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Let us talk today about those of us who have forgotten their travel goals. Basically, those who need to sit and revive their wishlist of visiting cities and places; for example the youth who shrugged off their dreams while running after money, or the housewives who need a breather at least once; and the many of us who actually did not create a bucket list ever. (*Sigh*)

But trust me attaining your travel goals is something totally relatable to the contentment of the mind, body and soul!

Mark Twain once said. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour”

Shot of a young woman looking at a map while touring a foreign city

So how frequently have you looked beyond that safe harbour? To just jump into the world map and come out a little wiser and a lot happier? Sounds very relatable, because we have a tendency of finishing things within deadlines! We do hundreds of things on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. But how frequently do we look back and realize that we either crushed our budding travel goals or ignored them or pushed them under low priorities?

And yes we know all about it! Reading about travel stories online, scrolling through the world wide web, perhaps the only thought that comes in your mind is that being a traveller is an exercise. To some, it might sound like rocket science. Isn’t it? I think we become too lazy when it comes to prioritizing travel over everything else.

Let me quickly help you understand that even if you have never been a traveller, how you can revive your travel goals!

Mentioned below are the 8 things you can do to achieve your travel goals.

Take time out and inspire yourself

Young business woman looking away and is thoughtful about time.

All inspiration is not just confined to written history about the work you do. Some inspirations are to be fought and won from time and places. And they give you those real motivations for a lifetime.

Yes, it is important to stay motivated and cover your daily responsibilities wearing multiple hats. Various hats of an employee, a parent, a sibling, a daughter, a son, and much much more.

But it is also very important to squeeze out a little bit more from time and spice up your forgotten travel goals. The goal to travel and see the world.

Be specific and within your sphere of influence

Businessman working on line or searching travel destinations with goggles needing vacations at office

As discussed, travelling can be confusing. So go for something which is possible in terms of research and resources. A place where you can just be, without multiple pieces of advice from other people.

Nowadays travel websites and social media bloggers have made it really easy for travellers. So if you need that quick guide to your desired travel it is there at the touch of your fingertip.

However, do ensure you are specific in what you search and in your travel plans. You can look into some travel apps for better suggestions.

Rejuvenate your daily life

beautiful girl practicing yoga while waiting flight in airport terminal

Daily life can be boring and non-happening. All of us are aware of the 9 to 5 struggle that almost kills us every day.

So how do we get back to being alive?

It is very important to take a step back into that zone of life which is uncertain, undetermined and non-gravitational. Because achieving your travel goals is actually possible. You can do this by starting your day with meditation, eating healthy food, and obtaining self-realization about those things you missed in life.

Do ensure to stick to positive people who boost your growth of becoming a traveller and not negative sheep following the pack.

Know more about spiritual travel.

Stay accountable while working on your travel goals

Leaving for a trip from home.

Now, stopping your alarm clock packing your bags and unlocking your door to open the opportunity for adventure is not that easy. You might end up being criticized by the close family and friends around you.

In that case, you need that sense of accountability really high in terms of going on. Just like any other path of success even this journey is not going to be easy for you. To be highly accountable all you can do is become the sole executor of your entire trip. You should be very sure of the entire checklist of travelling like:

  • Complete itinerary
  • Your roadmap for the entire journey and resources needed
  • Your travel bag (From food and stay arrangements to some travel saviours like travel insurance)
  • And most importantly a digital kit comprising your camera, mobile, internet and all the other stuff (Social bloggers have a lot of information regarding travel and things to do. Check them out and follow them well in advance) that is your travel coach in the 21st century.

Do read about travel Insurance and its benefits.

Make it a living document

International friends make video for blog. Startup, new business on internet. Videoblog, communication, modern technology concept.I am not talking about the travel documentaries people make while they travel. In fact, I am talking about those kinds of videos that people make and talk about before starting their trips. Cool, isn’t it?

Do imagine once and think about how exciting it will be!

You can literally roll out of bed and create some effective videos about the next move you are going to make in your upcoming travel plan. That next move in the video can be anything like packing your bag; chatting with social media bloggers; checking your wardrobe; matching shoes; etc.

Also, learn about these travel items that you should pack!

Senior Woman At Home Reading Book Using Magnifying Glass

Let it be all exciting bit by bit. So when you make memories you get some bonus from those moments. And they will definitely be enjoyed in your late 90s sitting by the chimney, smiling with lined cheeks and blurred vision. That vision will actually take you back to the snow peaks you had witnessed once upon a time.

Re-name your bucket list

the bucket list
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Naming your bucket list justs makes it a step easier for you and you don’t end up with last minute panic attacks.

Making a bucket list is really all living life to the fullest with all the hours you have left on Earth. (*Gulp*)

Having said that, you don’t have to feel officially accountable with the word “bucket list”. You can call it anything that you feel like. It should just make you crazy excited!

Here are just a few ideas:

  • My Life List
  • Missed Dreams List
  • My Aspirations List
  • My Important travel goals
  • Things to Achieve in the next 5 years
  • Things left to Conquer
  • Amazing Experiences left list
  • The Complete Life Plan
  • My Life’s Must-Dos

Find a place to store your bucket list:

"Bucket List" printed on blank notebook, eyeglasses, cup of tea in white unmade bed.

Recording your so-called bucket list means a commitment towards your dream. You have to turn them to achievable goals and some doable hard work rather than just making a wishlist.

Also, Studies have shown that people achieve a higher percentage of success when they write them down. So, create a scrapbook or a media file and share them with the online readers and real-world friends. That should itself count to some 50% of motivation before you start.

Create some categories

Breaking up your travel into multiple categories is also a great way to plan it once it starts growing.

Divide a page into your selected categories and list at least two entries for each one. (Just to start with, you can take it up to 5 or 10)

Following are a few examples of categories to create your list.

  • Adventure trip
  • Volunteering trip
  • Creativity trip
  • Entertainment & Events trip
  • Family trip
  • Food trip
  • Just for Fun trip
  • Local Experiences trip
  • For Sustainable tourism trip
  • Nature & Wildlife trip
  • Sports trip

In the end, I remember a quote by Paulo Coelho that says “Travel is never a matter of money but a matter of courage”.

So now if you think you should travel before you run out of time, do read about the benefits of travelling.


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