Who doesn’t love ice cream? People all over the world have been combating hot summers with different variations of frozen desserts for years. Grab your spoon, and go around the world with these versions of a classic treat.

1Rolled Ice Cream, Thailand

Known as i tim pad, this is a common street food in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

2Sorbetes, Philippines

Made with coconut milk, this cheese flavored ice cream is thickened with tapioca and served either in cones or on sweet buns.

3Frozen Yogurt, America

Gaining popularity in the 80s, this American craze began as a low-fat alternative to ice cream. The yogurt gives it a unique tangy flavor.

4Mochi, Japan

Dollops of ice cream are wrapped in sweet sticky rice dough. The most popular flavors are green tea, red bean, vanilla, and strawberry.

5Gelato, Italy

Much denser than standard ice cream, gelato has a higher volume of milk rather than cream. It is also churned slower, resulting in less air, and a much more intense flavor.

6Dondurma, Turkey

Blended with salep flour and mastic to prevent it from melting quickly, this Turkish ice cream becomes chewy, like taffy. It is constantly churned and pulled to keep it malleable.

7Kulfi, India

Kulfi street food in delhi

Made with condensed milk, this is more like frozen custard. The dense kulfi is flavored with saffron, pistachios, cardamom, and rose.

8Snow Cream, Taiwan

A giant cube of milk and water is frozen and shaved into thin strips. These are then topped with boba, fruits, condensed milk, or chocolate.

9Faloodeh, Iran

Found all over the Middle East, in this Persian treat, vermicelli noodles are frozen with cornstarch and mixed with rose water, sugar, and lime juice.

10J-Cone, South Korea

The crunchy J-cone is made of corn and filled on both sides with ice cream.

11Ais Kacang, Malaysia 

Found in both Malaysia and Singapore, this is actually shaved ice, topped with evaporated milk, cooked red beans, and other treats.

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