Utah is a beautiful state that attracts travelers from all over the world. From the red rock canyons to the dusty desert, mountains to waterfalls, acres of wilderness to delightful scenery there are loads of things to do in Utah. The main highlight of this place is its unique landscape and the adventure playground it offers for adventure seekers. With so many things to do in Utah, you may have difficulty in deciding where to begin. We are here to help you make the right choice! Refer to our guide to some top tourist attractions and amazing sights that you may not want to miss.

Here’s our pick of the top places to visit in Utah

House Boating In The Blue Waters Of Lake Powell 

This massive man-made reservoir in Utah has a shoreline stretched over 2,000 miles. The long shoreline makes it possible to indulge in various water sports activities, such as kayaking, wakeboarding, jet-skiing, and many more. The breathtaking blue water against the radiant red rocks and the barren desert around it is a sight to behold. To take in all the beauty of this place we highly recommend you take a ride in a cosy houseboat around the large lake. Definitely one of the many fun things to do in Utah that cannot be missed! As you sail through, enjoy the nature around Lake Powell. With over 2,000,000 visitors annually, Lake Powell has become one of the major holiday destinations in Utah. 

Here are the things to do in Utah
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Drive Through The Majestic Monument Valley 

Utah’s most famous sight, the majestic Monument Valley is famous for its massive monoliths. Located on the Utah-Arizona border, a visit to this remarkable place is an exciting way to spend your day. A self-drive ride through the 17-mile dry and dusty road of the valley is one of the unusual things to do in Utah. Just like a scene out of a Hollywood movie, stunning rock buttes rise up dramatically from the orange desert floor. The scenic drives are simply breathtaking and jaw-dropping. Many films and TV commercials have been shot between these spectacular landscapes. A drive through the valleys between the curvy rocks offers great opportunities to capture moments for your social media posts. Try out these fun things to do in Utah that are sure to transform your trip experience. 

Enjoy The Snow At Park City 

Park City, a mountain town just 35 miles east of Salt Lake City is home to some of the best ski resorts in Utah. The two world-class mountain resorts (Park City Mountain and Deer Valley Resort provide lots of facilities and extensive amenities with regard to winter sports. This place attracts a lot of tourists during winter for three good reasons – skiing, beautiful scenery, and the Sundance Film Festival. Park City is just not a place to go skiing; it’s an actual historical town with main streets, buildings, restaurants, and shops. Once you are up there you will also get to see the Utah Olympic Park which hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. Today this place offers year-round activities like zip-lining, hiking, and bobsledding. Park City is definitely one of the cool places to visit in Utah if you want to enjoy some snow. 

What to do in Utah
Snow At Park City, Picture Source: Unsplash

Rediscover Fossils At The Dinosaur National Monument 

The Dinosaur National Monument spread over 210,000 acres lies at the border of Utah and Colorado. You will be amazed to see the 1,500 dinosaur fossils embedded in the cliff wall of Carnegie Quarry. Interesting information about the history, nature, and all the dinosaurs of the region is exhibited here. Other popular tourist activities available here are hiking, camping, stargazing, and river rafting. Even if you are not into dinosaur fossils, do add this place to the things to do in Utah list to experience the colorful canyons and rugged landscape under unique scenic settings. The outdoor activities around the monument are open 24/7. When you are in Utah do visit this monument to travel back to a time when dinosaurs once ruled the land. 

List of things to do in Utah
Dinosaur National Monument

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Float At The Great Salt Lake 

A half-hour drive from Salt Lake City takes you to the Great Salt Lake. This lake is the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere, measuring 72 miles long, 34 miles wide, and 50 feet deep. The salt content of the lake sometimes rises to 27 percent, which is eight times saltier than the ocean water. It’s salty enough to allow swimmers to float without sinking. Interesting right? A ride along the southern coastline of the lake will take you through several beaches where you can view the iconic colorful sunset. Other activities available here are kayaking, hiking, SUP-boarding, sailing, boating, swimming, fishing, and wildlife viewing. Your visit to Salt Lake City is incomplete without checking out this lake. Make sure not to miss this one as floating at the Great Salt Lake is one of the unusual things to do in Utah. 

What to do in Utah
The Great Salt Lake, Source:

Escape To Zion National Park 

Zion National Park, one of the most-visited national parks in the US, is popular for all good reasons. The red rock cliffs, Zion Canyon, gushing waterfalls, and stunning forests are some of the key attractions here. A special mention for the expansive Zion Canyon, nested in dramatic surroundings, will be the most breathtaking view you will ever see. With around 2,500 feet deep and 15 miles long, Zion Canyon offers one-of-a-kind hiking opportunities for adventure seekers. The most famous of them all is Angel’s landing. You must take the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive to explore this place better by stopping at all the major sites and trailheads. Whether you are trying to catch your breath while hiking or watching the shadows constantly change the color of the gorgeous canyon, Zion National Park is always ready to quench your wanderlust. 

Drop Your Fishing Line At The Fish Lake 

Fish Lake, sitting 8,800 feet up in the heavily forested mountains, is the largest natural mountain lake in Utah. As the lake is a bit too cold for swimming, fishing is one of the favorite pastimes on this high alpine oasis. Apart from fishing, there are other aquatic activities to do on this lake like scuba diving, water skiing, and jet skiing. Snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and ice fishing are activities that one can try during winter. This lake is surrounded by Fish Lake National Forest which stretches over a million acres. Once you are at Fish Lake, food and stay will not be a problem as a couple of restaurants, lodging units, resorts, and developed campgrounds are there to accommodate tourists. With pleasant weather all summer long, Utah’s Fish Lake is everything you need for a relaxing summer getaway. 

