You Have Just Got It Right – It’s Sabah

It was summer time, me and my friends had a party mood on! It was a good sunny afternoon, everyone were lying on the bed, couch and sofa .We all thought that we could go on a vacation. I took my phone and started googling holiday destinations . Suddenly Sabah pops up  with its cool blue-green seas and a man diving with his oxygen cylinders on. Yes its scuba diving on the mind!!! It didn’t take seconds to tell my friends about it and we all started to google it with our technologies in hand.

Wings to Sabah started their flight!!

Kota Kinabalu is the capital city. Luxurious resorts line the beaches dancing on a perfect chained rhythm with the comfort and the beautiful nature. It is just mind blowing!!!

We flew to Kinabalu. Took a lovely taxi ride from the airport to the eat out place which served exotic and delicious traditional sea food of Malaysia, ma ma mia!! .We then went back to our hotel room with two in each room. All exited for the next day scuba diving.

The next day we had a lovely continental buffet breakfast at a beach side resort in which we slept last night .I could see colourful people, lovely nature and beautiful arts being inked on their skin, Indah!!!

We attended the scuba diving classes and finished the classes, exited, confident and curiously we stepped out wearing swim suits, under water breathing equipment and the frog like feats on.

The serve, environment and its extremely relaxing .it is not only the sand and the sun that makes it relaxing; it goes beyond the surface into the deep blue sea.

Clown-fish in Coral garden

I sat on the edge of the boat and scared but bravely jumped into the water .Blue and blue, when suddenly I turned down…. was spectacular wow!! I couldn’t believe it everything was amazing .the amazing flora and fauna with stunning colours just took my breath away. It was just like a huge pool with many coloured rocks in the sea, sand like gigantic cotton and some fishes. I found a huge number of exotic fishes of various size and colours!! Corals, beata fishes, clown, barracuda, jellyfish, starfish and huge reefs with different fishes inside .I felt I was in other world.

When I touched the sand it was amazing. Nothing else mattered me that movement. I was so lost and felt I found myself in the movie NEMO.

15 minutes passed just like 50 seconds!!!Time flew and I slowly sailed up and came back to the attire. I was out of the seas but my mind was still dwelling between those colourful fishes and corals in world below the blue surface.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, travelling is not just about the destination. Travelling is also about exploring their food and the colour. We went to one of the famous restaurants and had the famous well known “hinava” .traditional food of Sabah , Hinava is made of fresh raw tenggiri (mackerel fish), which is filled and thinly sliced; mixed with sliced chilli ,ginger ,diced red onions , grated Bambangan seed ,salt and set with a few squirts of lime juice. That evening we went shopping in those mesmerizing streets of Sabah, Malaysia.

My friends and I flew back with these special unforgettable memories which we made in Malaysia, A LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE!!! .

These memories which I made in Malaysia will always stay as those wonderful chapters in my good books.


  1. Your explanation made me feel the place and yeah, travelling is not just about reaching a particular place but exploring new fascinations in and around the place. Thank you for this information . Loved it .


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