11 Reasons To Visit Botswana This Year

visit botswana
These are the best things to do when you visit Botswana

One of the best travel destinations in Africa, Botswana is known for its great safaris, incredible wildlife, and exciting adventures. Those who visit Botswana experience a place like no other. Its breathtaking landscapes cover a vast variety of habitats, from the sands of the Kalahari Desert to the lush Okavango Delta.

With this abundance of picturesque landscapes and incredible wildlife, Botswana is truly an incredible travel destination. The southern African country also served as the backdrop of Alexander McCall Smith’s No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. Here are 11 reasons you should definitely visit Botswana this year:

1There are no crowds

One of the world’s least crowded countries, Botswana has set aside almost 45% of its land for protection, contributing greatly to its abundance of wildlife.

2More elephants than anywhere else in the world

Botswana is a refuge for African elephants. Its conservation effects constantly push back poachers and the country has the largest numbers of elephants in Africa, especially in the Linyanti Wetlands.

3The stunning Okavango Delta

One of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders, the Okavango Delta spreads across 15,000 square kilometers and has some of the country’s most famous wildlife. Giraffes, elephants, spotted hyena, black rhino, and even Nile crocodiles can be found here.

4The vast beauty of the Kalahari Desert

The breathtaking sand dunes of the Kalahari seem never-ending. Yet they hide many wonders. The Gcwihaba Caverns feature two storey caves with stunning stalactites and stalagmites, while each year from December to April, thousands of Zebras migrate across its vast tracts of sand.

5A huge big cat population

It is one of the top places to see all kinds of big cats in Africa, from leopards to lions and cheetahs. This is again a result of Botswana’s persistent conservation efforts in places like Chobe National Park.

6The “Louvre of the Desert”

UNESCO describes Tsodilo as the “Louvre of the Desert,” and with good reason. Located in the Kalahari Desert, it boasts the highest concentration of rock art in the world. It has over 4,500 paintings going as far back as 100,000 years.

7The mysterious Lake Ngami

This lake mysteriously vanished right after it was discovered in 1849, but reappeared towards the end of the century. It has repeated this pattern over the years and is the ultimate destination for bird lovers.

8It is home to lots of rhinos

Botswana’s excellent conservation extends to yet another beleaguered African species, the rhino. The Khama Rhino Sanctuary is home to both the white and the black rhinos.

9It’s got extreme mountain biking

The beautiful landscape of the Mashatu Game Reserve is the ideal place to experience mountain biking. For those who’d rather have a bird’s eye view, there are also excellent helicopter tours.

10Massive salt flats

The Makgadikgadi Lake once covered an area the size of Switzerland but has now dried up. Zebra and wildebeest roam the arid salt flats at night.

11Spectacular river cruises

The Chobe River is one of Africa’s most diverse waterways. From hippos to buffalo, birds, and wildebeest, it is teeming with wildlife and a boat ride is the best way to see it all.

So what do you want to see when you visit Botswana?



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