Here’s 5 Reasons You Must Travel To Vietnam This Year

Budget travel is basically used where you want to travel but on a constrained budget, making the most of the money you have. Exotic locations and mesmerizing memories are what it makes it a perfect outing. An exemplary example of having it all is a Vietnam budget travel. This trip is specially made for those who want to save money but do not want to compromise on the experience while they explore.

1. Spine-tingling picturesque
Terraced rice field near Sapa in Vietnam - Vietnam budget travel
Terraced rice field near Sapa in Vietnam.

Vietnam might not be able to compete with the spectacular Niagara Falls or exotic destinations like Paris or the glittery city of Las Vegas – but it is no less either. From many Vietnam travelogues, it is found that Vietnam enchants its travellers with a number of ancient structures and buildings and beautiful world heritage sites. Tourist spots such as Halong Bay, PhongNhaKe Bang caves, Hoi an Ancient Street and Cham Islands add to the beauty of Vietnam. Keo Pagoda in Thai Binh province illuminates with beauty, magnificently portraying the tranquillity of a religious site.

 2. Overtly hospitable Vietnamese

One such beautiful thing about visiting a new place like Vietnam is that you get to interact with a lot of people and of a different kind. Vietnam has several types of people; some of them behave exquisitely as if they were a King while others having a simple approach. But in either case, they are always friendly and welcoming to the travellers in their land.

3. Pocket-friendly
Vietnam budget travel, People eating at street food stall in Hanoi old French quarter Vietnam
People eating a street food in Hanoi old French quarter, Vietnam

The foremost reason why Vietnam is suggested for a visit is for its budget-friendly packages. With quite a number of expensive 5-star hotels, the country offers you budget-friendly hotels and guest houses all around the country. The food is astonishingly cheap, and you can get your day done at just $15. Not to be surprised, the street food in Vietnam is famous worldwide!

4. Consummate cuisine
Vietnam budget travel, Traditional Vietnamese soup Pho bo with herbs, meat, rice noodles, broth.
Traditional Vietnamese soup Pho bo with herbs, meat, rice noodles, broth.

Vietnamese food has a variety that goes beyond pho and spring rolls. With the increased popularity of street food in Vietnam, you have options of healthy vegetables, poultry, and meat. Everything that is served on the platter is healthy and delicious. Meticulously gathered seafood can be the most sumptuous food offered in the morning or served fresh for dinner. All of this can be found at a very pocket-friendly rate.

5. The unique Vietnam Budget Travel Experience
A tourist wearing a traditional Vietnamese hat, Vietnam budget travel
A tourist wearing a traditional Vietnamese hat

With a chance to experience it all, your Vietnam travelogue would be one you will cherish. From a dainty living with the royal family to exotic surfing under the sunset, Vietnam offers its visitors all of the world experiences. Thus it is high time to start backpacking the Vietnam route because it has got too much to offer and there is always something new to be found there.

From a romantic getaway to Da Nang, to enjoying a drink under the pleasant sun, with waves touching your feet occasionally, Vietnam will be an unforgettable trip. Vietnam needs to be recognised not just for the wars, but also for the natural beauty that it offers. It has natural bird sanctuaries which can be enjoyed while travelling, and activities like windsurfing can also be done. The wild sanctuaries can be visited renting a jeep.

Thus, your Vietnam budget travel thus will be an experience of the lifetime, where your Vietnam travelogue would hold every beautiful detail of the place – from the world famous street food in Vietnam to enthralling venues! So what are you waiting for? Start backpacking the Vietnam route and get going to add in another level experience for the vagabond in you!

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