A Picture-oholic’s Overdose

What can be the ultimate dream of a picturoholic? What does a photo addict need in their life? The thrill of finding the perfect destinations to click those fab pictures which create envy in anyone’s heart watching that Instagram feed. Sabah, Borneo proved to be the perfect destination to help quench the thirst of the picturoholic heart. Rated amongst the top 10 for it’s breathtaking and awesome sunsets, the crazy skies proved perfect backdrops for so many pictures. Colours and hues ranging from pink to purple to red and oranges and shades and shades of blue, all playing hide and seek with the sun. Each picture amazing, each frame jaw dropping and creating enough shades of greens of envy in all followers.  


Picture Credits: travel.earth

Sabah which is full of natural habitat also proved that if the sky could create magic, then the mountains were no less. Mount Kinabalu standing tall in it’s majestic glory keeps playing peekaboo with the naughty clouds and the seductive mist as they try hard to keep it hidden from all those eyeing the supreme Emperor but the bright sun does help in exhibiting it to its complete glory. Seen from both cities and the forests, Mount Kinabalu is one constant that brings a kind of surreal calm to the heart.

The forests and jungles filled with a pallet of greens and yellows are interspersed with animals and birds lending colour as one often wonders that is any human even needed to be forced into those pictures as isn’t it unfair trying to spoil the harmony of the natural habitat where we are but mere spectators. The trigger-happy photographer is but lost in trying to figure whether to click the Monitor Lizards or the birds or the Borneo monkeys or the various unusual flora and fauna that form the pride of the place.

The beach,the river and the mountains taken from within the rainforests- a unique and breath-taking sight to see, Picture Credits: travel.earth

It’s not just the nature that gives drool worthy clicks, the cities too have enough and more to offer. The beautiful masjid in Kotakinabalu and the Jesselton harbour front with it’s beautiful lights and party crowd seems to have a life of its own. It’s a welcome change from the peace and quiet to get some amazing selfies and group pictures as energy and enthusiasm fills the place with a magic of its own. Shining lights, beautiful cafes and party places, smiling faces and craziness give those perfect hashtags and likes.

Sabah Tea Garden by itself gives various backdrops for selfie junkies. A beautiful yellow frame which is perfect for creating memories, I LOVE SABAH TEA GARDENS banner against the backdrop of the majestic Mount Kinabalu, the cute Tea kettle filled with love locks, the quaint cottages, the vast tea gardens, the tea making process, the beauty of the skies, the stone paths, the tea infused flavour some food, the tribal housing and so much more waiting to be captured on the cameras of the eager beavers.


Sabah Tea Resort, Sabah
Picture Credits: travel.earth

Sabah has given me not just an amazing trip but memories of a lifetime which I’ve captured in my heart as well my camera storage with more than 1000 pictures and an eager eye waiting to explore much more of it’s haven as I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface of a well that offers beyond expectations and delivers much more than what one can imagine. Sabah, I’m definitely coming back for more and this time with much more storage and definitely many more days to absorb whatever you have to offer.  



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