Complete Travel Guide to Espanola Island, The ‘Hood Island’

Located at the extreme north-west of South America, Ecuador is a small country enriched with natural and scenic diversities. It is counted among one of the world’s most diverse countries in the context of its exquisite environment. Being the part of the Ecuador tourism, the Espanola Island is a place every traveller should explore.

The clear blue sea waves crashing against beautiful dry rocks under the wide blue sky is something you just cannot miss out on. The innumerable range of migratory birds and coastal animals are a ‘must watch’ for the refreshment of your soul. Given below is a complete Espanola island travel guide with the aim to help you at every step of your tour to Espanola Island.

Blue-footed Booby standing on a sandy beach, on Espanola Island, the Galapagos
Blue-footed Booby standing on a sandy beach, on Espanola Island, the Galapagos

One of the Islands in the Galapagos Islands is Espanola Island. It is also known as ‘Hood Island’. You have to travel about 2 hrs in a boat towards the south-east from San Cristobal port in Ecuador. There are 13 major islands nearby.

Espanol Island is extremely dry and flat as it receives very low rainfall. June to November is the best time for a visit. The terrain is a little bit strenuous and rough. The climatic temperature reaches 25° C and 15° C as maximum and minimum temperature respectively. The cool and dry weather is the perfect combination for you to enjoy a full day on the beach as well as on the deck.


If you are eager to know how to travel to Espanola Island in the cheapest way, here is the solution. The very first step for you is to reach Quito which is a major city in Ecuador. Several international 1 stop flights will take you to the destination in no time.

Another flight will take you from Quito to San Cristobal, where your expedition will start. Hiring a boat or a cruise will be the finest way of exploring Espanola Island. Travelling for 2-3 hours towards the south-east will take you to the final spot. Generally, you can avail boats where 12-15 membered groups are accommodated. The boat rental prices range from $500 to $1250.


You can stay at San Cristobal Island. They provide world class facilities inclusive of good food and hygiene. The room rents will cost around $200. You can avail some discounts but only if bookings are made much earlier. [Read more: San Cristobal Island Travel Guide]

Sea lion on Española island in the Galapagos, Ecuador.
Sea lion on Española island in the Galapagos, Ecuador.

The Espanola Island, as well as other Galapagos islands, is famous for its environment and wildlife. Here are some exciting things you must try at the grand Galapagos:-

  • The luxury cruises– The whole tour is incomplete as well as impossible without a grand luxury cruise which will provide guides, food, and every island tourism activity to be attempted.
  • Snorkelling– The world of light-foot crabs, marine iguanas and colourful fishes can only be explored through snorkelling
  • Ocean Spa– Relax your nerves and body on the bay by the rejuvenating spa salons.
  • Attention! Foodies– Last but not the least, immerses your taste buds into the delicious seafood and cocktails at Mangrove restaurants.

This was a brief travel guide for everyone who intends to explore the Galapagos archipelago as well as other islands of Ecuador. Some precaution must be taken while traversing rough and uneven terrains. And care must be taken in the presence of animals, so as not to harm them or be harmed in return.

If you have visited these islands or have more information to ask or share, please leave a comment.

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