Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Norway

Norway is a beautiful Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe. The country is famous for its natural wonders like Fjords (etched-out deep valleys resulting from retreating glaciers which are then filled with seawater forming steep inlets), mountains and the midnight sun.

1. Tromsø University Museum
Tromsø University Museum

It is the oldest scientific institution in Northern-Norway, the collections represent cultural history, archaeology and Sámi Ethnography. There’s also a ‘Northern Lights machine’, or terrella, which gives you a sense of scaled down version of the famed aurora borealis. Click here to read about the best places for viewing the Northern Lights.

2. Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden 
Tibetan Blue poppy flowers

This beautiful garden is home to the unique collection of flowers including clear blue Tibetan blue poppy from the Himalayas and apricot-coloured lewisiera from the Rocky Mountains. The garden is open throughout the year but it’s best not to visit when covered in snow.

3. Arctic Cathedral 
Arctic Cathedral, Tromso

The architecture of this cathedral was inspired by Arctic nature. It represents God’s hand from which departs three rays of light- one through Jesus, one through a woman and one through a man. The splendid glass work is what attracts visitor’s attention. This landmark is also noted for being the only wooden cathedral in Norway.

4. Polaria
Polaria, Tromso.

It is known as the world’s most northerly aquarium with bearded seals as the popular attraction. It also features interesting knowledge-based exhibits and a panoramic cinema based on how the ice is melting in the Arctic, how it affects the nature and the animals living there, and how researchers work in these areas.

5. Hella, Kvaløy 
Cottages in Hella area

It is the fifth largest island in mainland Norway. Tourists flock to the southwest coast to enjoy the scenic coastal beauty.


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