Best Organic Facewashes That Are Enough For Your Skin Care

When you think about your skin care while travelling, the first thing that comes to your mind or anybody’s mind is facewashes. Many people use organic facewashes instead of chemical face washes. And why not? Organic facewashes are paraben free and have fewer chemicals which are great for your skin.

Let’s talk about a few organic facewashes and a few face scrubs you can make at home 

Greenberry Organics Detox Charcoal Facewash

Skin Type: Oily skin

Price: INR 220 for 100ml

Greenberry is known for its purity throughout its products. Greenberry Organics Detox Charcoal Facewash is one of that range which is filled with purity and freshness. This face wash is enriched with the freshness of aloe vera, tea tree oil and activated bamboo charcoal and mulberry extract for repairing damaged skin and exfoliation of the skin. It is perfect for travelling. It’s compact and does not have a pump so leakage isn’t a problem.

They have used mild surfactants to keep the purity intact. 

Though it is recommended for oily skins, even if you have dry skin, this will work like magic on your skin.

Organic facewash
Source: Amazon

Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Cleanser

Skin Type: Dry skin

Price: INR 375 for 50ml and INR 795 for 100ml

Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Cleanser contains a perfect blend of jojoba oil, aloe vera and vetiver oil for fragrance. It uses mild surfactants that are not at all harmful for your skin and rejuvenates it.

There is something more than just cleansing. It also helps in removing your makeup.

This is one of the best organic facewashes that can be used for dry skin. A perfect blend of oils helps the skin to be moisturised.

organic facewashes
Source: Amazon

Amara Organics Facial Cleanser

Skin Type: Dry Skin/ Sensitive Skin

Amara Organics Facial Cleanser contains Vitamin C, Aloe vera, rosehip oil and tea tree oil. These ingredients help remove dirt, makeup and oil leaving your skin light and fresh. It is free from sulfates and parabens. It is kind to your skin and does not make it dry.

This organic facewash helps reduce wrinkles, fade sun spots and refines skin texture.

There is one con in this product that it is a little costly. But it is worth every penny. Your skin feels great a week after you use this product.

organic facewashes
Source: Amazon

Khadi Orange And Lemongrass Facewash

Skin Type: Oily Skin

No artificial colours, no chemicals, no sulfate and no parabens are there in Khadi Orange And Lemongrass Facewash. It not only cleans the pores but also tightens them and brings to you a younger and great looking skin. The main ingredients are Aqua, Rosa Centifolia, Ananas Purified Water, Aloe vera Ext, Orange peel oil, Lemon peel oil, Lemongrass oil, Cucumber Ext, Bergamot oil, Turmeric Ext, Neem Ext. A small quantity is good enough for your face.

Organic Facewashes
Source: Amazon

Biotique Bio Honey Gel Refreshing Cleanser

Skin Type: Sensitive Skin

I am personally a huge fan of Biotique and Biotique Bio Honey Gel Refreshing Cleanser is a face wash I would highly recommend. It is a blend of Ayurveda21st-century science. And honey is a great ingredient for your skin. It contains vitamin B1, B2, C, B6, B5, and B3, as well as traces of copper, iodine, and zinc that purifies the skin and heals it. It also contains Arjun (Terminalia arjuna), Chhoti Duddhi (Euphorbia thymofolia), Banhaldi (Curcuma aromatics), Ritha (Sapindus trifoliatus).

Organic Facewashes
Source: Amazon

Amazing home-made face scrubs to try!

These facewashes are the best ones to make your skin healthier and happier. Now a little information about face scrubs. Why buy face scrubs when you can make them at home? I will give you recipes to make face scrubs at home. Travelling can attract a lot of dirt and pollution. Exfoliating your skin is important when you want to take care of your skin while travelling.

Normal to Dry Skin:

Make a paste of walnut powder and curd with one teaspoon honey. Apply and leave for 10-15 mins. Gently scrub and wash. Walnut will act as an antioxidant. The curd is full of good bacterias, so surely will help improve your skin texture. And honey will deeply moisturise the skin. Use a heavy moisturiser after exfoliating to avoid dryness.

Dry & Sensitive Skin:

Sesame seeds with milk and honey. Add them and make it into a paste. Apply and let it dry. Once dry, wash it and apply a heavy moisturiser to avoid dryness. You can also use face oils before applying moisturisers. It will keep your skin moisturised for a longer duration. Also, face oils will help the nutrition reach the deeper layers of your skin.

Make sure you don’t scrub for more than a minute.

Oily & Sensitive Skin:

Egg whites with papaya pulp and apply. Leave for 10 minutes. Gently rub and wash off. Papaya will help to lighten the skin and remove blemishes if any and egg whites have astringent properties that help shrink pores by tightening the skin. Even if you have an oily skin you still can use face oils and make your skin healthy.

Acne Prone Skin:

Kiwi and sugar and a few drops of olive oil will help reduce acne. Kiwi contains vitamin C and Vitamin E that act as antioxidants and will also boost your skin’s health. Sugar will act as a scrubber and remove dead skin and open pores. Olive oil will moisturise the skin.

These face scrubs and face washes will definitely give you a healthy skin. Just make sure to use them because travelling can do a lot of damage to your skin. It is better to take precaution than later popping pills for inflammations and infections.

Do let me know in the comments section if you have used or if you are planning to use these face products.


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