellewza. From Merlot to Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Moscato all kinds of grape varieties are grown here. Book in advance for a winery tour with the main maker of wine in Malta! We are sure you are going to love this tour and tasting experience. Undoubtedly this is one of the best things to do in Malta on a beautiful summer day. 

View The Ħaġar Qim And Mnajdra Temples

Some of the most stunning of Malta’s prehistoric temples, the Ħaġar Qim megalithic complex looks out over the Filfla islet. It houses the Mnajdra Temple as well as an excellent museum. The first temple you reach is the Ħaġar Qim and from there a 700m walk downhill will take you to Mnajdra. Both these temples are well preserved with permanent tent-like canopies erected over the temples. It’s believed that these southern temples are full of significant solar alignments. During summer the sun rays enter a circular opening from the back of the right-hand apse in the left rear chamber of Ħaġar Qim. This place which is located atop sea cliffs is best for a family visit too. There’s a children’s room where kids can build their own temples with blocks.

places in malta
Mnajdra Temple within Hagar Qim megalithic complex. Qrendi, Malta. UNESCO World Heritage Site.

See Gun Salute Firing From An Ancient Cannon

One of the most amazing things to do in Malta is to go to the Upper Barrakkara Gardens at the edge of the Grand Harbor in Valletta. From here you can see the gun salutes fired every day at 12pm and 4pm with great ceremonies. There’s a brief commentary every day before the cannon is fired at the island’s principal saluting platform. The oldest operating saluting battery in the world also fires on occasions of state, to mark anniversaries and religious feasts, and also to greet visiting dignitaries and vessels.

Tour The Casa Rocca Piccola

Casa Rocca Piccola is a beautiful home from the 1680s which is now turned into a museum. One can take a tour and check out the architectural features and the extensive historical collections of the aristocrats from Malta. Here you get to see photographs and documents of families which give us a glimpse of the aristocratic life in this country. There is a display of costumes from the 18th and 19th century as well as art work, paintings, antique furniture, and silver pieces in the Casa Rocca Piccola Palace.

malta tourism
Beautifully setup Room

Book A Boat Trip To The Blue Grotto View Point

Blue Lagoon – Blue Grotto, does that sound the same? Please do not get confused, they are two different things to do in Malta. The naturally formed sea caves with a 30-foot stone arch are the highlight of the Blue Grotto. One can easily access the viewpoint either by local bus or with your own transport. 100,000 visitors come in every year to see the loveliest emerald and cyan-hued water. The best time to visit this place is before 1pm before it gets very hot. If the weather in Malta is good, take a boat trip to and through the Blue Grotto.

malta island
boat tour near the coast in Malta

Get Adventurous At Cave Diving In Comino

If you are adventurous, then this is one of the best things to do in Malta. Comino is an uninhabited island that sits between the mainland and Gozo. That makes it one of the best spots for reef and cave diving. Once underwater you’ll be amazed to see the wide range of aquatic life such as octopus and barracuda. There are a series of underwater caves known to divers with each having their own special attractions. The shallow Santa Maria Caves located on the North side of Comino is also a great choice for Open Water Divers.

Party Hard At St Julian’s

St Julian’s also known as Paceville is the place to experience Malta nightlife. This is where you will find many bars, high-end casinos, restaurants, cafes, clubs, strip clubs and much more. This seaside town is located on the north-eastern coast of Malta island. Visit St Julian’s to experience an awesome night at some hip and happening spots! St Julian’s has a range of some really cool high end bars like Hugos Bar & Lounge and some that will give you 30 shots for just 19 Euros. Do reserve an evening just to party hard at St Julian’s.

Have A Fun Filled Family Time At Popeye Village

For families traveling with kids, the Popeye Village is one of the most important things to do in Malta. Originally this place was a film set for the 1980s movie Popeye but today it has become one of the top tourist attractions of Malta. Popeye Village is also known as Sweethaven Village and is a perfect and entertaining place to spend the entire day with family. One can take a tour of the villages which have some rustic and ramshackle buildings, a post office, bakery, firehouse, a beach, sunbathing decks, and souvenir shop. Best time to visit this place is during Carnival, Easter, and Halloween as the place will be decked with festive decorations and amusing activities during this time.

Check Out Malta’s National Museum (MUZA)

This building by itself is a prime historic site with a 500 year old history of Italian knights of the Order of St John. Located in Valletta, MUZA is an interesting museum with great collections and rich history. It houses a collection of art by both Maltese and other artists. Collections are laid out in sections inspired by stories grouped into four themes (Mediterranean, Europe, Empire and The Artist). MUŻA is also a net zero building which generates required energy through photo-voltaic cells purposely installed on its roof that creates no harm to the environment.

