A Hakuna Matata Journey To Sabah

Being a tyro and a maniac for experiencing new things , I am a seeker and if you are reading this you are probably one too . An individual searching for serenity while being drowned in the organized chaos of concrete , paved roads and traffic lights , between waking up at 7 am on a Monday morning to go about the mundane chores and to come back home to the same bed every single night , I developed a passion for travelling .

As quoted “ Travelling is the best education because you see the world through another lens . You realize your homeland isn’t the only reality,  there’s many “.

Remember when you were a child, everything around you was innocent and beautiful ? Don’t you wish you could go back to that phase of your life where waking up every morning was to find joy in the simplest of things?

These sparks of joy was found by me in the dense forests of the Sabah region of the Borneo island . Ever been to a place that would just knock your breath off and make you say “wow”! ? Well that place to me was Sabah .

This is the world’s smallest elephant found in Borneo, along the Kinabatangan river in Sabah, Malaysia Borneo at sunset.

Sabah is the world’s third largest island and is home to a few distinct wildlife species including the famous orangutans,  proboscis monkeys and the Borneo pigmy elephants . This region in the Borneo islands is spread over 72500 Sq.kms and is home to a diverse amount of marine creatures which includes 5000 species of corals .

Now what if you were here ? What could you do in a place like this ? Here is what I did .

Borneo just being a 2 and a ½ hour flight from Kuala Lumpur has the highest biodiversity in earth . One of the best and a must place to visit here is the Kinabatangan river which is 560kms in length . Another popular destination here is the siplok orangutan rehab center which is a home to rescued baby orangutans from logging sites , illegal hunting or pets .

We were fortunate to have found accommodation in the Sakau rain-forest lodge that which is a Malaysian member of National Geographic’s unique lodges of world collection as this lodge provides tremendous opportunities to view the remarkable mammals, reptiles , birds in the wild and also heads out on day Night open boat tours which we were sanctified to be a part of .

Kota Kinabalu being the capital of Sabah is the next place that one must visit while there.  Also head to the hills which is a short distance from  the city center will you arrive at Kota Kinabalu’s highest point that which is Mount Kinabalu . This being the place that one must extensively not miss out on is 4095 metered high and is the highest peak in South East Asia.  The hypnotic sunset when viewed from here is something that will be inked forever in the memory basket of yours.

The climate is usually sunny however unpredictable rains are a common scene there . The rustic Borneo has a vibe that would leave a travel enthusiast hungry for more. From the sun-bearing conservation Center to the danum Valley conservation area , to the Sandakam , to the palm oil plantations , to the  turtle island park and to the Borneo eco tours this place is a must visit to the wildlife admirers and nature lovers .

I wouldn’t dare forgetting how this beautiful vacation spot has one of the best picturesque reefs to scuba dive and as mentioned earlier a wide amount of marine creatures ( spot a few 100’s of the 5000 ) .

This place having a vast culture and wildlife wouldn’t mind embracing you for a few days and it also  offers  memories  that would never be forgotten . So what are you waiting for ?


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