A bachelorette or a bachelor party, the stint itself reminds one of bottomless fun and frolic. Starting from the beach to pool parties, the bachelor party is believed to be the last day of ‘sovereignty’ before officially getting hitched. Bygone are the days when a bachelor party was limited only to a gala dinner or a night out bash. These days, ‘Destination Bachelor Parties’ are getting more popular and prevalent among the soon-to-be-hitched. Below are enlisted five of such top bachelor party destinations in India if you are soon going to get married:

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Tropical bay, Palolem beach, Goa, India.
Tropical bay, Palolem beach, Goa

‘Destination Beach Party’ can be made the most happening in Goa. It shares its land border with Karnataka and Maharashtra while the Arabian Sea stands along its western coast making Goa a ‘Beach Destination’. Both north and south Goa has several lovely and exquisite beaches. Palolem, Anjuna, Baga, and Candolim are some of the major eye-catching seashores of Goa. Goa beaches are the major lure of visitors across the globe as well.

  • What to do

Water sports like jet skiing, surfing, bumpy rides, scuba diving, and paragliding are the must-do activities for bachelors while on the beaches. Apart from water activities, numerous parlours and centres are there where one can do Yoga, Reiki and various sorts of self-rejuvenating Ayurvedic spa. Nightlife at beaches is also vivacious and jolly where cafes, bars, and clubs with live music, dance, food, and drinks are open till late at night.

  • Where to stay

There is an ample number of hotels both near and away from the beaches. Multi-starred hotels and resorts are available across Goa for providing comfortable accommodation to the bachelors.

  • Best time to visit

November to March

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Beautiful view of Himalayan mountains, Kasol, Parvati valley, Himachal Pradesh, northern India, places to visit in north india
Parvati valley, Kasol

If you want to relish your last solo beer, come to Kasol! Though this small hamlet in Himachal Pradesh is the ideal destination of backpacking yet it is gradually holding its seat as the ‘Bachelor Party Destination’ of many adventure loving bachelors. The small village is located in Parvati valley beside Parvati River. The giant Himalayan ice crowned peaks with miles of green land at its bottom undoubtedly makes a seamless destination for bachelor revelry.

  • Things to do

Trekking and hiking are the two foremost things that emanate while speaking of Kasol. Kheer Ganga trek, Parvati Valley trek and Tosh Trek are some of the most common and popular treks while in Kasol. Camping, bonfires, and star gazing sessions under a starry sky are the added benefits of this misty place. One can go fishing in Parvati River as well.

  • Where to stay

Camps are the best rest houses for bachelors while on hills. Beside it, quite a number of hostels, hotels, and homestays are available at Kasol for lodging.

  • Best time to visit

October to June

3Andaman and Nicobar islands

Stunning view of Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island.
Stunning view of Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island.

This Union Territory of India comprises of more than 400 islands and is the much-desired place of celebrating one’s last toast with friends. Islands like Port Blair, Havelock and Neil are the ‘heavily driving’ bachelor islands of Andamans. These islands are also home to wildlife sanctuaries, biosphere reserves and National parks that mark the place unique among all other coastal regions of India.

  • Things to do

Water sports and activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing and glass boating are some of the major pull for the bachelors. Walking amidst rubber forests, small trekking and exploring limestone caves are some other things to do while in the islands. There are as many as 22 things you can do in the Andamans.

  • Where to stay

Plenty of private hotels, homestays and beach resorts are available at Andaman and Nicobar along with Government stay places.

  • Best time to visit

October to March


Temple by the river in Rishikesh

How can the bachelor party be complete without river rafting at Rishikesh? This ‘Adventure Capital of India’ at the foothills of the Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand gives the most lethal and rousing adventures of one’s lifetime. The guarding Himalayas at this valley provides a brilliant and appealing destination for a perfect bachelor party.

  • Things to do

Trekking and rock climbing along the Himalayas and rafting in the frosty Ganga are the main to-do list for bachelors. Bungee jumping, flying fox and kayaking are few other adventures to enjoy while you are still in your last days of ‘freedom’.

  • Where to stay

The best place to lodge in Rishikesh is cheap and friendly hostels.

  • Best time to visit

March to October


Promenade beach visit pondicherry
Promenade beach, Pondicherry

Another fantasy for a bachelor party is the union territory of Puducherry. The city is a perfect unification of spirituality and natural beauty. This coastal town was once the largest French colony in India and hence its legacy has both an impression of Indian and French history.

  • Things to do

City walks, cycling tours, and snorkelling are the main bachelor activities to do in Pondicherry. Yoga, meditation, and body healing natural spa are some of the other activities which one can take up while in the city.

  • Where to stay

Beach resorts and hotels along with plenty of homestays are available to accommodate bachelors.

  • Best time to visit

September to March

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So, where is your pre-marriage party?


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