Micro Travel: How You Can Make the Most Out Of Your Weekend Getaway

As travellers, we often find ourselves eager to explore as much of a place as we can. We find ways to make sure that we’ve seen all the major sights and have wonderful stories to tell once we return home. What we often miss out on is a more intimate experience of a destination because we get so caught up in jumping from one fancy monument to the next! 

As a generation that struggles with heavy work-schedules, looming deadlines and ever-increasing pressure, a vacation is the only respite we get. Sadly, vacation time is also so limited! How then do we find a way to get away from the tediousness of our daily existence? Micro-travel is the answer we’ve all been looking for.

What is micro travel?

Touted as one of the hottest travel trends of 2019, micro-travel is the greatest blessing a traveller could ask for. The concept essentially involves planning a short trip, preferably over the weekend, to a destination of choice based on your immediate needs. 

micro travel

Every traveller forms a unique bond with the place they visit which is why your micro-travel experience should leave you with lasting memories despite its short time frame. What are the major factors you need to keep in mind before planning your ideal micro-trip? Here’s a list that will answer all your questions.

Choosing the ideal location

A weekend getaway should be all about what you want. Beach towns, hill stations, quaint villages, take your pick. You could also choose a location based on the kind of activity you want to do. Adventure sports, hiking/trekking, heritage locations are some of the few categories based on which you could choose your destination. Find a small town or city that you will actually enjoy being a part of.

Travel and accommodation

Remember the basics! Planning a mode of travel and choosing an ideal location to stay must be done well in advance. Since you’re most probably going to visit a destination that’s not too far from where you’re staying, decide how you’ll be travelling so there’s nothing to stress about last minute. Hotels, homestays and hostels are at your disposal, find a place that has all the amenities you require. Booking in advance is also easy on the pocket; you might end up saving quite a bit of cash! 

Baggage check

Considering the short duration of your trip, keep your luggage to a minimal. Pack only the essentials; don’t go over-board carrying too many outfits. Plan your outfits based on what you want to do once you get there, always carry comfortable luggage that is easy to carry around. Heavy suitcases become too much of a nuisance. Backpacks are often the most convenient and are also extremely spacious.

Pick your travel buddies or fly solo

micro travel

Depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for, you can either decide to have a fun getaway with a group of your friends or explore a place all by yourself. If you’re choosing to go on a solo trip make sure you address all your safety concerns while choosing a place. If it’s a group of friends you want to hang out with then it’s crucial to find company whose interests align with yours. In the limited time that you have, there won’t be any room for itinerary clashes with your travel buddies! 

Go with the flow

 While planning is key in micro-travel, what’s also important is that you don’t get too caught up in the details. Once you have chosen your destination, you might pick out a few must-see sights or experiences that you want to witness, but apart from that, don’t allow yourself to be limited by what you ‘have’ to do. The short trip is a way for you to absorb the charm of a place while also finding a distraction from your daily routine. Don’t let the fear of missing out keep you from choosing to lounge by the beach for a few extra hours instead of running to the next sight.

Run out of things to do? Ask the locals!

micro travel

If you ever somehow manage to exhaust all that you’ve planned to do on your trip and are still looking to do/see new things, asking the locals is always a great idea. They are the most authentic source given the fact that they’re from the place; they might point you in the direction of some hidden gems you would have otherwise missed out. Sight-seeing, food recommendations, shopping, the locals know a little bit about everything!

Planning how you’ll get around

Once you reach your destination, travelling within the place is something that you need to figure out. The availability and frequency of public transportation differ from place to place and could be one of your options. Renting a bike, car or cycle are also convenient alternatives, most cities/towns have a host of rental stores for tourists. If you’re up for some exercise, the best way to explore a new place is on foot. Put on your running shoes and head out!



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