Capturing The Essence Of A Tropical Paradise

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when I say MALAYSIA?? The Petronas Towers, the Batu Caves, or something like that? What if I tell, you can climb up to the highest peak in Malaysia and before you even know, you fall in love with the surreal sunrise up there, heaving a sigh of relief knowing that you have made it to the top.

Sabah, the Tropical Paradise

The Sabah region of Borneo is quite rugged and the third largest island in Asia isn’t much explored, but the tropical Sabah wildlife is some of the most diverse. Known for its beaches, home to the wild Orangutan, Borneo has so much more to offer to all you wanderers. The rustic Borneo gives away some lifetime memories to their visitors. You can almost do everything you have always wanted to, from trekking up to the highest peak in Borneo, to scuba diving, to having a traditional fish spa, to visiting the hot springs, one can experience it all, located at one place.

Ring of corals Sabah
Ring of corals at Tun Sakaran Marine Park, seen from the peak of Bohey Dulang Island, Semporna, Sabah. 

A tropical paradise, Sabah is located on the northern part of Borneo. It is where the popular and sacred Mt. Kinabalu is located. With a variety of plants, birds and the alpine meadows, this is exactly where all the trekking enthusiasts have to be. English is widely spoken in this place making it friendlier for its visitors. They also have a wide range of ethnicities and delicious food.

At Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, is the go-to place for leisure travellers. It’s a lively city with numerous malls and streets decorated with vibrant markets throughout the day. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Malaysia. Hidden gens like the waterfront entertainment spot, the race course hosting weekly horse races, beaches, and the clock tower are the perfect leisure spots for the solo traveller.


Blue Spotted Stingray

If you are a dive junkie, Kota Kinabalu is where you will find some picturesque coral reefs with a variety of underwater species. People say try something new in every place you visit which gives you a story to tell others. Try scuba diving here, and this memory will last a lifetime.


Relaxing Fish Spas

Always wanted a fish spa but felt weird to get one? You are in the place which is known for their traditional fish spas, so you obviously can’t miss getting one. Pamper yourself with a little special treat in a special place. One more interesting thing I would like to give you a heads up with is the hot water spring there.

Fish Spa pedicure Rufa Garra treatment. Feet and fish in blue water. Woman feet.Located in Kundasang is the pouring hot water spring which is a not-to-miss spot in your journey. Relax with a little hot water therapy or you can also take a shower in the tub present there. Doing this is said to reduce stress, cure joint pains and also lower blood pressure. All of these benefits in just a hot spring, I’m sure you won’t skip having this.

So here is a little help with the country which you can’t miss visiting and also a few places to help you plan your next trip. Get started already because it’s time for a new adventure exploring the paradise that is tropical Sabah. 


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