Engage in a beautiful exploration as we reveal nature’s hidden wonders around the city of Bangalore. Within the crowds of evergreen landscapes and entwined views, there is a canopy of majestic waterfalls that will make you believe in fairytales. Whether it is for taking a dip in a cascade of sparkling clear waters or for a replenishing escape from the urban rush which can be found in the lush green surroundings to refresh the spirit, these waterfalls near Bangalore are ultimate retreats. Join us as we immerse ourselves into the world where the chorus of rushing water is built melodically with the murmur of nature, then reveal the paradise just to be discovered.

best waterfalls near bangalore within 100 kms
A Charming Waterfalls Near Bangalore, Karnataka

Nature’s Most Charming Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Here is a list of some of the best waterfalls near Bangalore which one must visit at least once in a lifetime. This is where one can get the best connection with nature, enjoy solitude, and a place to have a great time with family and friends.

1. Chunchi Falls

Amidst the harsh terrain and the lush greenery of Chunchi Falls is a well-guarded secret place that is waiting to be discovered. Embedded within a luxuriant green canopy, the Chunchi waterfall reveals to us its hidden treasure, allowing the ray of light to fall short of the misty curtain and creating a silver minesweeper skyscape. The moment you are there, time agrees to stop in which you escape from the crazy world into this blending art of colors in its calmness. Let the music for and by nature gather your heartstrings less by less, and may the Chunchi Falls enchant you more than you can imagine.

Location: Kanakapura Rural

Distance from Bangalore: 89 km via NH948

2. Shivanasamudra Falls

Be a part of nature’s greatness as you behold the enormous Shivanasamudra Falls. The twin falls are named Gaganachukki and Bharachukki where the mighty falls sync grace and power simultaneously. The booming sound of the water crashing against the stones reverberating throughout the canyon makes your heart skip a beat. Be enchanted by the greatness of nature as the water hurls into the foamy pools down below to make a scene you can never forget for the rest of your life. With an atmosphere filled with tranquility, Shivanasamudra is a retreat for those looking for a break from the stress of urban life.

Location: Mandya

Distance from Bangalore: 140 kilometers via the NH275

Activities: Sightseeing, coracle rides, picnicking

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Shivanasamudra is a retreat for those looking for a break from the stress of urban life.
The twin falls are named Gaganachukki and Bharachukki.

3. Hogenakkal Falls

The Hogenakkal Falls is also known as the ‘Niagara of India’ and is stunning to the eyes. On the River Kaveri, it lies as the waterfalls plunge down a rocky gorge, creating an art masterpiece that attracts everyone who sees it. The ride on a boat among the crashing waters brings you closer to the waterfalls resulting in the fusion of nature’s beauty and your excitement. The heavy flow of water can create a myriad of textures on the rocks and as a result, a mystic atmosphere arises rendering it very similar to a fantasy novel. Hogenakkal Falls is a must-visit place that has the power to render you speechless and in awe of nature.

Location: Mandya

Distance from Bangalore: 256 kilometers via the NH275

Activities: Coracle ride, Sightseeing, Picnic

4. Abbey Falls

As you would adventure into the mystical forests of Coorg, Abbey Falls embraces you with open arms. Nature lovers who like to be surrounded by lush greenery and tall trees should discover this amazing waterfall hidden in the Western Ghats. The water gushes from the top and falls gently to a pool, therefore, making a melodious sound. The foggy atmosphere contributes to the mystifying and joyful atmosphere, which explains why this place is a beloved retreat for those looking for a moment of solitude and calmness. Abbey Falls is truly one of those places that showcase the natural beauty and serenity going hand in hand.

Location: Madikeri

Distance from Bangalore: 270 kilometers via the NH275

Activities: Photography, picnicking, hiking, trekking, sightseeing

Timings: 09:00 am to 05:00 PM (Every day)

Entry Fee: ₹15 per person 

5. Jog Falls

Bask in the breathtaking sight of Jog Falls, a gift from Nature. It is one of the most visited falls near Bangalore and is the third-highest waterfall in India with a height of 253 meters (830 ft). This is The wildly flowing water rushes down from high altitudes and the thunderous roar reverberates through the valley creating a beautiful mist that hides the area in a cloud of mysterious grandeur. Cradled amid luxurious greenery, Jog Falls provides tranquility of mind where nature is the supreme authority. Get ready to be bewitched as this will leave an unforgettable mark on your heart and soul.

Location: Shimoga

Distance from Bangalore: 430 kilometers via the NH48

Activities: Sightseeing, water sports at the backwaters of Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary

waterfalls near bangalore within 500 kms
Jog Falls is the most visited falls near Bangalore.

