Essentials To Pack When Traveling To Fiji For A Week

When you travel to Fiji for a stupendous vacation, you should know that you won’t be just doing one thing. You will be diving; you will be enjoying the long walks on the beach, you will be trying your hand at some adventure sports. As the night sets in, you will be savouring cocktails in some of the most beautiful restaurants on the 500-acre Island. And for all that, you need to be ready. Even a packing ninja makes mistakes and forgets things to pack. Packing for Traveling to Fiji is generally stress-free but it is still important to make sure that you carry everything you might need to this paradise. Don’t take chances while packing, here’s a complete packing list for your reference when you travel to Fiji.

Packing List For A Week’s Trip To Fiji

Fiji Islands’ climate is tropical marine but is usually warm year-round. You will be enjoying a temperature between 18-25 °C in the evening and 24-31 °C during the day. Your packing list highly depends on this sort of climate, especially the clothing style. So here’s the list that will help you choose what to add to your luggage! 


Make sure you wear comfortable clothing when you are traveling to Fiji. This place has no particular dress code but if you’re planning to visit a Fijian village wear clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. This is applicable to both Men and Women. Listed below are some clothing options that you should carry when you are traveling to Fiji.

  •         Tops
  •         Tunics
  •         Sundress
  •         Swimsuits
  •         Button-down Shirt
  •         T-shirts
  •         Modest Skirts
  •         Undergarments
  •         Comfortable Sleepwear
  •         Short-Sleeve Shirts
  •         Socks
  •         Trousers or Pants

High SPF Sunscreens

A high SPF sunscreen is a must when traveling to Fiji. With high UV levels, the Sun can be really harsh in Fiji. Also, if you are planning to stay on the beach for a long time, you might have to reapply for the sunscreen every two hours. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must for the packing list for Fiji.

Travelling to Fiji
Travelling to Fiji without sunscreen is a bad idea

Insect Repellants

A tropical insect repellant is a must for the Fiji packing list. Resorts usually provide insect repellents but it’s better to take your own with you that suits your skin and is not allergic. Mosquitoes can be really cruel. Avoid the torture of mosquitoes by making sure you have some insect repellent with you. Always use a repellent that does not contain diethyltoluamide. Make sure the Diethyltoluamide is not applied with sunscreens as this can be allergic.


Fiji is undoubtedly a beautiful place with beautiful islands. It’s too hard to not capture this beauty in the camera. I would suggest not relying just on a phone camera; carry a good quality camera to capture those precious moments. An underwater camera will be a good option to capture this spectacular beauty. Don’t forget to get a spare memory card just in case you are not tired of clicking. Carry a tripod with you if you need it.

Mask And Snorkels

If you plan to do snorkelling, you might consider packing your own mask and snorkels. No doubt you will be getting masks from the resorts. But these masks are frequently used and can be stretched due to this. It will be good to carry an anti-fog mask so that you don’t miss anything. 

Travelling to Fiji
Snorkelling will be one activity to not miss

Reef Shoes

Reef shoes are split-toe surfing boots that are made from 92% Nylon/Polyamide, 8% Elastane which makes them waterproof. Nuts and bolts are made from F’n Lite neoprene which is a cell-rich limestone and is used for lightweight warmth. They are the best shoes for surfing and since they are porous, they dry quickly for the next use. They will help you avoid the cuts from the sharp rocks. 

First Aid

Keep a first aid kit for common medical problems that can occur in Fiji, such as sunburn, heatstroke and seasickness. You might be staying in a resort that is far from the city. And in case of emergencies, you cannot wait to reach a hospital or a nursing home. Keep some of the emergency medicines or aids with you.

  •         Seasickness
  •         Diarrhoea
  •         Antiseptics
  •         Painkillers
  •         Bandage Tape
  •         Band-Aids
  •         Paracetamol
  •         Thermometer
  •         Sunburn Treatment
  •         Prescribed Medicines If Any
Safari packing list
First Aid Packing list


The sarong is a long piece of cloth that is made of free-flowing and light fabric, perfect attire for warmer areas. There is no point in changing every two hours and then going to the beach again. Instead, take a sarong with you so that you can cover up while having lunch and then directly head to the beach. You can also use it to wrap it around your neck like a scarf.

Tote Bag

Tote bags for Fiji beaches are nice options as they are very stylish and on-trend for summer. They are washable and easily available in the market. Also, they are spacious enough to keep all your important items like sarongs, sunscreens, beach towels. Carry eco-friendly tote bags that are good for you and the environment too.

Travelling to Fiji

Sunglasses and Hat

Make sure you don’t forget the essentials, when in the sun. Hats are a necessity on the beach. That will help you save your face, neck and shoulders from the fierce sun. Two nice pairs of Sunglasses will also be helpful on the beach. Your eyes need protection from the sun.


Your phone and your camera will be used a lot since you will be uploading pictures and clicking pictures. Do not forget the chargers with you or else you will be clicking pictures for just a day and not more than that. If you are carrying a laptop, then don’t forget to carry their chargers as well. The most important of them all is to carry the plug adapter; else your electronic gadgets will be of no use.


If going on a village tour in Fiji is a part of your itinerary, it will be good to carry small gifts with you for children or for the teachers at the school. Books, toys, clothes and stationery are a few good options for gifting the students.


It is always good to carry your toiletries with you even if the resorts or hotels provide you with the toiletries.

  •         Toothbrush
  •         Toothpaste
  •         Comb
  •         Facewash
  •         Bodywash
  •         Shaving kit
  •         Hand wash soap

Toiletries packing in black pouch for business packing

Walking Shoes

There are walking trails in Fiji that you cannot miss just because you don’t have the correct footwear. One pair of sandals or flip-flops and a comfortable pair of sneakers is good enough for a walk or to enjoy the trek. Carry a pair of water shoes if you are planning to indulge in water activities like kayaking, snorkelling, or standing under the waterfall.

 Apart from the above-listed items, there might still be a few things that you need. So think and pack, it’s always good to be ready than regret it later! When you are traveling to Fiji, make sure to tell us your stories in the comments section below.

What is the best time to visit Fiji Island?

Fiji tourism is generally at its best between May to September. Fiji weather conditions are settled and pleasantly warm during this time.

What do people wear in Fiji in the summer?

Lightweight loose-fitting natural fabrics like linen or cotton are ideal for Fiji’s tropical climate.

Where is Fiji island located?

Fiji Island lies in the South Pacific Ocean.

What are some beach essentials?

Sun protection swimwear, sunscreen lotion, a hat and hydrating lip balm are some of the beach essentials that you must carry.

What type of luggage to use for Fiji?

You can use a carry-on (maximum weight up to 7kgs) or checked bag while you travel to Fiji.


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