See Which 6 Airports Have The Best Food

Whether you’re trying to kill time before a flight, have a long connection, or simply hate airplane food, airport food is pretty important. Having lots of options to choose from when you want a meal at an airport, either before or after a flight, can make a huge difference to your travel.

While most airports around the world have outlets of familiar fast food chains or cafes, some make a special effort to offer travelers healthy, delicious, and often local dishes. Here are some airports that offer passengers the best selection of food:

1. Narita International Airport, Tokyo
Udon noodle soup with pork belly

With more Michelin starred restaurants than any other city, it’s not surprising that Tokyo‘s airport follows this culture of exceptional food. Narita Airport houses many high-quality restaurants that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. While it offers food from around the world, Japanese food is well represented with fresh sushi, ramen, yakitori, udon noodles and tonkatsu all easily available.

2. Amsterdam Airport Schipol
Deep fried Dutch snacks, ‘bittergarnituur’ or ‘bitterballen’

Schipol Airport in Amsterdam has a surprisingly wide range of restaurants. From Asian grills to traditional Dutch cuisine, almost any type of food can be found here. There are also various options for different budgets, from cheap eats to fine dining.

3. Hong Kong International Airport
Classic Hong Kong sweet and sour pork

One of the busiest airports in the world, Hong Kong International has thousands of people and tastes to cater for, and it manages to do this very well. While it offers dishes from around the world, it is perhaps the traditional Hong Kong specialties, such as sweet and sour pork, that remain the most popular.

4. Gatwick Airport, London
An English beef burger

While London‘s Heathrow Airport may be the second-most traveled international airport in the world, it is also the most expensive airport to eat at. Heathrow may be home to restaurants from renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsey, but Gatwick offers a much larger variety of choices when it comes to food. It is also much more affordable.

5. Kingsford-Smith Airport, Sydney

Thai green curry is immensely popular in Australia

Sydney‘s Kingsford-Smith Airport has an extremely wide variety of food on offer. From Thai and Mexican food to modern Australian fare, all the food is of excellent quality. While the prices may be a little steep when compared to other airports, the sheer range of food available more than makes up for this.

6. Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport, Madrid

Pinchos (Spanish appetizers) served with beer

Madrid‘s airport might not have as diverse a range of cuisines as those mentioned above, but its collection of Spanish eateries is without equal. Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport serves almost every popular variety of Spanish cuisine. From tapas to paellas and churros, everything is incredible here.


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