6. Iruppu Falls

Buried deeply amidst the dense woods of the Western Ghats, Iruppu Falls is a magnificent scene that seems to be taken right out of a fairy tale. Stepping through the green trails, you are led to this natural beauty by the light chirping of birds which causes a symphony. The falls swirl down from great altitudes, producing an astonishingly captivating whirlpool of clear water on which the sunlight glistens. Wrapped in a poetic atmosphere, this ethereal landscape is a good place for contemplation and immersion in nature. Take your stand at the base of the falls, let the chilling spray pass your skin, and immerse yourself in the serenity of Iruppu Falls.

Location: Kodagu

Distance from Bangalore: 250 kilometers via the NH275 

Activities: Trekking, photography, sightseeing, pilgrimage, wildlife tourism

Timings: 06:00 am to 06:00 pm (Daily)

Entry Fee: ₹ 50 per person

Iruppu falls swirl down from great altitudes
Iruppu Falls is a magnificent scene that seems to be taken right out of a fairy tale.

7. Balmuri And Edmuri Falls

Welcome to a peaceful and relaxing haven where the delightful sounds of Balmuri and Edmuri Falls lull you into a state of mind. Amidst the central location of Karnataka, these cascades of two falls come together as a perfect artistic depiction of serenity. The crystal blue water cascades gracefully down the rocky slope, forming idyllic natural pools that welcome you for a soothing soak. By using its scenic surroundings as well as peaceful atmosphere, Balmuri, and Edmuri Falls provide that perfect setting for the mind to get away from the bustles of daily life and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Tap into the aura of calm, skip into the atmosphere of stillness, and let nature’s orchestra wipe away all the stress in you.

Location: Srirangapatna

Distance from Bangalore: 138 km via Mysore Road

Activities: Swimming, bathing, picnicking, photography, birdwatching

Timings: 06:00 am to 07:00 pm (Daily)

one of the falls near bangalore
View of two falls coming together is a perfect artistic depiction of serenity.

8. Mekedatu Falls

Nature’s unrivaled power and beauty are exhibited at the gorgeous Mekedatu Falls, where the legendary River Kaveri attracts all its spectators with its amazing sights. It is one of the most visited and famous waterfalls near Bangalore. Being true to its name, which means ‘goat’s leap’ in Kannada, the falls thunder down a narrow valley with a spectacular force that knocks the breath out of you. With the rugged mountainous landscape as a backdrop, Mekedatu Falls provides nature enthusiasts with the amazing experience of witnessing the power of nature directly. Get ready for a trip that you will never forget. The power and majesty of the falls make it impossible to forget.

Location: Kanakapura Rural

Distance from Bangalore: 90 kilometers via the Kanakapura Road

Activities: Trekking, photography, visiting Sangam and Galibore fishing camp

9. Honnemaradu Falls

In the hidden corners of Honnemaradu unveils a waterfall that evokes serenity and grandeur. As you enter the enchanting forests, the soothing sounds of cascading water flow towards you and guide you to this peaceful sanctuary. The falls ease down the rocks producing the background music of nature’s harmony. Honnemaradu Falls will enchant you with its peaceful charm, where time seems to pass by slowly while nature’s beauty melts your heart.

Location: Honnemaradu

Distance from Bangalore: 423 kms via NH 4 & NH 48

Activities: Bird Watching, Camping, Coracle rides Rafting, Trekking, Kayaking, Windsurfing, and Canoeing.

10. Hebbe Falls

Get ready to be captivated by the allure of Hebbe Falls hidden among lush green landscapes and the Western Ghats Mountains. While walking into the dense forest and listening to the sounds of nature, your senses are heightened when you think about the view of the waterfall ahead. These waterfalls make such a natural curtain of white, which shines in the sunlight, cascading from great heights. You can enjoy a swim in the small pool formed at the base of the falls. Hebbe Falls is one of the most visited waterfalls near Bangalore.

Location: Kesavinamane

Distance from Bangalore: 277 km via NH75

Activities: Swimming, Trekking, Photography

11. Thottikallu Falls 

Thottikallu Falls is one of the famous waterfalls near Bangalore also known as TK Falls. The gurgling waterfall flows from a height of about 30 feet, offering a visual delight to all visitors to this place. Following the greenery and rocks, Thottikallu Falls is located in a serene atmosphere. It is a very well-known place for picnics and day trips, where the predominant thrill everyone is after is the refreshing mist of the waterfall and the breathtaking beauty that characterizes the surrounding area.

