A Travel guide To Mosquera Island In Ecuador

The smallest island on the Galapagos archipelago, the amazing beauty of Mosquera Island will bring you the peace and serenity which you miss in the hustle bustle of busy cities. It will rejuvenate you and provide you with an opportunity to explore its great beaches.

This island travel guide will show you how to manage your trip on a budget. A visit to Ecuador’s Mosquera island with lovely climate can be a marvellous experience. Located between the North Seymour and Baltra Islands, Mosquera Island consists of many coral reefs. This makes it a perfect place to snorkel or observe the marine life.

What to do and see

Mosquera Island
The Sea Lions on Mosquera Island in Ecuador

Mosquera is home to one of the largest colonies of sea lions in the Galapagos. Like the other islands, it also has many seabirds, marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies and Sally Lightfoot crabs.

There are many other things you can spend your time doing on the island.

  • Explore the island’s lush jungles
  • Go snorkelling and see the colourful coral and marine life
  • Take a peaceful stroll on the beach
  • See the island’s diverse wildlife
Mosquera Island Galapagos
Sally Lightfoot crabs on Mosquera Island

Based on the tides the best place time to visit Mosquera Island is mid-June to late September.

The Island on a budget

You can live in Mosquera extravagantly even on a low budget. The island’s hotels have rooms at mid-to-low prices. However, the budget also depends on your tastes. Secure and efficient transportation can also be had on a budget. Taxis operate on a meter that charges around $1-2 per hour. 

Tips to make your trip awesome

Mosquera Island
The marine iguanas on Mosquera Island in the Galapagos

Make the most of your trip to Mosquera Island without stressing yourself. Don’t forget these tips to have an amazing trip.

  • It can get hot and sunny during the day so make sure to drink a lot of water and use sunscreen.
  • Be respectful of the wildlife.
  • While it is important to have an agenda, it’s ok to go astray and just enjoy the beauty of the island.

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