Mauritius, an island located in the Indian Ocean, is known to have some of the most breathtaking views this earth has to offer. It is home to pristine white-sand beaches surrounded by aqua-blue clear water, never-ending lush green landscapes and a stunningly rich biodiversity.  

“Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius” – Mark Twain

These words, though penned down more than a century ago, still ring true today.

A lonely tropical beach at Mauritius, Africa.

Entering Mauritius is relatively stress-free as short tourism trips (up to 60 days) do not require a visa. The flight tickets, however, are rather steep (starting at 36,000/- INR) but don’t let this deter you as a well-planned trip will be well worth the money spent.

Mauritius has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to have a well-budgeted trip, go all out on a luxuriously expensive holiday, or if you are completely focused on wildlife tourism or want a bit of adrenaline adventure, Mauritius will not disappoint. It is truly full of breathtaking sites you have to see

Untouched Beaches At Mauritius

The beaches of Mauritius are like postcards come to life. The East Coast of Mauritius is known to have some of the best and relatively untouched beaches on the island while the west coast boasts of some of the best views of the warm setting sun.

While the beaches are extraordinary and you will definitely find yourself getting swept away in their splendour, hours lost gazing at the soothing waves, the real heart of Mauritius is in its uniquely rich biodiversity and endless shades of green landscaping. The Black River Gorges National Park is a popular tourist destination for those looking to get away from the beaches and explore the rest of the island. The park is home to varied species of native flora, fauna as well as a host of different wildlife and is perfect for a scenic hike to catch some breathtaking panoramic views of the landscape.

You can also picnic here while you take a break from exploring the various rivers, waterfalls and deep gorges. Another popular natural phenomenon worth a visit is the seven coloured piles of mud, where you can see the rare sight of seven different colours of earth blended together. On your way there, make sure to stop at Chamarel waterfall for some Instagram-worthy pictures.

Over and underwater shot of the tropical island
Adventure and Sports for that Adrenaline Fix

If you’re more of an adventurous traveller and nature parks don’t cut it for you, here are a few choices for that adrenaline fix:

  • Skydiving: A popular activity among the adventure junkies, this once-in-a-lifetime experience offers some of the most heavenly (literally!) views of Mauritius.
  • Deep sea diving: Whether you’re an amateur or an experienced diver, Mauritius has something for you. Its clear waters offer excellent visibility of the abundant corals teeming with marine-life. If you’re confident about your diving skills, a trip to explore the deep-sea shipwrecks is just for you!
  • Climbing/ rappelling/ hiking: Vertical World offers many different experiences based on the level of adventure you’re looking for. Rappel down a waterfall or hike up a mountain, the choice is yours!

I cannot possibly end this article without talking about the food that Mauritius has to offer. Being the melting culture pot it is, you are spoilt for choice with the many cuisines available. Choose from the tradition Mauritian food to the more familiar Indian dholl puri (their version of stuffed paratha) to the easily available Chinese dim sum, Mauritius has it all! So be prepared with an empty stomach, a thirst for adventure and a hunger for experiences to last a lifetime because Mauritius will be sure to deliver on all fronts!


  1. Andaman Islands has a similar feel..have u been there?. Had been there a long time back..I can just sit on the sand beaches and stare for ever:) nice pics


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