Location: Kanakpura

Distance from Bangalore: 34 km via NICE Road – Mysore Expressway

Activities: Trekking, Bathing in the Pool, Photography

tk falls is located in a serene atmosphere.
Thottikallu Falls is also known as TK Falls.

12. Kaigal Falls

Located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, Kaigal Falls remains another spectacular gift of nature, especially in the southern part of India. The scenic view of this forty-foot waterfall mesmerizes the visitors in admiration of its majestic allure. Being surrounded by rocky rocks and a dense forest, Kaigal Falls is a perfect meditation spot that can destress you completely. Gorgeous waterfalls with tranquil surroundings are a retreat for everyone who appreciates the beauty of nature and who loves taking pictures.

Location: Chittoor

Distance from Bangalore: 150 km via NH75

Activities: Trekking, Photography, Sightseeing

13. Chunchanakatte Falls

The Mysore District of Karnataka is home to Chunchanakatte Falls, which both hold nature’s reminiscence and spiritual importance. The shimmering waterfall plunges from a height of about 60ft and is self-contained by wilderness and rocky cliffs. There is a folklore that says this is the exact place where Lord Rama met Shakuntala while in exile. Here, the temple of Lord Kodandarama, the presiding deity of the falls, enhances the spiritual environment. Taken as a pilgrimage and a place for nature enthusiasts, Chunchanakatte Falls is famous for the waterfall and the peace the surroundings offer.

Location: Chunchanakatte, Haliyur

Distance from Bangalore: 205 kilometers via the NH75

Activities: Pilgrimage, Hiking, Birdwatching

14. Talakona Falls

The Talakona Falls is a notable waterfall in the Chittoor District. Around 270 feet, it is known to be one of the most amazing falls in the area. Right in the middle of the Sri Venkateswara National Park, the waterfall is undoubtedly the most attractive destination as people from everywhere chase the view of the waterfalls falling over the green vegetation. In addition to its inherent beauty, Talakona Falls is a rich source of culture and spiritual beliefs with the water possessing healing properties.

A trek across the waterfall trail too is very common here. And, visitors get quite close to the waterfall while on the trekking path. The Siddeswara Swamy Temple in the next location supplements the spiritual design of the area. Talakona Falls is a perfect place to visit for nature lovers, adventure junkies, and those who want to spend some time in the shade of nature, imbibing the beauty and majesty of nature.

Location: Tirupati

Distance from Bangalore: 234 km via NH75

Activities: Trekking, picnicking, birdwatching, canopy walk, boat ride

Timings: 06:00 am to 07:30 pm (Daily)

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Concluding Thoughts

mekedatu falls near Bangalore
Mekedatu is a location along Kaveri in the border of Chamarajanagar and Ramanagara Districts.

These amazing waterfalls near Bangalore are the best symbol of the unique beauty of our world. Therefore, be free from the boredom of routine life, heeding the call of tumbling waters, and let the waterfalls in and around Bangalore hold you with their tranquil atmosphere. Let your inner explorer out, enjoy the serene atmosphere, and make some of the most treasured memories that you will cherish forever as you watch nature’s masterpiece in motion. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for a wonderful journey with yourself.


What are the best waterfalls near Bangalore within 50 kms?

Chunchi Falls, Mekedatu Falls, Shivanasamudra Falls, Abbey Falls, Hogenakkal Falls, Muthyala Maduvu Falls, Thottikallu Falls & Jakkur Aerodrome Falls are some of the best waterfalls within 50 kms.

Which are the waterfalls near Nandi Hills Bangalore?

These are some of the waterfalls near Nandi Hills Bangalore: 
Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple Falls – This waterfall is situated at the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple which is about 12.5 km away from Nandi Hills.
Muddenahalli Kerege Falls – This waterfall is in a village which is 17 km away from Nandi Hills and called Muddenahalli Kerege.
Kaigal Falls (also known as Dumukurallu Waterfalls) – This 70 km away waterfall is near Nandi Hills’ border of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh state.

Waterfalls near Bangalore within 100 kms?

Shivanasamudra Falls, Chunchi Falls, Mekedatu Falls, Sangama, and Muthathi Falls are some of the best waterfalls within 100 kms.

Which hill station is near to Bangalore?

Nandi Hills, Coorg (Kodagu), Ooty (Udhagamandalam), Wayanad, Yercaud, Chikmagalur, Kodaikanal, Sakleshpur, BR Hills (Biligirirangan Hills) and Horsley Hills are some of the best hill stations near Bangalore.


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