The airport can be a stressful place. When you’re rushing to make your flight, you can find trouble in the most unsuspecting of places. From unexpected delays to long queues and overly zealous airport staff, there are many things that can go wrong at the airport.

However, even at the best of times, there are some things you just can’t do at the airport without facing consequences. Some of these should go without saying, but still, need to be said. Here are 6 tips on airport etiquette:

1 airport security

Don’t joke about safety

The airport is really not an appropriate place to make ironic or sarcastic comments about safety and security. Even if it’s meant to be humorous, flippant comments about suspicious people, or carrying knives and explosives won’t elicit a smile from airport staff. It’s far more likely to be taken seriously and result in someone getting arrested.

2 baggage security check us airports

Don’t try to sneak stuff through security

All those baggage searches and scans may seem unnecessary. But it doesn’t mean that you should try to sneak stuff past security, however benign your intentions. Whether it’s taping batteries to Tupperware containers, or wrapping a penknife in dirty socks, it’s still against the rules, and you’ll be asked to step aside and remove them.

3 Airport lines

Don’t be an a**hole

So maybe you got to the airport late, or your flight was delayed, or the food at the airport is “just too expensive”. None of these is a reason for you to act like an a**hole. Don’t push in front of people standing in line or yell at employees, chances are whatever you’re mad about isn’t their fault. Also, just because the check-in staff or flight attendants are smiling at you it isn’t an invitation to flirt with them. They’re just doing their job.

4 woman sleeping at airport

Don’t fall asleep at the gate

So you’ve checked in your luggage and made it through security without a hitch. You’re more than ready to relax at the gate, especially as it’s so early and you’re so very tired you can barely keep your eyes open. Whatever you do don’t give in! One minute you’ll be trying to stay awake and the next thing you know, it’s two hours later and you’ve missed your flight and lost your purse.

5 airport bar drinks

Don’t get drunk

As tempting as it may be to get rid of travel anxiety with a glass or three of alcohol, don’t get drunk at the airport. Apart from the need to keep your head clear in case of last minute changes, most airports won’t allow you to board if you’re visibly intoxicated.

6 airplane flight attendant

Don’t refuse to listen to the flight attendants  

Even if you just want to get to your seat and zone out, listen when the flight attendants ask you to do something like put away your tray table. It may not seem like it’ll make a difference, but airlines and authorities have strict guidelines that need to be followed.



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