Top 6 Bachelorette Party Destinations

Bachelorette party destinations are for the girls planning to set off on a memorable trip with their besties before she becomes Mrs someone. Here are some inspirations for some really good fun because before she says I Do, let’s have a drink or two.

Here are 6 Bachelorette party destinations to get the party started:

1.Reykjavik, Iceland
Night in Reykjavik City, Iceland, Bachelorette party destinations
Night in Reykjavik City, Iceland

This small city hosts the most happening nightlife in the country. For those who ask why Reykjavik when there is so much to see in Iceland, there are a lot of things only Reykjavik’s nightlife can offer. The bars have the most relaxed timings, are less crowded with almost no queues and no dress codes. Don’t worry about getting drunk in a crazy dancing hall, the city is one of the safest places to party for girls. And while you’re there, here are the 11 more things to see in Iceland.

2. Berlin, Germany
Strand bar near Spree river Berlin, Germany, Bachelorette party destinations
Strand bar near Spree river Berlin, Germany

Berlin is known for its crazy nightlife. The city’s best nightclubs offer the longest and most relaxed opening times. Full of famous clubs like Berghain, it is known as the Techno capital. You can have some of the most diverse ways of fun. This city was also ranked as the best place for millennials.

3. Montreal, Canada 
The Devil Wears Prada live at Club Soda in Montreal, Bachelorette party destinations
The Devil Wears Prada live at Club Soda in Montreal

From casinos with largest game varieties to EDM concerts, Montreal never sleeps. A lot of vibrant things happen all through the night. Apart from the popular Festival International de Jazz de Montréal which hosts fantastic jazz festival, there’s a wide array of options for music lovers. And after you are done partying, there are 11 more things you can do in Canada.

4. Queenstown, New Zealand
Southern Lights, Queenstown, Bachelorette party destinations
Southern Lights, Queenstown, New Zealand

Kiwi nocturnal hangouts include Gondola rides, destination bars, lakefront bars serving beer, best nightclubs with an eclectic mix of music. Despite the dazzling nightlife of queens town, New Zealand is a wonderful country to visit. Read about exploring New Zealand here.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam Nightlife, Bachelorette party destinations
Amsterdam Nightlife

The cruise trip, bicycle rides, shopping in the Albert Cuyp street market, Amsterdam offers myriad fun activities. The city is obviously a heaven for culture buffs with splendid museums, theatres and entertainment venues. The vibrant nightlife of the most popular tourist destination in Europe is thriving with some of the famous nightclubs like AIR Amsterdam. Read why millennials love Amsterdam here.

6. Cancun, Mexico


Mexico’s ultimate party hotspot! Salsa clubs, open bars and live music bands attract locals and tourists all night long. This gulf coast is famous for powdery white sand beaches and balmy weather.

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