For The Best House Parties, It’s Time To Take Online Cocktail Making Classes

From the basics to the professionals level, the online cocktail making classes offer all.

The pandemic has taken away our Friday night excitement and Saturday night parties. Since it is not advisable to indulge in social gatherings just yet, our weekends have become similar to weekdays. As we stay away from bars and pubs, we miss sipping on our classic drinks or trying something new at our favourite bars and clubs. While mixing alcohol and making a drink might look easy, it is deemed as an art – but it is an art you can master. You can start your own happy hours at home using online cocktail-making classes. While you can make some drinks using a few online recipes or tutorials, for mastering the true art of cocktail making and to understand its various intricacies you should try virtual or online cocktail-making classes from people with the experience and know-how. 

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Feel like a bartender by taking some online cocktail making classes

Make It At Home

If you really appreciate and enjoy cocktails, then you must have your equipment ready. You can definitely do without them for basic cocktails but if you want the true experience, atmosphere, and taste then it is recommended to have essentials like cocktail shakers. Furthermore, you can get a long bar spoon, jigger, and a strainer. For authentic presentation, you might also want to invest in different types of glassware respective to each cocktail. The pre-pandemic drinking culture will be very different from the post-pandemic online cocktail mixing classes. While it is also a typical thing to unwind and relieve stress with a glass of wine, a glass of cocktail can help you reminisce about the first time you tried them and all the times you enjoyed them in a different atmosphere. 

More Than Mixing Ingredients

When you put in the required ingredients you strive for a quality drink. So make sure you follow the process and put the right amount in the right order. In these online cocktail-making classes, it is also advised to add a bit of you to the drink. You can do that by using a local ingredient that you love or that represents you. This way your appreciation for the drink grows. If you want to delve deeper, you can also learn bartending online along with these cocktail-making classes. These classes teach you basic skills like muddling, shaking, serving, and pouring techniques. These mixology classes are good if you want to take it up as a profession when the bars and pubs start opening or simply as a flex during gatherings with friends and family. 

Bartender making cocktails

To Take Online Cocktail Making Classes Or Not?

After gaining basic skills, you can also progress further to learning how to set up a functional home bar, party tricks, flavour pairing, and experimenting and creative mixology from these virtual cocktail classes. Some of the cocktail classes also teach about bar tools and how to make your cocktail look more attractive. If you are pursuing this on a professional level there are online cocktail-making classes that have a thorough approach that start from working around your workspace to how to apply for a bartender or mixologist job.

Online Happy Hours

Since we are staying indoors and not going to social gatherings it is the era of Zoom parties. It started out as a handy application for corporate meetings but now Zoom enables “e-parties”. Catching up with friends online has progressed to parties online. You have to get ready for these online gatherings with your gang’s typical drinks. But one of the drawbacks of online classes is that most bar employers feel that online cocktail-making classes are not enough. While the cocktail-making course teaches you about fundamentals and bar lingo and allows you to make mistakes, it is depriving you of crucial experience.

Make artisan vodka through online cocktail making classes
Cold cocktail with lime

Among The Best

One of the best online cocktail-making classes is offered by Airbnb Online Experiences called Sangria and Secrets with Drag Queens which offers 90 minutes of making fresh, and delicious Portuguese sangria. Places like Udemy and Skillshare also offer mixology classes. Boozy Events also offers virtual cocktail classes with experts and give users a cocktail equipment package inclusive of the cost. Happy High is a bartending academy and wine school that also offers online cocktail-making classes. Other places that offer good cocktail-making courses are SpiritGuides Tiki Tour, Masterclass, La Maison Wellness, and Mr. Fogg’s Mixology Masterclass. Let us know if you have tried any such classes online and do share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

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