Have Your Tried Taking Up Online Music Classes?

There are different options available for online music classes based on your requirements.

The ongoing pandemic has brought in some definite changes in our routines. One of them is virtual or online classes taken up by school and college students for their curriculum or adults who are looking to learn a skill. E-learning platforms like Udemy, Unacademy, and Coursera have made online classes easy and accessible. Music has been of interest to most people and while music helps some people earn their living, others have always wanted to try learning it. With work-from-home policies and commute time saved, many people have time to spare to pick up a new skill. From these online music classes, you can take tutorials on music theory or even learn to play an instrument without a physical teacher present. 

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Music And Education

Many educational institutions like Karnataka’s Dr. Gangubai Hangal Music and Performing Arts University have taken up initiatives where students of different universities affiliated with this university give online music classes inclusive of examinations and certificates at the end of it. These online music classes are in classical music. It is also stressed how much kids need online music lessons along with virtual classes on regular subjects. Art and music are important parts of a kid’s childhood. Unfortunately, some schools have denied online music classes as they deem them redundant now. But these online music lessons not only help take the stress off but music is also known to contribute to the development of kids’ cognitive and motor skills. 

A child taking online music classes
Online music classes

Range Of Music Genres To Delve Into

Engaging in online music classes and learning an instrument might also help in keeping you productive and active. The instruments have received upgrades and the old and traditional wooden instruments are not the only instruments available. Electronic drum kits and digital keyboards are portable and more affordable. You can order them online and start your online music lessons right away. Online music classes are not restricted to just the skill of learning an instrument, you can also attend online music production courses and start a music business. These virtual music classes are good for independent artists or bands that are starting out. Some of the online music classes are taught by people who are from the industry and can give you valuable information from their experiences. These classes provide you with tips on advertising and monetising your music, music journalism, royalty earnings, music journalism, and more. 

Girl watching an online guitar lesson at home

Variety Of Options

The music industry is dynamic and you need to adapt to these changes. Some of these online music courses inform you about the changes and keep you updated. There are both comprehensive and simple online music courses so do good research and choose based on your needs. Coursera has been leading online classes even during pre-pandemic times. Some of the course is taught by The Berklee College of Music, a prestigious institution, that impart information about creating music, the history of music, different systems in the industry like that of a record label, negotiating contracts, and other skills. The instructors also provide regular feedback and you have continuous quizzes and assignments to make sure that you are on top of the class. 

Pick Up The Instrument

If you want to learn any new instruments through online music classes then some of the best portals are Fender Play, where you can learn to play the guitar, bass, and ukulele, Flowkey for online interactive piano lessons, and Music Professor which has virtual music classes ranging from basics of music theory to teach to play woodwind and brass instruments. If you want to learn how to read music, then Music Notes takes you through the basics. Benedetti Foundation hosts live music classes on its Facebook page and you get to interact with musicians from the industry. Let us know if you have embarked on an online music journey and tell us about your experiences in the comment section below.

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