Archaeological Volunteering Opportunities Around the World

I’m sure you must have all heard the famous quote by Saint Augustine –

“The World is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.”

When I read these words, it captivated me forever and created a lasting impression on my mind. Since then, I have been visiting different countries and delving myself in various cultures and traditions around the world. It has given me a new perspective on life. I’m sure many feel the same way!

Archaeological Volunteering Opportunities Around the World

Various people travel for various reasons. While some travel for leisure, some may travel for business. In recent times, a new found passion for responsible travel has given rise to various travel trends including eco-tourism, sustainable tourism and voluntourism.

Let’s talk about voluntourism today. Voluntourism or Volunteer Tourism is a form of travelling that encourages people to travel the world with a cause. While there are various volunteering opportunities available, Archaeological Volunteering is growing on people.

People have been known to travel for ages now. It all began 2 million years ago when a species of archaic humans called Homo Erectus migrated ‘out of Africa‘. As they migrated across continents, they built communities and homes. They continued to move across continents, building homes and communities along the way. Not only did they move, but they also invented many things along the way. From discovering fire 2 million years ago to inventing religion, building temples, castles, fortresses, pyramids and caves, they have left behind extraordinary places around the world that define their culture and tradition.

Our information about the past is mostly based on ancient scripts, folklore, historical evidence, artefacts, and architectural monuments. Several questions till date are unanswered and remain a mystery to mankind.

However, Archaeology, the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture paves a way for us to dig deeper into human history and help us answer questions that have remained a mystery for ages.

Archaeological Volunteering Opportunities Around the World

Despite our advancement in science and technology, we haven’t gained the ability of time travel yet. Therefore, archaeology remains the sole way to gain a deeper understanding of our world today. Some even consider archaeology as a means of time travel.

Have you always been that kid who enjoys visiting the local museums and ancient temples? Do you ever wonder how ancient people constructed those humongous monuments and why they built them? What tools did they use?

If history is what interests you, then delve yourself into archaeological volunteering. Watch this space as we unravel different archaeological volunteering programs across the world week after week!

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