Sabah, The Land Beyond Lands

Wondering what the perfect recipe for a dish called “Let’s go on a trip” should be?
The secret ingredients can be:   A Tablespoon full of the tranquil level of relaxing, a pan full of sightseeing, the touch of nature, with a big pinch of adventure and great gastronomic indulgence to garnish.
Well, worry not cause to enjoy this combination of ingredients all you got to do is order the “Let’s go on a trip to Sabah” and you are set for the most amazing treat of your life.
“Sabah Maju Jaya” ( Let Sabah Prosper) is the motto of this state of Malaysia located on the northern portion of Borneo Island. Sabah shares its borders with the Malaysian state of Sarawak, Indonesia, and Labuan an island off the coast of Sabah. The digits 5°15′N 117°0′E are of great significance as it gives Sabah a tropical geography with an equatorial climate. This means it is a castle of biodiversity filled with treasures of flora and fauna forming a rainforest. A rainforest which is home to many endangered species of plants and animals, so it’s the perfect opportunity to grab those walking boots and mosquito nets and pay a visit to the magnificent before they no longer exist in the near future.
Take a wildlife river cruise in the Kinabatangan River and squint our eyes at the vast array of trees trying to spot any movement that might be the Proboscis Monkey(only 6000 left in the world) and Orangutans and Pygmy Elephants can be spotted too.
This is the world’s smallest elephant found in Borneo only. Along the Kinabatangan river in Sabah, Malaysia Borneo at sunset.
When the wild side of nature only begins to fill your canister of excitement give yourself the task of climbing Mt Trusmadi, give rise to the challenger to you as you cover this trail and doing a bulk of it in the night, heads up!! prepare to get really covered up in mud and dirt but remember that’s the fun of it. And when you are at the summit stare at the tufty clouds of wizard-white drift past and thank God for the art in the form of natural beauty that you behold in front of your eyes.
If that wasn’t enough excitement and you want to get lost in the wilderness and disconnect yourself from civilization then trek the Maliau Basin. The best part of the trek is reaching the spectacular 7 tiered Maliau Falls and listen to the music created by the water by dashing against the rocks and terrain, fathom the beauty of the Falls of life and breath in the nature around you.
Woofff……. that was enough exercise, how about pampering your aching feet and body with some Spa. Get to the capital city Kota Kinabalu and give yourself the rejuvenation you deserve, the hot stone massage is a specialty GET ONE and feel your muscles relax to the core.
Recall the show ‘Survivour’? Well, the first season of this show was shot in Pulau Tiga in Sabah and now is a pristine location for tourists. You can snorkel, dive, relax on a hammock while enjoying the sea breeze and even enjoy a volcanic spa! Yes, a ‘Volcanic Mud Spa’ that has been around for ages well to stop your aging.
Is there anything that can give you more bliss than an amble by the seashore? It’s like walking through an airy womb of sky and vibrations. The sea is a cerulean-blue sparkling and the beach seems covered in earthshine-gold. To celebrate this feel just got to Pulau Lankayan, Pulau Kapalai or any other beach in Sabah and immerse yourself in a beautiful experience.
For the love of exploring a world beyond land gets a scuba diving experience in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park or near Mabul Island. The scuba diving experience is one to treasure for a lifetime as you see the colors of nature like never imagined, right before your eyes in the forms of marine species and magnificent corals.
As your travel in this magical land end look back in the sands of time and smile with joy, for the moments you have collected during your stay are to be treasured till your passage to oblivion.


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