El Salvador Travel Guide – What must Indian passport holders know before going there?

A small country located somewhere near Central America is what can be a generic description of EI Salvador. But being home to Pacific Ocean beaches, mountain landscapes and adventure sports, EI Salvador is a perfect fit when it comes to finding a destination with serenity and fun. There is a lot to explore over here; hence it is always wise to get an El Salvador travel guide handy. A perfect travel guide can help in getting the best out of your travelling plans and save money simultaneously.

There are other interesting things which can be carried out here, for instance, a visit to Ruta de Las Flores situated in Salvador is amongst the best options for coffee farms, rainforests, waterfalls, food festivals and towns such as Juayua.

Church behind water fountain on Plaza Barrios / Plaza Civica, the Metropolitan Cathedral in San Salvador in capital city of El Salvador. It is located in highlands surrounded by volcanoes.
The church behind the water fountain on Plaza Barrios / Plaza Civica is the Metropolitan Cathedral in San Salvador
Rules and regulations to enter El Salvador

For people with Indian nationality, entering into El Salvador through air, sea or land demands either the current U.S. passport or Salvadoran visa. However, a tourist card can also work in some situations, though whatever you use should have a validity of 90 days at max.

These cards can be easily availed from the official immigration at a charge of $10 at the time of arrival in El Salvador by any means i.e. road, sea or air. In case a person doesn’t want to face any hustle associated with paperwork, then go through an El Salvador travel guide that lets you know what documents you require before you travel to EI Salvador.

Additional information

One thing to be kept in mind is that the entry of an individual can be rejected if sufficient funds in accordance to stay are less or proper documentation is not completed. A person can carry a total amount of 10,000 USD at the max during their stay in El Salvador. One can travel without a visa in case the course of stay is less than 90 days.

Basic considerations

There is no doubt that EI Salvador is home to awesome sceneries and mesmerizing places but at the same time one needs to stay alert during the trip as the crime rate in the state is towards the higher end. Once in Salvador, you can hear about a crime, scam or fraud happening with tourists. Hence, the best bet can be to hire an EI Salvador guide so that you can stay alert in advance. They not only help you get on the safer side, but you get the joy of travelling with a knowledgeable guide which multiplies memories and experiences up to 10 times.

El Salvador travel guide – best places to live in El Salvador
Italian marble façade of the National Palace, San Salvador
Italian marble façade of the National Palace, San Salvador

One of the top-rated questions till now is which are amongst the best place to live in El Salvador? The list is exhausting but just to shortlist a few exemplary places for a good experience includes:

  • San Benito, San Salvador – the first choice could be the city of San Benito if you are interested in living a royal exclusive life.
  • Playa El Tunco, Pacific Coast – another pick available for you can be Playa El Tunco; Very similar to a home, this comprises of a beach at the front where one can enjoy adventure sports such as surfing.
  • Santa Ana, Central Region – This destination is amongst the top-notch choices which a person can make when it comes to comfort and luxury together. You can enjoy surfing or relax on a lazy day at the beach.
Where not to go?

El Salvador has ample places to be explored while you are on the go, however, there are a few places which should be avoided to conclude the trip as a safe and sound one. The El Salvador tourism safety is definitely the topmost priority, therefore if possible avoid visiting the below-mentioned places, as a bit of risk is involved. Some of the locations which a tourist must avoid or visit at their own risk during their visit to El Salvador include:

  • Zacamil
  • Ilopango
  • Ciudad Delgado
  • Soyapango
  • Mejicanos
  • San Marcos
  • San Martin
  • Apopa
  • Montserrat

Being an Indian passport holder, there can be other barriers too which you may need to face. Though for the rest of it, the article has tried to furnish the best of information which can come handy during the course of travel and stay in the truly astonishing EI Salvador.


  1. Hi thanks for the information.I am traveling to El Salvador on my vacation on November, I am going through Amsterdam and Panama to El Salvador. KLM is the airlines, I am a bit worried because of many Indian tried entering USA illegally recently and send back India, this issue may affect a genuine travelers like me also.Do you have any advises to provide?

    • Hi Dileep, I would advise that you carry some proof of return such as a nonrefundable plane ticket back to India/your onward destination to avoid any issues of being seen as someone trying to enter the US or any other country illegally. It should not be a problem as long as you have suitable documents and papers to show your purpose of visit or your reasons for return. Further, if you have the time, you could apply for a US tourist visa as well, as this can come in very handy as a traveller.


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