Zumba Fitness Online: A New Way To Stay Fit?

The path to fitness during the pandemic is difficult, but Zumba fitness makes it fun and easy.

The pandemic has rejigged schedules and routines. The uncertainty of the situation adds to the other stresses we have in life. Before COVID-19, working out or engaging in a gym or park were no-brainers, bringing people happiness as it helped them cope with stress, and enabling social interaction. Outdoor and physical activity both improve our health, and green spaces help to reduce anxiety and depression. In times when we cannot access outdoor space, workouts at home ensure we stay healthy physically and mentally. Since the beginning of lockdown, a number of gyms and fitness centres have been offering online classes for Zumba fitness, yoga, dance workouts, and more. Virtual fitness classes can provide an outlet for your stress and also keep you busy and engaged, not to mention healthy. 

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online Zumba classes for fitness
Zumba Fitness

All About Zumba Fitness

Zumba is a form of exercise that can be practiced at any age. Essentially a cardio workout, it originated in Columbia. There are no specific rules in Zumba fitness; you participate in the workout by following your instructor and moving to the music. Zumba Fitness attracts many people as it is an alternative to regular exercise at the gym. Zumba helps in strengthening the core using cardio and aerobic workouts. An amalgamation of salsa, cumbia, merengue, and reggaeton, Zumba Fitness has variations namely Aqua Zumba, Zumba Toning, and Zumbini. Aqua Zumba, recommended for pregnant women, is gentle but effective and applies less pressure on the joints. As the name suggests Zumba Toning helps in toning arms and the core. Zumbini is a session for toddlers and their caregivers that helps them bond. 

Large group of people dancing at Zumba class

The Why And How Of Online Fitness

Online Zumba classes help you lose weight, build endurance, improve blood pressure and coordination skills, and make your quality of life better. Since visiting gyms risks getting infected, virtual Zumba classes step in to keep you safe and fit. Online Zumba classes only need a good internet connection and motivation. You do not need weights or gym equipment. Online fitness instructors have understood the lack of access to equipment and urge viewers to use everyday things like chairs, backpacks, and water bottles for Zumba classes online. Online Zumba classes and fitness sessions have helped us reconsider our routines, where exercise was merely a small part of the day. For Zumba dance fitness, you do not need any sort of equipment and that makes online sessions easier. Virtual Zumba classes include different age groups and specific exercises. 

Not Satisfied With Just Online Classes? Try An Interactive One

Interactive online classes are when you can stream live classes and instructors conduct the class in real-time. You can attend these Zumba workout classes on your desktop or phone. Interactive classes provide a chance for feedback and questions that Zumba online videos lack. Interactive online Zumba classes are a way to virtually connect with other people and exercise, so it seems like you are back in the gym or exercise studio. You feel included and recharged on the social interaction you have been missing. Interactive sessions for Zumba Fitness are conducted in such a way that it is both safe and easy to do. 

To-Do Or Not To Online Workout?

The benefits of virtual Zumba classes are that they establish a routine that might be missing from your daily life. You can keep your health in check, engage yourself in some physical activity, and derive satisfaction from it. If you are doing Zumba fitness using an online video then there will not be any scope for interaction; but if you are taking an interactive class you can clear your doubts, be a part of a group, and your instructor can correct your postures and moves. Instructors and fitness companies have organized Zumba workout online classes using Zoom, Google Meet, or Instagram Live. Since there are no strict time and place restrictions, many people have ended up signing up for online fitness classes. But the drawback is that these online classes might demand a certain amount of motivation that you might not feel all the time. 

Make The Right Choice

Platforms like offer different types of exercises to choose from. Right from yoga and Tabatha to Zumba Fitness and dance fitness. also offers an Energy Metre that assesses your efforts, and gives a full report on how you performed physically, and your ‘energy score’. The app pr service also has special exercises focussed on different parts of the body, to develop strength, conditioning, toning, cardio, and more. Furthermore, they also offer sessions with cricketers, dancers, and celebrities who offer professional instruction and advice. If you choose online classes, start slow. Do not put too much pressure on yourself by trying to make up for lost time. Follow the instructions and listen to your body. Choose the exercise that you will enjoy and that will help you. Zumba offers different classes that you can stream live. Other online instructors you can follow for Zumba dance videos on their YouTube channels are Vijaya Tupurani, Saskia Dansschool, and OneHowto. 


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