Catch A Wave At These Best Destinations For Surfers!

Preparing ourselves for the scorching summer heat, we can’t help but imagine what it would be like to swing on a hammock under the palm trees while soaking in the beautiful paradise of the Bora Bora Islands or the Caribbean. But these soothing vacation spots on the beaches are also very go-to sources for planning your surf camps. So if you are planning to catch some waves this summer, here are some of the best beaches for surfing in the world:


Surfing in usa
Young surfer surfing the wave of Kauai, Hawaii, USA.

The USA is a country known for its beaches and surfing culture; there is no shortage of ideal locations for beginners and seasoned surfers alike. From Hawaii’s famous coastline to tucked-away spots on the East Coast with solid swells, America has some of the best surf spots for you (no matter your skill level). So let the wind hit your face as you catch a gnarly wave at one of these awesome surfing spots you can only find in the United States: Malibu, Santa Cruz, Hawaii.


surfing in mexico
Puerto Escondido, Mexico – November 7, 2014: Early in the morning, a man paddle boarding the surf off of Punta Zicatela in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

With its sandy shores, azure waters, and beautiful beaches, Mexico has some of the best beaches to head to if you love surfing. Starting from Baja California, the second-longest peninsula on earth to the tropical white-sand beaches of Oaxaca, the Pacific Coast of Mexico is filled with some of the planet’s most sublime surfing spots. This unique surfing destination is year-round surfing and offers point waves, reef waves, and waters both warm enough for trunks and too cold for anything but a wetsuit. *winky face*

Don’t miss: Troncones, Guerrero, Sayulita, Mazatlán, Nayarit, Puerto Escondido (The Mexican Pipeline- world’s beast beach break)


Surfing in japan

An island nation, Japan is split into four main islands and countless smaller ones, therefore giving it abundant options for wind and swell. From Tokyo to Osaka to Okinawa, Japan has almost 30,000km of coastline offering plenty of exciting spots where you can hit the waves. Beach breaks and points are the staple diet of surfers here but the highlight of the year is typhoon season (August to October) when huge swells can produce fantastic waves at these locations.

Don’t miss: Shikoku Island, Kyushu, Nichinan Coast, Kansai


Surfing in brazil
A nice sunny day with Morro do Pico in the background at Conceição beach in Fernando de Noronha Brazil.

Privileged by a coastline with a diversity of soft sand beaches, Brazil is filled with gorgeous surfing spots that some continents dream of. This largest South American country has a very long coastline of 7500 km, where about half of the coast is a wild and remote tropical jungle with hundreds of secret surf spots. Hence, it’s no surprise that Brazil is a dream destination for those searching some good surf.

Don’t miss: Fernando de Noronha Island, Florianopolis, Geriba, Macumba.

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Two surfers at sunrise are about to go out.

With nearly 60,000km of coastline, Australia is known as one of the premier surfing destinations. Surfing forms a part of the Australian lifestyle in which millions participate as it underpins an important part of the Australian coastal fabric. With waves for beginners as well as seasoned surfers, some of the world’s best surf spots are right here. From the east to the west coast, you’ll find an abundance of beaches that are not only suitable for sunbathing but produce some of the best surf waves in the world.

Don’t miss Byron Bay, Manly Beach, Bell’s Beach, Gold Coast, Noosa Heads.


Surfing in morroco
Last Surfers on their way home at an impressive sundown at Panorama`s Beach, Taghazout, Morroco.

Morocco might not be your classic surfing destination but it’s quickly becoming one of the world’s favourite winter surfing destinations. As Europe gets cold, this North African country can be your surf escape. Land of the right-hand point break, Morocco’s pleasant climate, and exposure to the North Atlantic’s swells make it an attractive surfing destination. While most of the waves are beginner-friendly, you’ll also find more challenging ones, so you can learn and progress.

Don’t miss: Essaouira, Sidi Kaouki, Taghazout, and Tamraght, as well as the powerful, spine-tingling waves at Anchor Point, Killer Point, and Boilers draw an international crowd.


***Note to INSPECTOR: General shot of Biarritz surfers, which should hopefully be ok under new creative guidelines, with no one particular in focus.

With miles and miles of coastline, the land of cheese and wine is one of the greatest surfing destinations in the world. While mainland France has 2,130 miles (3,427 km) of coastline and over 310 miles (500 km) of surf beaches, the best surfing spots can be found on the Atlantic coast. You’ll find the highest concentration of quality beach breaks in Europe can be found along the coastline between Seignosse and Biarritz. The area also hosts numerous prestigious surfing events, from WSL competitions to festivals.


Surfing in portugal
Ericeira Portugal. 24 December 2018. surfers in Pedra Branca beach in Ericeira village.

Doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned surfer or you’re a novice; Portugal is one of the most surfer-friendly destinations out there.  With its mild climate and some of the cleanest beaches in the world, Portugal’s coastline is dotted with open beach breaks and some of the best surf spots in the world. It is home to the warmest weather in Europe and also the biggest wave ever surfed. You can hit the waves anytime as Portugal is a year-round surfing destination.

Don’t miss: Ericeira, Carrapateira, Algarve

South Africa

south africa
“Cape Town, South Africa – February 10, 2012: Three surfers are getting ready for a surf lesson in Muizenberg, near Cape Town in South Africa. The male surfer is more experienced and two female surfers will get some instructions from him before going into the water. Muizenberg is one of the suburbs of Cape Town and it’s famous for its colorful beach cottages. Another famous thing about Muizenberg is its surf schools and almost constant wind which makes it an ideal place for surfing.”

With over 1,600 miles/2,500 kilometres of coastline, South Africa will spoil you with choices.  You can explore literally thousands of points and bays, each offering its own unique surf pattern. If you are a pro, you can try to master world-famous waves like Supertubes and Dungeons here, or you can search for a mellow rude if you’re a novice.

Don’t Miss: Muizenberg, Jefferys Bay, St. Francis Bay

So where will you be catching waves this year? Let us know your favorite surfing beaches in the comments below! Grab your board because it’s time to go!



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