Travel guide to Roca Leon Dormido Island, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands comprise many islands that are formed by volcanic activities and the residue of these volcanoes. The archipelago is located in the Pacific Ocean. Some of the islands boast greenery while others are just rocky structures. All the islands are visited by tourists from all over the world for a variety of reasons. Among these islands, one is Roca Leon Dormido Island.

Roca Leon Dormido Island is also called Kicker Rock and serves as a striking landmark present in the Galapagos Islands. The structure comprises two rocks measuring the height of 140 meters. When the rock is observed from the south direction, it looks like a sleeping lion, that is why the rock has been given the name Roca Leon Dormido. The rock from the north side gives the impression of a boot, hence the name Kicker Rock evolved.

History of the island
Kicker Rock at Sunset, Roca Leon Dormido Island
Kicker Rock at Sunset

Kicker Rock or Roca Leon Dormido Island represents the residual island of what has been left by a volcano and the lava flowing from it. The island forms the easternmost part of the Galapagos which is taken care of the administrator of Ecuador itself.

About the island

It is a rocky structure, owing to which no habitats are found on the rock, but it serves as a beautiful diving spot which is a treat to the divers. Visitors also hit the island to enjoy snorkelling here and receive great pleasure from the frolicking of fish and whales.

The channel between the rocks of Roca Leon Dormido Island can be navigated by a small boat or craft. This narrow channel measures 19 meters to the bed of the sea where divers come across sharks and schools of tropical fish. Among the other species of fish that divers are likely to come across here include the Galapagos sharks and Hammerhead sharks.

Galapagos shark, Scuba diving at Kicker rock, Roca Leon Dormido Island
Galapagos shark, Scuba diving at Kicker Rock

The island is one of the places that are famous for the Galapagos sharks. The mild current around the channel between the rocks of the island makes diving here quite fun and safe. The various gaps in the walls of the rock and the surface of the rock serves as nesting sites for frigate birds and boobies with blue feet. The island being a rock protruding from the sea does not hold any sort of vegetation. So the visitors touring this island must not expect any greenery there. Although people might find some bushes on the surface of the island.

How to get to Roca Leon Dormido island?

If you are planning a tour of this island, whether for the sake of diving or watching the marine creatures, then you will have to take a boat from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno which takes around an hour to get to this rock island. It takes around 2.5 hours from Puerto Ayora to get to this island. Weather and condition of the vessel are also significant to ensure timely arrival to the island.

To visit and explore this rocky island, one should definitely take a certified and experienced island travel guide. You won’t come across any restaurant or motel on the island, hence, make your own arrangements to spend time here – carry plenty of drinking water and some snacks. One can always approach Ecuador tourism to grab any sort of information about the island and the travel itinerary.

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