Experience Midnight Magic In Tromsø, Norway

Everybody has a travel must-do checklist made. A walk in Central Park, admiring the Eiffel Tower, leaning for the Leaning Tower of Pisa, be lazy at Bora Bora or shop at a flea market in Goa. Certain destinations across all those lists made by different people from around the world, end up being everybody’s dream. One such dream can be fulfilled in the northern city of Norway, Tromsø.

Aurora, more commonly known as the Northern Lights is the star attraction of Tromsø. A day full of witnessing winter landscapes deserves the view at night, with which Tromsø doesn’t disappoint. The good fish and a spectacular show let you forget the cold winds that you will have to brave. The best time to visit to enjoy these sights can be between December and March. Although the temperature during this time may dip to -4C, all the extra sweaters and blankets are worth it.

If that isn’t adventurous enough, you could go Cross Country Ski across Tromsø. Dog-sledding and Reindeer-sledding can always be an alternative if you’re not a big fan of skiing by yourself but prefer to be pulled around by cute animals with effortless teamwork.

Summers are equally exciting with the options to go glacier walking in  Lyngen Alps. Summers usually flaunt warm and sunny days. Temperatures in July vary around 11C. The Gulf Stream keeps the city unnaturally warm for its position so close to the Arctic Circle.

“Paris of the North”, Tromsø was referred to as earlier has much more to offer other than scenic beauty. Summers here are filled with festivals of various kinds. The Bukta festival of rock is one of its kind in the northern hemisphere. The Arctic Light Festival is another festival that showcases brilliant performances by well-known international artists that pulls crowds from across the world. There is also another unique festival in play called The Beer Festival!

The Midnight Sun Marathon in mid-June is a popular event. It is advised not to arrive in Tromsø during that time without a hotel reservation. The winter also popularly hosts the Tromsø International Film Festival. First started in 1991, the festival aims to promote local movies along with International ones. The festival has seen Oscar Winning artists visit and has had a total of 61162 submissions till now. Did we also tell you that “Right to Access” allows anybody to camp anywhere! If that isn’t the reason for backpackers to gear, we don’t know what will.

Although the food choices are limited, Fish delicacies, burgers and beers are found almost everywhere in this tiny island habitat!

Getting around the town is comfortable as there are buses and taxis round the clock. In summers you can rent out bikes to go around Tromsø.


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