The Serengeti is a vast ecosystem in east-central Africa. It has the second largest terrestrial¬†mammal migration in the world. When you come to Tanzania, you are bound to experience the best of wildlife. Approximately 70 mammal species and 500 bird species are found there. So if you are planning a visit there, you should have a safari packing list in your hand. I am here to help ūüôā

When you are out on a safari, you will have to wear something that is comfortable yet stylish. Here is how you can do it!

Athletic Fabric

The athletic fabric or polyester fabric is one great fabric to wear when you are on a safari. It is breathable and extremely¬†water and wind resistant. The best part about this fabric is that it is wrinkle free. You can pack them or roll them in cubes but you don’t need to worry about wrinkles. Trust me, your safari packing list is incomplete without athletic fabric.

Sports Bra

All the ladies out there, listen! Roads there are bumpy and you don’t want to get rashes with the straps. You can thank me later for telling you to add a sports bra to your safari packing list.

Safari packing list
Sports Bra

Wind Breaker

It’s very important to keep a windcheater in your packing list when heading to a safari. It can get really windy and you need to protect yourself from that. If you are bringing one, make sure that you get a waterproof windcheater, that will help you just in case it rains.

Travel Pants

It’s important to be comfortable during safaris. And jeans cannot give you that comfort. Cargo or shorts or travel pants are the correct choices for you. Leggings are another thing that you can wear. It is a great choice. It is stretchable and very, very comfortable. Convertible travel pants are also a great option. You can convert them into shorts whenever you want.

Tank tops

For all the girls out there, nothing can be as comfortable as tank tops. I mean, fashion is important but comfort is much more important. Tank tops can be very comforting when you have to stay in the sun for a long time.

Safari packing list
Tank tops

Loose T-shirts

Is anything more comfortable in this world that a loose t-shirt? Nothing! A legging and a t-shirt with a jacket over it is everything you need to feel comfortable. Fill your safari packing list with these and you are done.

Waterproof bags

You can not trust your luck when it comes to safaris. You will obviously be carrying a camera with you and maybe if you are a professional photographer you might have other equipment as well. It is better to carry a waterproof bag and keep all these electronic gadgets in that bag. So that even if it rains in the middle of your safari, you have your gadgets protected.

Running Shoes

No heels, no boots, not sandals just running shoes are the correct shoes for the safari. You and your feet will be more than happy. Safari will include a little bit of walking. If you are comfortable in flip flops, that can be your choice. But it’s better you wear running shoes. You will stay comfortable all day.

Safari packing list
Running shoes


The sun can be really harsh for you while on the safari. Make sure you carry a hat to avoid heatstroke. The plus point is that they are stylish as well.

Sunscreen Lotion

The reason for carrying a sunscreen lotion. You want to avoid sunburns, carry a good sunscreen lotion with SPF more than 50. The harsh sun rays can be really bad for your skin and cause redness and can also peel off your skin.

Safari packing list


You will not be able to access your cards while in Safari. Keep enough cash with you and keep it safe so that you don’t lose it.

Insect repellant

You will be doing yourself a favour by taking an insect repellant with you on the safari. The mosquitos can get really bad and also can cause malaria. Don’t forget to pack insect repellant to your safari packing list, it will really help you.

First Aid Kit

You are planning to go to the African bush, the nearest village might be hours away. Be sure to pack a first aid kit with you so that you don’t have to wait to reach the village, you can aid yourself or your companions. Keep medications like¬†aspirin, cold medicine, antiseptics, bandages, cough drops, diarrhoea medication and anti-allergy medicine. Keep your personal medications for any preexisting conditions with you at all times.

Safari packing list


A good pair of binoculars will enhance your view. You might encounter a few species from afar and you can get a clearer view with binoculars. They also help in keeping watch on animals and birds without getting too close and disturbing them.

Camera/ Phone

If you are using your phone to click pictures, remember to charge it properly. If you are using a camera, be sure to charge its battery. You won’t find a port to charge your phone and what if you miss a wonderful click? Also, if possible keep a power bank with you so that even if you forget to charge your phone, you can charge it on the go.

Head Torch

If you don’t want to step on creepy crawlers or meet a predator, carry a head torch. It will get dark and you might say hello to someone you don’t want to.

Safari packing list
Head Torch

Water Bottle 

It’s very important for you to stay hydrated when you are out travelling in the sun. Carry at least two water bottles. Water is really important for your trip. Without this, the safari packing list isn’t complete.


Style and eye protection are what sunglasses provide you. Sunglasses that are UV protected should be preferred than normal sunglasses. They will save your day, believe it or not.

These were the things I would advise you to carry with you. When you are making a safari packing list make sure you don’t miss anything from this list.

And while you’re planning that safari trip you might want to keep in mind these ethical safari practices.


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