The Bronzed And Beautiful Land Of Barbados

Barbados is an island country off the coast of America that is famous for its turquoise waters, beaches with white powdery sand shores, exuberant nightlife, picturesque landscapes and well, Rihanna. And while there is so much to be said about a tropical island that is a popular holiday destination amongst celebrities and royals alike, this article is going to focus on the three main coasts and what its popular for.

The South Coast

One of the most visited and developed areas of Barbados is its South Coast which is popular among tourists. You can find accommodation that ranges from simple cottages to fancy resorts. The beaches in the South coast are excellent for swimming thanks to its calm and clear waters. The boardwalk is dotted with plenty of open-air bars and restaurants teeming with life.

Head to the Garrison Savannah for some thrilling horse racing or simply walk along St Lawrence Gap and sample some local delicacies from the many restaurants or pop into one of the nightclubs for an endless night of music and dancing. South Beach is also a great place for water sports like windsurfing, paddle boarding, and jet skiing. To learn about the history of the Island, head to the Barbados museum and historical society and a romantic stroll along the white sandy beaches at night is a must especially because you might get lucky and spot a few turtles that head to the shore to hatch their eggs.

Spot a sea turtle in Barbados
The West Coast

The west coast of Barbados is the quieter area of the island. The beaches here are very calm and tranquil making them ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Sunset time is one of the most breath-taking times of the day with the setting sun painting the island with beautiful warm hues of reds, oranges, and yellows. The West Coast is the fancier, costlier part of Barbados but a day trip to one of its beaches is a must, even if staying there is not an option.

Colourful houses in St James on the West Coast of Barbados
The East Coast

The East Coast of Barbados has a rugged coast, unpredictable waters and fairly empty beaches but don’t let that fool you because East Coast is still has quite a lot to offer. Such as, the botanical gardens, the East Point Lighthouse, a beautiful seaside park, countless restaurants serving fresh and delicious local food and most popularly – Surfing.

Colourful carnival celebrations in Barbados

While this gives you a very basic understanding of the different coasts of Barbados, the island has plenty more to offer like their ever-welcoming locals, vibrant festivals, foot-tapping music, heart-racing activities and mouth-watering cuisine. So smear on that sunscreen and pack that swimsuit and get ready to get your tan on!


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