A trip to the Volcanic Fiji Islands with its lovely tropical climate can be an out-of-the-world experience. The rugged beauty of largely unexplored islands, jungles etc. is calming, and a visit to Fiji will definitely rejuvenate you. This Fiji Travel Guide aims to provide as many details required for a trip to Fiji from India within budget.

Some geographical details:

How can a Fiji Travel Guide be relevant without giving some background about its location?

Fiji is an archipelago of more than 333 volcanic islands in the south pacific located on the edgeway of Australia and New Zealand. Most of the islands are uninhabited. There are two major islands in Fiji, viz., Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Suva, the Capital of Fiji is in Viti Levu – almost of 3/4th of Fiji’s population lives here.

The two international airports of Nadi and Nausori are in Viti Levu.


What is the best time to visit Fiji? You can never go wrong with the year-round lovely and soothing tropical climate. But visiting between the months of March and November is considered ideal.

Is Travelling to Fiji expensive?

How much would a flight to Fiji cost? In INR, a round trip will cost you anywhere between INR 70, 000/- to INR 1,20,000/-. An India to Fiji flight will take between 26 hours to even 40 hours.

The Fijian currency is a Fijian Dollar (FJD) and the FJD to INR rate is around FJD 1 to INR 33.

The room tariffs

You can choose to live in Fiji lavishly even on a tight budget trip. There are economy accommodations to five-star hotels to even your own small islands! The choice is of course yours. A genuine accommodation can range from INR 2500-8500 per day. Food expenses also will vary according to your tastes. (INR Rs.2500/day minimum)

So, it would be around FJD.9000 to 15000 for a week’s lovely vacation in Fiji.

What to see?
Starry nights and Palm trees, Fiji travel guide
Starry nights and Palm trees, Fiji

Exploring the swaying palms, warm clear water, corals and rugged jungles can be the welcome gift for you with love from Fiji.

Taveuni, Fiji’s third largest island is called Garden island and is the dream of every tourist who is on an eco-holiday.

Diving and snorkelling are highlights for any tourist to Fiji. River safari, day/sunset cruises, mud pool tours, cave tours, are on the top of exotic things to do in Fiji.

Fijian culture

The first thing which hits one about the Fiji culture is the wonderful way Fijians greet you. A smile appears to be a compulsory accompaniment of “Bula” (a hello), which gives you an idea of the friendly nature of Fijians.

A beautiful example of Fiji culture is the wraparound sort of garb Fijians wear, called ‘Sulu’. Tipping is not allowed in Fijian culture as they consider it as an insult for the efforts they put-in.

Your Fiji Travel Guide to Food and Drinks
Tropical dinner - Fiji travel guide
Tropical dinner, Fiji

The seafood varieties of fish, prawn, lobsters, crabs are definitely drool-worthy and are a part of the best Fiji-food served in restaurants.

But wait. Fish is not ‘the all’ of Fiji food culture. Their cuisine comprises of sweet potatoes, taros, bananas, coconuts, leafy vegetables etc. which are laced with delicate spices and served, mostly, in banana leaves. Do taste all the native food and carry the after-taste to India as sweet memories.

While at it, how can you miss tasting the National Fiji drink – kava? Dried and pounded roots of kava plant are mixed with clean, fresh rainwater, and served in coconut shell cups (bilo) as a symbol of acceptance and friendship.

The aim of this Fiji travel guide is an attempt to bring to you the wonders of Fiji, the Fiji culture, cuisine, and more, while at the same time, including important practical information, viz., travel details like flights from India to Fiji, how much would be the flights to Fiji cost, boarding, local trip costs etc.

Now that you are armed with enough information on Fiji, enjoy your vacation to dreamy islands of Fiji without being hassled about the budget.

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