Sunglasses are not only a part of our fashion statement but are also important for your eyes. There are different types of sunglasses that provide protection to your eyes while also looking amazing on you. When you are travelling, sunglasses play a very important role in protecting your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Since travelling means a lot of sun exposure, you would want to buy one of these eye-protectors and slay in style. I am ready to tell you everything you need to know about them. So let’s get started!

History of sunglasses

  • The history of sunglasses is quite weird. In the 12th century, Chinese judges used sunglasses to be impartial and to avoid showing their expressions in the courtroom.
  • By the 18th century, they were used to improve eyesight. They used green tinted lenses as they helped in creating high contrast between objects.
  • Movie stars used sunglasses to protect their eyes from the camera flashlights. This made every other person want to wear them.
  • In the 1940s fighter pilots got the fashion of aviators for men.

Reasons were many but the style was common.

Why are sunglasses important

Sunglasses are an important part of our styling. But did you know by wearing sunglasses you can actually avoid so many harmful lights reaching your eyes? Sunglasses protect your eyes from Ultraviolet rays and HEV rays. Sun’s rays cause cataracts and can also blur your vision by clouding the eye lens. And what can protect your beautiful eyes from getting damaged? SUNGLASSES!

Types of Sunglasses

Trend and comfort go hand in hand. How many types of sunglasses do you know about? Well, now you will know enough to buy them for yourself. Here are the types of sunglasses based on their shapes (frames):


These types of sunglasses are versatile and go with anything you wear. Their signature feature is its thick frame and a trapezoidal shape. This frame has no specific preferences and suits every face structure.

Types of sunglasses


Square frames are shape-shifters. It helps in balancing the narrow jawline. Square shaped sunglasses are bigger than the usual frames. Trust me, going oversize is the key to look fabulous.


These type of sunglasses have a half-framed style. It features a frame edge on top and there is no frame at the bottom.


These types of sunglasses are mostly worn by ladies. So let’s call these sunglasses for women. They are quirky and trendy. These frames are circular in shape. Wearing these frames will increase the level of your style statement.

I call them Harry Potter frames, for obvious reasons but don’t worry Lord Voldemort is not a problem anymore! (By the way is he still not supposed to be named?)

Types of Sunglasses
Round shape sunglasses


As the name suggests, they are rectangular in shape. But have not been in that much trend these days. Honestly, I don’t know why. These types of sunglasses have circular edges and look perfect with anything. I think they should be back in trend. And be in trend for years to come! They are just perfect!

Types of sunglasses
Rectangle sunglasses


Highly in trend these days and looks perfect with anything you wear. Clubmaster is more or less like semi-rimless sunglasses. Just that the frame is thick on the top and thin at the bottom.

Types of sunglasses


These are a basic type of sunglasses that are oval in shape and they fit almost any type of face shape.


These types of sunglasses are inspired by the shape of a butterfly. It covers a good amount of the face because of being large in size and look very stylish. These types of sunglasses provide protection from the sun to the eyes and to the face.

Types of sunglasses
Butterfly sunglasses

Cat Eye

Cat eye frames were originally made famous by stars like Marilyn and Audrey. They are categorised by the upswept angles and retro frames. They nowadays come with prints. These are not for men to wear. Sorry guys! These are made with feminine vibes. This is so much in the trend that they have now started making cat-eye in prescription glasses too. Eyesight cannot be compromised with trend after all.


Initially used by pilots, these types of sunglasses are used by everyone today. Aviators have a distinct teardrop shape and metal frame. Highly simple yet a classic style that I don’t think will ever go out of trend. Classic Aviators have a dark metal frame and reflective or smoke lenses.


For people who love to travel and are adventure seekers, these sunglasses are characterised by thin, sleek lenses tapering at the temples. Many of these types of sunglasses come with special polarised lenses to enhance your visibility and fight glare.

Types of sunglasses
Sports Sunglasses

Brow bar

These types of sunglasses with brow bars have hit the mainstream. The addition of a second brow bar that rides along your eyebrows adds a fun addition to any look. This trend has also been adopted by many aviators today. But the size and shape of the frame differ.

Types of Sunglasses
Brow bars

Keyhole Bridge

Keyhole bridges have a subtle vintage feel. These frames got their name because of a keyhole-like shape. If you have a low nose and you need your frames to stay put, these frames are for you. But even if that’s not an issue, they still will look good on you.


Travel can increase the time frame of your being in the sun. These frames are for you if you are planning to do such things. These sunglasses provide protection from side to side. Plus they look good with anything you wear.

Types of sunglasses
Shield sunglasses

So these were the types of sunglasses you would want to buy for yourself and look amazing and still stay protected in the sun.

Travel means a lot of sun exposure. You need to make sure you have a comfortable journey. That means comfortable luggage, complete care of your skin and health and loads of fun and adventure. Make sure you experience all of it.


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