Hop On To A Horse At Golden Bay

Get to the Golden Bay Horse riding school that’s located near the Golden Bay beach, one of the best beaches in Malta. These treks on horseback will take you through stunning scenery, a scenic view like never before. A trek through the historic nature park in Malta’s Northwestern region is another highlight of this place. Whether you are young or old, this horse riding activity is designed to be accessible and fun for all. You can choose from a range of options like the morning, mid-afternoon rides or a sunset ride which is the perfect way to watch the sun slip below the horizon. Definitely one of the best things to do in Malta!

Check Out The Original World War 2 Bunker

The war is a very important part of Malta’s history, since it was the most bombed country in Europe. There is an original WW2 Bunker which you can visit for 5 EUR. You will be taken underground which has cramped small places which give lots of information about Malta’s time in WW2. Visiting this place is one of the most unique things to do in Malta.

Best Way To Get Around The Islands Of Malta

Public Bus – The bus service takes you pretty much everywhere in Malta. These rides are not very expensive and generally reliable too. Get bus cards as they offer reduced fares and discounts. Apart from the public buses, there is also a hop-on/hop-off bus that covers almost all the major sites on the island.

Rental Cars – Car rentals cost approximately between 10-25 EUR per day. Just keep in mind to rent a small car as the streets are narrow and parking can be a problem in some areas. Remember that the cheapest rentals are manual transmissions so you need to be able to drive stick if you want to go around.

Bike Rental – Renting a bike is the most affordable one if you want to explore on your own. One can rent bikes for around 12 EUR per day. Be extremely cautious while cycling outside of Valletta as the roads here are narrow and the drivers are very aggressive.

Ferry Rides – There are many Malta boat trips to choose from. There are a few boat trips that take you all the way around the island. Traveling in Malta by boat will give you a chance to see this beautiful place from a totally different side. Ensure that you arrive in advance as these ferry rides fill up fast.

Taxis – Download the eCab app as you will not find Uber or Lyft here. Taxis start at 6 EUR and will cost you around 2 EUR per kilometre, that’s a little too much. If you’re on a budget, it’s best to avoid taking them. eCabs are good for short distances while taxis work out cheaper for longer journeys.

Things To Keep In Mind While Visiting Malta

          Plan your trip during off seasons as it tends to get very crowded and costlier during the peak seasons.

          Get the Malta Pass as this Malta tourism card provides free entry to some top attractions. It also includes a free sightseeing bus.

          Summer brings with it a lot of heat waves, so drink plenty of water; wear a hat and lots of sun protection.

          There are a few tour companies in Valletta, who offer free walking tours. Just be sure to tip them after the tour!

          Hire a guide as you’ll get to learn more about the local culture, history, and architecture from a local expert.

          If you have any bad Maltese experiences, be careful who you tell as everyone knows everyone here.

          If you are British and feeling a little unwell while in Malta, go visit a doctor as the consultation is free if you show your passport.

          There are plenty of mosquitoes in Malta so cover yourself in repellent as their bites can cause horrendous itching.

          The tap water here is safe to drink hence always carry reusable water bottles to save money and reduce plastic waste.

          Avoid the Taxis and take the bus as that’s much cheaper compared to Taxis.

With so many things to do in Malta, choosing this place as your next vacation destination will not disappoint you. The glorious weather, idyllic scenery, beautiful beaches and marvelous cuisine makes it definitely worth doing. So quickly plan an epic trip to this all-year round holiday destination!

What is Malta famous for?

Malta is known for its great weather and breathtaking landscapes.

Is Malta an expensive place to visit?

Malta can be expensive due to seasonal increase in prices but definitely less expensive than many Western European countries.

Can you walk around Malta in a day?

Yes, one can walk around Malta in a day enjoying the magnificent views.

When is the best time to visit Malta?

Best time to visit Malta is between September and October as the climate is very pleasant during this time of the year.

How many days should you spend in Malta?

3-4 days is the perfect amount of time to see the main sightseeing attractions in Malta.

What is the hottest month in Malta?

August is the hottest month of the year with average temperature hitting a high of 86°F and low of 73°F.

Where to stay in Malta?

The best places in Malta to stay are Sliema, St. Julian’s, Gzira, Bugibba, St. Paul’s Bay, Qawra, and Valletta/Floriana.



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