Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital is one of the most diverse destinations and is worth a visit. The place has a rich culture. There are Royal Palaces that you can visit that contain muse of the world’s largest collection of Danish Golden age paintings. The place cycling commuters and this makes it an even more cool destination to visit. The weather is a little unpredictable but the best month to Pack for Copenhagen is in January.

Temperature from: May-August is a bit mild to warm (16-21°C)

Temperature from: December to February is a bit cold and snowy (0°C)4

Here is all you need to take while you pack for Copenhagen

Since Copenhagen has different seasons you should know what to pack for which season.

Here is what to pack for Copenhagen in Winters:

Layering Is The Key

Winters are chilling in Copenhagen and when it’s chilling, layering is the key. It is always good to wear multiple layerings because then the heat is trapped inside the clothes and you feel warmer. Multiple thin layers will keep you warm.


The innermost layer of clothes is thermals. The best part about thermals is that you don’t need to put many clothes over the thermals. Woollen thermals are good enough to give you the warmth required.

Alaska cruise essentials
Warm thermals

Full Sleeves Shirts/T-shirts

If you like wearing jackets or coats, it is good to pack full sleeves t-shirts with you. One single t-shirt can be paired with anything. And if the unpredictable weather hits Copenhagen you can always wear a t-shirt and pair it with jeans and a denim jacket over it.


Sweaters are life saviours and you can always wear it directly over a full sleeves t-shirt or if it is too cold then you can put multiple layers inside it. Guys can wear a sweater over a shirt and pair it with jeans. Girls can either pair the sweater with leggings or jeans. Perfect!

winter clothes
Cashmere warm sweater

High neck Cardigans

High neck cardigans are always a good choice because they are stylish enough to wear and can be paired with anything. Jeans, skirt and leggings (if the cardigan is long) for women and Jeans and trousers for men is a perfect wear.

Winter Dresses

Winter dresses are the best way to look fashionable and since you don’t have to pair it with any bottom it’s a light pack for Copenhagen as well. You can wear an overcoat with it and a scarf. This will be your fashionable yet warm outfit.


Overcoats might be a little tough to pack since they are heavy. But if you don’t have any packing or luggage issue, you can always pack on for your trip. You can wear it with a shirt or a t-shirt and pair it with jeans. Girls can also wear a light top beneath it and rest is all warm and nice.

Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are warm or in other words, hot. A puffer jacket is perfect for the winters in Copenhagen as the winter is quite chilling there. Pairing is not an issue because it is closed and jeans are the first thing that comes to mind to pair it with.

Puffer jackets
Puffer jackets


Beanies these days come in many variations. You can select the one that suits you and then cover your head and ears from the snowy winds. Winters without beanies would look incomplete.

Woollen Socks

Feet are one of the first parts of your body that start drying in winters because of being thin-skinned. Always make sure you carry woollen socks with you so that your feet stay warm and soft.


Boots are stylish and look good with every outfit you wear. It is not important to carry the ones with heels but make sure to carry them. Flat boots for winters are the best gift that you can give to yourself for winters in Copenhagen.

Here is what to pack for Copenhagen in Summers:


T-shirts might be basic but they are always your saviours. Whether you want it or not, always keep one plain t-shirt with you so that you can make your own outfit if you run out of them. Basic white T-shirts are the best.


Blouses look elegant with not only trousers but also jeans and shorts. Always try not to get the blouse that is tight or fit. Get the one that is comfortable and a little loose. That helps you breathe and you stay comfortable all day. Copenhagen has a pleasant summer but still, you don’t want to be uncomfortable.

Tank tops

Tank tops again are the outfits that will help you carry yourself very easily and confidently. you can pair it with anything. Wear a shirt over the top and then pair it with ripped jeans and a hat on the head. Or wear it just like that, it will still let you stay comfortable and look nice at the same time.

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Tank tops


Basic and comfortable jeans will help you roam around in the city. You wouldn’t want to wear skinny jeans and then travel. Comfort is the key to fashion. Not too tight and not too loose is what you should be looking for in jeans. Light blue or dark blue jeans usually go with everything.


Shorts do not take much space in your packing list for Copenhagen and also help you stay cool during summers. Men can easily pair it with a t-shirt or a shirt and women can wear it with a cute tank top and a t-shirt. Anything works with shorts.

Summer dress

Summer dresses are nice to wear when you are in such a place. It is pleasant and colourful. The dress can be accessorised with a nice neckpiece and earrings. and beneath with sneakers or sandals, whatever looks good with the dress and makes you feel comfortable. It is highly recommended to not wear heels while travelling. You can pack them and wear it for a dinner date.


Just like shorts skirts are not much demanding too. They go with anything and yet look great. Plain t-shirt and floral A-line skirts also look great, and if you love denim skirts white top will look lovely with them. Sneakers are perfect for denim skirts.

Woman wearing nude colored high heel shoes with a-line skirt for travel outfits
A-line skirt with high heels


It might not be hot in Copenhagen bit it will be bright. It is better you protect your ev=yes from the sun and wear polarised sunglasses. Thet will help you look fashionable and you will be able to protect your eyes.

Waterproof jackets

Weather in Copenhagen is very unpredictable. It can rain anytime. So no matter when you are travelling, make sure to carry a waterproof jacket with you. That will save your day, if not day, it will save your clothes at least.

This packing list for Copenhagen is enough for you to look good.

One small tip, make sure you carry light colours they are easy to mix and match.

Do let us know in the comments section about your trip. Have a good one!


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