Taipei, a bustling city which hosts the famous Taipei 101 and mouth-watering eats. But, there is much more to the city than just this. While I am a fan of the city life, there are many other things you must see in Taipei.

Its location in Taiwan is the meeting point of the Yangtze Plate, Okinawa Plate and Philippine Mobile Belt Plate, making it an ideal location for mountain trekking or taking day trips away from the maze of skyscrapers. Be sure to make it here and spend your leisure time. It’s worth the scenic views.

Shop in Tonghua Night Market

Jiufen, Taiwan.

Enter Taipei’s liveliest night markets and lose yourself in the shopping market. There’s something for everyone. A one-stop roof for all the needs of your life. When you get tired of shopping, yummy snacks await you in sushi, steaks and the unique animal-shaped biscuits. Save the stomach space for the sweet candyfloss and best rice wine in the city. When it comes buying what you need and want, you might be surprised with your confused state, being spoilt for choices. With variety of options like lamps, jewellery, underwear, aprons, kitchenware, kid’s puzzle books and posters. The market is sometimes called ‘Linjiang Night market’ owing to its location at the Linjiang St.

National Palace Museum

National Museum in Taiwan.

Whoa! This might just be your first expression when you visit the interiors of the museum. It is home to the world’s largest, and arguably finest, collection of Chinese art. It covers a mix of treasures in painting, calligraphy, statuary, bronzes, lacquer-ware, ceramics, jade, and many religious objects.

The historical range at this museum is truly a spectacle. The masterpieces at the museum range over multiple dynasties, way back to the Neolithic times. The famous jade cabbage and other notable displays are bound to enthral you. However, given the size of the museum’s collection, much of its items are displayed on a rotation basis. Here are some other amazing museums around the world

Water Moon Tea House

must see in taipeiDrink the city’s oldest and finest teas, amongst elegant design and classes in tea appreciation. For all the tea-lovers, this is your den! The tea house hosts a large collection of traditional art and design seen on the walls to mesmerize the time you spent. If you like learning more about the art, this place is tailor-made for you. But note that Sundays see large crowds of giggling enthusiasts. 

Xiahai City God Temple

Feel the spirituality run through you. This much-loved temple on Dihua Street was built in 1856 to house the “City God” statue brought by refugees from the Fujian Province in China. Fleeing the Wanhua feud, they migrated north and built this temple. Little has changed since those days.

The temple remains an excellent spot to watch folk worship rituals and admire traditional arts and crafts. It also has informative English signs about City God, and the City God’s Wife and the Matchmaker. Be sure not to miss the architecture while praying to the gods.

Taipei, known for its buzzing nightlife and heritage lane-ways has been a satisfying destination for visitors. Visit one of the most exciting cities in the world and experience the vibe and ambience in your own style. Don’t miss out on these amazing places you must see in Taipei.

Street bells rang along the walkway; tingles over talks,

First bite wriggled my tongue; taste buds over beer buds,

Sight of the ancient filled my eyes, for now,

Don’t wake me up, I am in coma.

Amidst a crowd of building structures,

Stands a skyline seen seldom before; Taipei skyline

While the night drowns into a new day; be told,

Don’t wake me up, I am in coma.  


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