If your travel bucket list is empty, this is good news because there are seven amazing and secret destinations in the world just waiting for you to pay a visit. For every traveller, exploring new destinations is a blessing. Your wandering soul keeps on planning your trips, so it’s time to take a big break out of your 9 to 5 job and go for a joyous holiday with friends, family or with just yourself. 

Here we give you 7 secret destinations that you must not miss this year. 

1Skåne, Sweden

Secret destinations Sweden
A quaint little street in the old part of Lund, Sweden

Sweden itself is an unexplored jewel that offers you a lifetime experience of travelling. You just have to arrive here, and you’ll never feel like a stranger. The county makes you feel like a local, where you get to celebrate their midsummer festivities, walk around some famous attractions, or sit in a pub and have some drinks. Allemansrätten, or the “the everyman’s right” gives to free access to nature, letting you walk, cycle, and camp on almost any land, as well as letting you swim in the many lovely lakes.

Skåne, a county in Sweden, is no different. It has your back. Make sure you visit its vibrant cities, such as Lund, an old university town with a thousand years of history; and Malmö, the capital of the region. Helsingborg has a unique blending of ancient and modern architecture, while the historic city of Kristianstad has many beautiful buildings. On the coast are Ystad and Österlen, known for their stunning landscapes, fresh farms, and festivals.

It is recommended you visit Skåne during the summer, from June to August, as the weather is pleasant and you’ll enjoy the festivals to the fullest.

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2Rabbit Island, Cambodia


There are many places called “Rabbit Island” around the world, but the one in Cambodia (known as Koh Thonsáy) is unique. This exquisite island is located about 30 minutes away from Kep and can be reached by boat. There are no hotels, just a number of guesthouses and small bungalows on the main beach, where you can stay. The little island has no motorbikes, electricity and is inhabited by not more than 200 people, but still, it’s a lovely island to visit at least once in your lifetime.

The sea surrounding Koh Thonsáy is shallow, with a gradually sloping sea bed, which makes it perfect for all kinds of water sports and activities. There are also lots of coral reefs with a wide variety of marine life. So, if someone asks you to leave your phone and internet connection behind to enjoy the serenity, what will be your answer?

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3Sark, Channel Islands

The Village, Sark, Channel Islands
“The Village”, the idyllic centre of Sark.

Sark is one of the smaller of the Channel Islands that are located in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy in France. This unspoiled destination is often called the “crown jewel” of the Channel Islands and is famous for its scenic beauty, bays, coastal paths, and clifftop sights. Cars are strictly forbidden here, and there are street lights to pollute the sky (the island became the world’s first Dark Sky Island back in 2011). This makes it the perfect place to create lifelong memories of sleeping under the stars and exploring these unpaved roads by bike or even horse-drawn carriages.

Sark is quite a popular destination for both romantic honeymoons, as well as solo trips. Why a solo trip? This island lets you truly escape the hassles of modern day life and replaces it with peace, tranquillity, and serenity. Visit the picturesque Fairy Grotto and the historic Sarkhenge, as well as La Coupée, a narrow isthmus joining the two parts of the island.

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4Lummi Island, Washington, USA

Lummi-Island Washington-USA

Who would have ever thought that the American state of Washington is hiding a beautiful island? Located in the southwest corner of Whatcom County, this solitary, but scenic, island is set amidst the stunning seascape of the Salish Sea. It is accessed by a ferry that runs from the mainland at Gooseberry Point.

A popular weekend destination, Lummi Island is a rural idyll, with narrow and winding roads, as well as numerous bird watching points. The island has a few small bed and breakfasts and restaurants and is also known for its excellent seafood (due to its unique reefnet salmon fishery) and its population of artists.

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5Ostuni, Italy


Located in the south of Italy (in the Puglia region) this wonderful and picturesque city rises high up above the plains and is often called “The White City” or Citta Bianca. Its fortified Old Town is filled with whitewashed houses and a maze of snaking lanes and alleyways, as well as historic buildings like the Ostuni Cathedral and the Bishop’s Palace. The town displays hundreds of years of history and glimpses of the Adriatic sea and across to Greece, which is just 72 km away.

There is lots to do in this magnificent town; visiting 15th-century Gothic cathedral (Duomo di Ostuni), sipping hot coffee at the many piazzas, exploring the Ostuni Street Market, walking the city walls, seeing its fascinating Civic Museum and Archaeological Park, and much more. You can also explore the surrounding Puglia countryside, with charming towns like Alberobello (known for their trulli, or conical roofs) and the amazing beaches of the Adriatic coastline.

The best time to schedule a trip to Ostuni is during the winter and the spring when there are fewer crowds. However, do note that travelling outside the peak summer season will mean that some places will be closed.

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6Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia

islands in indonesia, Gili-Islands-Lombok-Indonesia, largest islands in the world

Located off the northwest coast of Lombok, the Gili Islands are an archipelago of three small islands — Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Each island has its share of resorts and hotels, though they are most famous for the serene beaches. Like Sark, cars are prohibited on the islands. Visitors can get around by bicycle or horse-drawn carriages (called cidomo).

Most locals live on Gili Trawangan which also has exciting parties. However, all the islands have a unique blend of hushed and unruffled beaches and opportunities for fun activities like snorkelling, boating, and scuba diving due to the abundant marine life and corals. Popular spots for dining are Shark point, Manta point and Simon’s reef.

7Gozo, Malta

Traditional fishing boats in the harbour with the Our Lady of Lourdes church on the hillside to the rear and people going about their business, Mgarr, Gozo, Malta, Europe.

The island of Gozo is the second-largest island in the archipelago that makes up Malta. Its scenic beauty and lush greenery make it a truly soothing retreat that takes you out of your tedious life. Its hilltop walled city, Victoria is a must-see, as are the many historic locations such as the Ġgantija Temples which date back to 3500 BC. The town of Mgarr has many serene beaches, as goes the fishing village of Marsaxlokk. There are also extraordinary rock formations of Dwerja (which once had the Azure Window, made famous by Game of Thrones was also on Gozo. Sadly it collapsed into the sea after heavy storms).

If you are a fan of exotic nightlife then you’ll also be pleased to know that Gozo has some amazing options. Leave all your stress behind as Gozo is sure to entice you to stay here forever.

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What makes these secret destinations a must-see?

Of course, these places are mostly unexplored, but you can’t deny these secret destinations are worthy of getting people’s notice. They calm your soul, filling it with energy and tranquillity that you may never have while being in a city.

Be it a holiday with your friends and family or a solo trip, an expedition that involves your peace of mind and comes under your budget is apparently the best way to explore your inner essence.


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