Beyond The Catwalks – Things To See in Milan

Milan! The first thing that may come to mind about the place is a catwalk or models and fashion. Milan is much more than that. Full of historic heritage, there are many amazing things to see in Milan. This is the place for history lovers, art enthusiasts, shopaholics, and those who just love a good stroll. Here are some of the amazing sights from the glorious art and architecture to delicious local restaurants.

Step up to the ‘The Duomo’ (Milan Cathedral)


Interiors of Milan Cathedral
Interiors of Milan Cathedral

The spot emerges from the steamy subway station at the Piazza del Duomo. Look up and you can’t help being blown away by the gigantic white marble façade of Milan’s cathedral. The Duomo remains the most famous of Milan’s tourist attractions. Witness it with your own eyes and you will not be disappointed. It took centuries to build this marvellous structure, and until today, it remains as impressive as ever. Walk around the structure and appreciate its size. Appropriate attire is a must before entering this place.


Click the magnificent monuments of Museo del Novecento

Lying to the right of the Duomo, facing the cathedral, are the beautifully manifested twin buildings. It is of the Arengario style. The buildings also houses the new Novecento art museum. Gape at the plush twin towers whose exteriors are worth a gander. The museum is an art-lover’s paradise hosting modern art, paintings of Pelliza di Volpeda, statue by Boccioni and more. A quick cheat code to dear travellers! If you enter two hours before the closing timings, your fee is waved off.

Stroll along the path of magic: Sforzesco Castle

Within a stone’s throw distance from Duomo, lies the ever impressive castle of the Renaissance Sforzesco family who once ruled Milan with great might. Civic museums cover the ambiance of this place providing access to in depth art and architecture. It gives you way to go to the Sempione park, a double blast at one shot. The benefits trail along with multiple museums on the way giving you a visual treat of lifetime.

Gaze at Leonardo’s Last Supper and the Santa Maria Delle Grazie


 In the refectory of the Santa Maria delle Grazie is the famous mural of the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper is the pinnacle attraction of Milan. The iconic painting is located in the monastery’s refectory, which lies next to the Santa Maria Delle Grazie church. Beware that tickets are always on high demand and reaching the place to book will turn out, more often than not, a futile journey. Book in advance and save yourself the trouble of unnecessary trouble.


Sports, art and culture, Milan has it all. The world famous AC Milan Football and many famous sports persons hail from this city. With fashion remaining a priority, it also offers you with multiple destinations to catch your eye. While you soak in the ambience of museums and culture, Milan will embrace your smiles of wonder. Take a trip today with no delay and explore the things to see in Milan, a truly magnificent city.

Fragrance blooms in colours of glitz and glam.

Flurry of people infests the space;

While urban face of the city’s noise is deafening,

Is there anything more sensuous than Milan’s magnificence?

As the pieces of art lay restless at mighty museums,

Paintings partakes me to a lateral thought box,

Music so sound the senses begin to touch.

Is there anything more sensuous than Milan’s magnificence?


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