Add These 9 Mysterious Places To Your Bucket List ASAP And Go Into The Unknown

Who doesn’t like a good mystery? Each and every corner of our planet is peppered with places that are surreal and remain shrouded in mystery. So, if you are thirsty to discover some new and bizarre wonders of nature, we have the perfect list for you. Here are some of the most unknown and mysterious places on earth which are both alien to our world yet beautiful:

Area 51 Nevada, US

Mysterious Destinations
Rachel, Nevada – July 4, 2018: The landmark sign for the Extraterrestrial Highway is covered in stickers from tourists exploring this stretch of road known for Area 51 and UFO sightings

The world’s most secretive airport and a magnet for conspiracy theorists, Area 51 is a highly classified United States Air Force facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range. Because of its location (surrounded by barren desert) and the secrecy surrounding the UFO sightings, spy planes back in the 50s or wild government experiments, this top-secret military base has become a bizarre tourist destination. While one can tour the desolate surroundings including Route 375, renamed the Extra-terrestrial Highway, entering the base is strictly forbidden (not to mention impossible).

Remember the “Area 51 Raid”?

Mysterious Destinations

Blood Falls, Antarctica

If I could think of any image that could depict what’s happening inside my pants each month, it would this one. Hehe. Sorry.

Mysterious Destinations
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The world’s coldest and driest place is home to a blood-red waterfall that slowly trickles down an icy white surface. While earlier, geologists thought the reason behind the red colour was an alga but in 2014, it was discovered that the red colour comes from iron-oxidizing within a briny saltwater pool buried deep beneath Taylor Glacier.

Crooked Forest, Poland

Interesting Fact Tree Krzywy Las Park Gryfino, Mysterious Destinations
Krzywy Las Park

This forest (Krzywy Las in Polish) in a small corner of western Poland is filled with hundreds of oddly-shaped pine trees. The trees in this strange woodland, near the town of Gryfino, were planted in the 1930s. No one really knows what made the trees curve the way they do, but most think humans have something to do with it.

Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island tourism, Chile, World Monument Fund, Mysterious Destinations
Moais in Rapa Nui National Park on the slopes of Rano Raruku volcano on Easter Island, Chile.

This small, remote volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean with it’s with rolling hills and a lush carpet of palm trees, is known for its 900 giant monolithic statues. Around 900 years ago, this island was populated by the Rapa Nui civilization of eastern Polynesia, who chiselled away at the volcanic stone and carved moai, these towering figurines to pay tribute to their ancestors. While everyone understands the countless effigies of the colossal head being carved by the Rapa Nui people, no one knows how they managed to move the mammoth blocks of stone—on average 13 feet tall and 14 tons each—to different ceremonial structures around the island.

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Stonehenge, UK

Stonehenge at sunset, Mysterious Destinations
Stonehenge at sunset, Mysterious Destinations

This iconic prehistoric monument is still a topic of mystery and debate today. Stonehenge in Wiltshire dates back to 3000 BC, but no one really knows what the ring of 30-foot-tall standing stones was used for. Set deep in the middle of the verdant lowlands of south-central England, today this circular conglomeration of huge megalith stones is wrapped up in Arthurian legends and attracts Pagans for the summer solstice.

Rakotzbrücke “Devil’s Bridge”, Germany

Rakotzbrücke Devil's Bridge Germany, Mysterious Destinations
Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge, Germany

Located in Kromlau Park, the Rakotzbrücke looks like something out of The Lord of the Rings. Constructed from basalt boulders, this stunning bridge spans a tree-lined lake. On clear days, its reflection in the water creates a perfect circle.

Nazca Geoglyphs, Peru

Mysterious Destinations
Nasca geoglyph: bird

Around 300 figures from a spider to a hummingbird are etched into the sands of the desert landscapes of southern Peru. Also known as Nazca Lines, these pre-Columbian geoglyphs cover around 200 miles (322km) and are amongst the most mysterious prehistoric remains in all of South America. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, no one really knows why they were made by the ancient Nazca people; maybe they had celestial associations or were seen as a giant calendar.

Fairy Circles, Namibia

Fairy Circles Namibia, Mysterious Destinations
Fairy Circles, Namibia

The grasslands of Namibia are home to a mysterious natural phenomenon. In the arid grasslands of the Namib desert, barren patches of land (called Fairy Circles) are created amidst the vegetation. These circles are said to have been created by sand termites, or by scarce resources.

Bermuda Triangle

Mysterious Destinations
Map of Bermuda triangle in and Atlantic ocean

How can any list of mysterious places end without mentioning the Bermuda Triangle? It is perhaps the most famous mysterious place in the world. This area of about 500,000 square miles is a stretch in which more than 50 ships and 20 aeroplanes are said to have mysteriously disappeared. While the boundaries of this section aren’t universally agreed upon, this section has a vaguely triangular shape marked by the Atlantic coast of the Florida panhandle (in the United States), Bermuda, and the Greater Antilles. Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, Bermuda Triangle has many theories for these disappearances or bizarre geophysical and environmental occurrences.

Have we covered all of your favourites? If not, let us know in the comments below which destination needs to be on our mysterious destinations list.


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