Catch Sunset At The Arches National Park 

Soaring sandstone arches make Arches National Park one of the most striking and unique things to do in Utah. One can explore Arches National Park either on a bike, on horseback, on foot, or by car. If you don’t have enough time, drive down the 18-mile scenic road to enjoy the tour of the park thoroughly. Pull over to admire the Balanced Rock as well as the Windows area which is home to a large concentration of arches. The Delicate Arch Trail and Double Arch are some of the famous trails in the Arches National Park. Visitors can access these tall stone columns via a section named Park Avenue. Be prepared to be wowed by the snow-capped La Sal Mountains at the back which adds more beauty to this place. A visit to this place is one of the best things to do in Utah. 

Utah the beauty
Beautiful Sunset Image was taken at Arches National Park in Utah Picture Source: iStock

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Create Awesome Frames At The Sun Tunnels 

This unique art installation by Nancy Holt is one of the best fun things to do in Utah. The amazing artwork consists of four concrete cylinders each that’s 18-feet long and 9 feet wide. Each of the cylinders represents the four constellations: Draco, Perseus, Columba, and Capricorn. The four concrete tunnels are pierced by holes of different configurations corresponding to stars in four constellations. At first, these tunnels may seem like minimalist modern art, but this astonishing work is in fact much more than that. This astrological gazing station is in the middle of nowhere, so make sure you have a full tank, a fully protected dress, snacks, and plenty of water. The best times to visit the Sun Tunnels are around June 21 and December 21 when the sun can be seen on the horizon centered through the tunnels. However, one can enjoy the Sun Tunnels all year-round. 

Spend A Day At the Natural History Museum 

The Natural History Museum of Utah has more than 1.6 million artefacts on display. This grand museum is found within the University of Utah’s research park in Salt Lake City. To understand the geological elements and biodiversity of Utah, visit the land exhibit which explains its three distinct geographical regions (the Basin and Range, the Colorado Plateau, and the Middle Rocky Mountains). This museum also features an impressive collection of Native American artefacts, dinosaur bones, minerals, insects, plants, and fossils dating back millions of years. There’s a dinosaur attraction centre which the kids are going to love. Check out the reptile, bird, mammal, and amphibian specimens in the vertebrate zoology section. The museum is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily, with extended hours until 9:00 pm on Wednesdays. A day spent here at the museum is a worthwhile escape into the ancient past. 

Take A Therapeutic Soak At The Homestead Crater 

Homestead Crater is a unique 10,000 years old geothermal hot spring created by natural phenomena. You will be amazed to know that this crater was formed from the continuous seeping of melting snow from the Wasatch Mountains into the Earth. The melting snow that goes deep into the earth picks up all the minerals as it percolates upward. Over the years, the limestone deposit eventually took the shape of a 55-foot-tall volcano which is now called the Homestead crater. One doesn’t need to descend the 55-foot beehive-shaped limestone deposit to have all the fun. A tunnel through the rock wall is created for easy access at ground level. Once inside you can go swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling, or simply enjoy a therapeutic soak. If you don’t like getting wet, take a self-guided crater tour to know the history, geology, and archaeology of this magical place. 

Fly Over The Canyonlands And Arches 

If you haven’t seen Utah from above, you haven’t seen Utah. Flying over Canyonlands and Arches national parks is among the best fun things to do in Utah. These are the two big reasons why Utah has become a popular destination among tourists. A bird’s eye view of the stunning landscapes will be the highlight of your Utah vacation. An hour’s aerial tour can give you more idea about the geologic history than by car or foot. Showcase your aerial photographic skills by capturing the moments with some stunning photos.

As Redtail Air Adventures is the only company that is allowed to fly, book your tickets in advance. This out-of-the-world opportunity is available throughout the year for you to experience. There are various tours to choose from – scenic aeroplane or helicopter tours, adventure tours, sunset tours or a customized private tour. Gain access to the remote and restricted areas from above which you would never have imagined setting foot on. 

Hope this list helps you pick the best from the many exciting and fascinating things to do in Utah country. These places are open year-round, so make sure to check them all for an experience like never before. Plan your trip to the red planet soon, for Utah is one place you may never want to miss.

Why is Utah so popular?

The state of Utah is popular for its skiing, unique natural wonders, and beautiful landscapes.

Is Utah safe to visit? 

Utah is a tourist destination with overall risk levels low, hence this place is regarded as a safe state.

What’s cool about Utah? 

Utah has about 300 sunny days a year making it the second-driest state in the United States after Nevada. 

Does it snow in Utah? 

Yes, from November to mid of April with January being the month that receives the highest snowfall (average of 3.4 inches). 

Can you swim in the Great Salt Lake?

Yes, you can go swimming in the Great Salt Lake but the salt, the bugs, and the smell can turn one off.

How many days is enough in Salt Lake City? 

Three days are enough to see all the main attractions in and around Salt Lake City.

What is the number one attraction in Utah?

With the Red rock cliffs, waterfalls, and stunning scenery, the Zion National Park is the number one attraction in Utah

What food is Utah known for? 

Utah is known for  Fry Sauce, pastrami burgers, Utah honey, Dutch Oven dinners, and Funeral Potatoes. 


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