Travelling has many benefits. It is always a life-changing experience. Travelling is the best way to relax. Is this why people love travelling or is there something more to this question? I always have been curious to know what do people travel for these days. So I did some research and found some interesting facts.

Why People Love Travelling Nowadays

The reasons why people love travelling nowadays can depend on person to person. Here are a few reasons that make travelling interesting for people.

Visiting Family and Friends

Not every member of your family will be in the same state/country. Some of them might be living on the other side of the world. No matter how far they are you would want to visit them especially when you know you will have the opportunity to travel. The best part about visiting family members is that you get to meet your loved ones and build a stronger connection with them. Reviving memories and waves of laughter and what not.

People Love travelling
The Dil Chahata Hai feels?

If you have not done that yet, plan one trip. You will love it. Plan a trip with your bros or girlfriends and make amazing memories that will last until your final breath. Who doesn’t like a trip with their bunch of best friends? I know I would!

Searching For Love

Finding love while you are on the roads is taught to us by Bollywood. Get inspired by our cinema and go in search of your love. Even if you don’t find your soulmate, you will surely fall in love with yourself. Many people find love (umm… or what millennials call hook-ups) while travelling. Have you tried it yet? No? Then go, find someone for yourself or experience a new way of life! And if you have please tell us your story.

Culture Exploring

When you travel, you meet different people and see different cultures that you don’t get to see usually. By learning about new cultures and new people you widen your way to look at things. Some people like to explore what the world has in store for them including people, places and cultures.

A woman at the Taj Mahal

Expanding Perspectives

Another reason why people love travelling is that travelling helps in opening your mind. The world is vast, it’s huge. Meeting new people will make you realise that life is not the same for everyone. You will start looking at other people’s perspective and that broadens your mind. Talking to different people changes the way you look at things. It is a great reason why people love travelling.


I think that food is everyone’s guilty pleasure, at least it is for me! People travel from place to place to try new cuisines and food specialities that the place has to offer them. Food is the reason foodies pack their bags and head for the trip. Travelling offers delicious flavours of the world to your soul.

People love travelling
Food for the soul


A well-travelled person can tell you stories as no person will. He/She has experienced so many things. People who like to write also love to travel. Writers give relevant information about particular places that can help people to plan their trips. I like these people, they are nice people. For a person who likes travelling, partying is nothing. Well someone has rightly said, “Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found in the pages of a passport.”

Adventure Seeking

One more reason people love travelling is Adventure! A spike in the Adrenalin is what people look for. Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef or hiking in Machu Picchu or Zip-lining in Peru anything that drives you crazy and yet is exciting for you is an adventurous trip. Adventure is the best way to travel to places and get out of your comfort zone.

Adventure Sports in India
Is this even a challenge?

Challenging Ourselves

Your daily life can be boring at times. Travelling is something that will take you out of your comfort zone and will challenge you to try something exciting and different. Meeting new people and going to new places will give you the exposure you have been craving for. This is another reason why people love travelling. Challenging yourself with things like ordering food when you don’t know the language and finding your way back to the hotel. Overcoming these challenges will leave you confident. So, step out of your comfort zone and try… life!


Even if you are not finding an escape from your problems, there is no harm in taking a break, finding relaxation and calming down a little. People love to have relaxing vacations. They love to enjoy life (even if it is for a small duration) away from phones and social media. I am not sure about millennials though! The idea of rejuvenation is different for different people. Some people like to relax in a resort or a beach with a book, others find happiness on a trek. But definitely, travel serves the purpose.

People love travelling
Ahh! That feeling!

Visiting Weird Places

Yaa, I was equally surprised! Some people love to travel to places that are bone chilling. I don’t know why but haunted places make people want to visit them. Adventure or madness, I don’t know. But what I know is that people love travelling to haunted places. They travel to find the stories behind these places, weird!

If you are one of these creepy people, here is something for you to read: Top haunted places in India.

Meet Different People

The world is full of great people. People love to travel and make friends while on the go. Meeting other travellers and knowing their stories is another thing that people love to do while travelling. Connecting can always help you in many ways. You may find a business partner, your best man at your wedding or even your love. So, what are you waiting for?

people love travelling
Different souls, similar goals

To Know The Story Behind Places

Your history classes taught you about places, but what practical experience can teach you, books can’t. Curiosity is another element that makes people travel the world. People love to visit places and know stories behind these places.

Make Relationships Stronger

A family getaway, a romantic trip with your partner or a long weekend with your gang will strengthen the bonds in a relationship. Believe it or not, you will feel much closer and happier. A trip to Europe or a cruise to Alaska. Oh no, no… don’t go to cruises! Cruises are terrible. Do you feel the need to bond? Go on a vacation and make some memories.

People love travelling
Bond-ing! Sorry!

Internal Happiness

This is not unknown that travelling brings happiness to your life. You immediately feel an internal bliss when you see a beautiful scenic destination. You don’t want to leave the place ever and go. That is the feeling travelling gives you, a feeling that you are alive and happy.

Filling Instagram With Stories

People love to put pictures on Instagram and Facebook about their travel stories. Many people travel because they want their Instagram filled with travel pictures. No, we are not judging you. It’s your way of travelling. If you are happy, everything is fine. 🙂

People love travelling


People also take travelling as an escape. An escape from a busy work life, hardship in personal life, to overcome a bad phase or anything else. Travel for them is a stress buster. They wish for an experience that they don’t usually get at home like sunny beaches, pleasant weather or a cup of tea in the mountains. Basically, workaholics like to travel to escape from their busy schedule. Travel heals!

What is your reason for travelling? Let us know in the comments section below.

Bon Voyage!


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